Do you spend too much time summarizing long PDF files after reading them? It's a hassle, right? But what if there's an easier way? The need for fast content processing is significant right now. Whether you're a student, researcher, or professional, quickly getting key points from PDFs is helpful. 

These tools make your work easier, saving you time and effort. They help you find important info in long PDFs without any hassle. 

With these easy-to-use tools, you'll change how you deal with documents, making information more accessible and valuable. 

Many are out there, but choosing the right one can be challenging. 

In this blog post, we'll talk about 15 AI PDF summarizer tools. 

After reading about each, you can pick the one that suits you best. It's that simple! Save time and effort with these handy tools.

Why You Need an AI PDF summarizer? 

An AI PDF Summarizer is an intelligent tool that allows you to grasp long and boring PDF documents without reading them all. It uses artificial intelligence, like a computer brain, to extract the most relevant sections of the material and provide a concise summary. 

Instead of reading the entire text, you may rapidly use the AI PDF Summarizer to understand it. 

It's like having a helpful robot that does the hard work for you and provides you with important information simply and straightforwardly. 

Below are a few more reasons to have this valuable tool: 

1- Save Time

An AI PDF Summarizer helps you save time because it reads through long PDF documents much faster than a human can. Instead of spending hours reading every page, you can get a quick summary in just a few minutes. 

This frees up your time for other important tasks or activities, making your work more efficient and saving you from getting bogged down in lengthy reading.

2- Easy Understanding 

Understanding complex PDF documents can be hard, especially if they're filled with technical jargon or difficult language. 

An AI PDF Summarizer condenses the important information into simple and easy-to-understand language. 

This makes it much easier for you to grasp the main points without having to struggle through dense text, making your reading experience more enjoyable and productive.

3- Find Important Info

Sometimes, PDF documents contain a lot of filler or irrelevant information, making it difficult to find what you need. 

An AI PDF Summarizer sifts through all the content and identifies the key points and essential information for you. 

This saves you the hassle of manually searching through pages and pages of text, ensuring you can quickly locate the information you're looking for without wasting time or effort.

4- Handle Large Volume

Dealing with a large volume of PDF documents can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

An AI PDF Summarizer can handle this challenge by quickly summarizing multiple documents in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do so. 

Whether you have a stack of reports to review or a backlog of research papers to go through, the AI Summarizer can efficiently process them all, allowing you to stay on top of your workload without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are the Best 15 AI PDF Summarizers - Comparison Chart

App Name

Best For

Main Benefit

Starting Price

1- Elephas App

For students, professionals, academics, or Blog/Article writers

Allows you to easily create/summarize all types of documents, not just PDFs

$4.99/mo and $4.17/mo (Billed Yearly)


For professionals, editors, and content creators

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

$32.99 is the starting price

3- IntelliPPT

For writers, freelancers, and content marketers,

Accept PDFs, Word, and Docx; Copy-paste for easy summarization.

$5/month is the starting price.


For professionals, freelancers, and content managers,

Users can ask questions, get summaries, discover information, and a lot more.


$10/month (Billed Annually)


For article and blog writers, Freelancers, professionals, and content creators

They offer two modes: original word summary and AI summary.


$12/month (Billed Annually)

6- Quillbot Summarizer

For article and blog writers, Freelancers, and content creators

This AI summarizer scans documents, analyzing the text to extract essential information effectively.



7- Scholarcy

For researchers, professionals, librarians, and content creators.

Quickly convert lengthy documents into concise and digestible formats with Scholarly.



8- SummarizeBot

For content creators and professionals

Multi-document, video, and chat summarization.


9- Summary BOX

For students, professionals, and researchers

It also provides Chrome extension versions for website summarization.

for $9/month

and $6/month

10- My Assignment Help

For Students, professionals, and Researchers

You can easily utilize this tool by copying and pasting text or importing PDF, text, word, and RTF files for summarization.

It’s a Free App!

11- GetDigest

For content creators and professionals

It can analyze and generate a summary. at any specified percentage for a 100-page document.

It’s a Free App!

12- AskYourPDF

For writers, Freelancers, professionals, and content creators

It simplifies complex academic texts for students, aiding comprehension and boosting study efficiency


13- ChatPDF

For professionals, freelancers, and content managers,

Communicate in any language effortlessly with our PDF chat service.


14- All-About-PDF

For writers, freelancers, and content marketers,

Enjoy a 14-day free trial to explore our features

$4.99/month (Billed Annually)

$7.99/month (Billed Monthly)

$79.99 (Lifetime License)

15- Genei

For content creators and professionals

Seamlessly save and share information with hassle-free export functionality.


1- Elephas App

Introducing Elephas, the ultimate AI PDF summarizer. 

Elephas is more than simply a PDF tool; it also supports Word documents, Notion pages, Obsidian notes, and webpages. Say goodbye to the trouble of managing your knowledge; Elephas smoothly distills and conveys the best ideas from all of your sources, making personal knowledge management simple.

Elephas Key Features

  • Super Brain: Elephas Super Brain feature streamlines information without hassle. You can bring all your documents around one topic in 1 brain and chat with it as much as you want.

  • Data Support: Elephas seamlessly handles data from various popular sources, including PDFs, Word documents, Notion, Obsidian, and webpages. And even audio transcriptions and YouTube videos.
  • Content Creation: Craft proposals, blogs, and social media content effortlessly with one of the best AI writing assistants in the market.

  • Content Rewrite: Elevate emails, blogs, and social media with Elephas rewrite features like Zinserr mode, professional mode, viral mode etc.

Elephas Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










Elephas is one of the best chatPDF alternatives on the market right now.

It works locally and it's 100% privacy friendly!

If you own a Mac, you should definitely try it out.

Give Elephas a shot?
Get a 30 Day free trial


UPDF is a robust AI PDF summarizer capable of condensing PDFs and other file types such as Word, Excel, and PPT. 

Its diverse characteristics allow for easy importation of these formats. 

If you need help summarizing scanned documents or photos, UPDF provides an efficient solution that saves you time and frustration from ineffective techniques.

UPDF Key Features

  • OCR Extraction: Effortlessly extract content from scanned PDFs or images using UPDF AI.

  • Summarization Options: Summarize selected paragraphs, pages, or documents as needed.

  • Platform Compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface for seamless navigation and efficient document processing. 

UPDF Pricing







3- IntelliPPT

Intellippt offers an intelligent AI PDF summarization service, condensing detailed content into concise summaries for improved readability and comprehension. 

Utilizing advanced algorithms, it simplifies complex sentences into smaller, more digestible ones, enhancing the overall understanding of the text.

IntelliPPT Key Features

  • Multi-format Support: Accepts PDFs, Word, and Docx; Copy-paste for easy summarization.

  • Adjustable Summary: Tailor summaries with a user-friendly slider control.

  • Free Version Limitations: 3000-character limit for text, 1MB cap for file uploads.

  • Length-centric Shortening: Trims content without considering logical structure.

  • AI Summarizer Mode: Requires sign-up to access advanced AI summarization capabilities.

IntelliPPT Pricing

Basic Plan

Premium Plan




Users can interact with any PDF document using brings your legal agreements and financial records to life. Ask questions, get summaries, discover information, and a lot more. Key Features

  • Document Upload: Quickly upload PDFs for seamless conversation integration.

  • Instant Responses: Ask questions and get rapid, AI-generated answers and summaries.

  • Sourced Information: Every response is supported by extracted document data. Pricing







$10/month (Billed Annually)


$20/user/month (Billed Annually)



5- ParaphrasingTool.AI

Paraphrasingtool.AI's PDF summarizer and Intellippt share similar functionalities. They offer two modes: original word summary and AI summary. The original word summary feature is free and has no restrictions. However, the summarized content may not be easily readable.

ParaphrasingTool.AI Key Features

  • Subscription-based Access: With URL content extraction, you can unlock advanced AI summarizer features for $15/month.

  • Convenient URL Summarization: Extract and display summarized content from URLs in paragraphs or bullet points.

  • PDF Import Limitation: Inability to directly import and summarize content from PDF files.

ParaphrasingTool.AI Pricing

Basic Plan

Pro Plan 

Pro Plus Plan


$12/month (Billed Annually)


$5/month (Billed Annually)


$16/month (Billed Annually)

6- Quillbot Summarizer

Quillbot functions as an online PDF summarizer, akin to the two tools presented previously. Once you upload your PDF document, you can adjust the summary length using a slider. 

This AI summarizer scans your documents, analyzing the text to extract essential information effectively.

Quillbot Summarizer Key Features

  • Versatile Input Options: Copy text or upload PDFs for efficient summarization.

  • Flexible Display Modes: Choose between paragraphs or bullet points for summarized content.

  • Keyword Optimization: Select keywords to tailor and enhance the summarization outcome.

  • Word Limitation Concerns: The drawback of restricting word count, especially in the free version.

  • Costly Subscription: Expensive pricing for extended features after the initial word limits.

Quillbot Summarizer Pricing

Free Plan

Annual Plan

Semi-Annual Plan

Monthly Plan





$39.95 (Billed Every 6 Months)


7- Scholarcy

Scholarly is an intriguing text summarization tool that condenses lengthy documents into seven distinct summary modes. With options such as key concepts, expanded summaries, compact summaries, synopsis, highlights, and flashcards, it offers users simplified and easily digestible content in their preferred format.

Scholarcy Key Features

  • Effortless Content Transformation: Quickly convert lengthy documents into concise and digestible formats with Scholarly.

  • AI-Powered Text Analysis: Scholars can efficiently analyze and extract key concepts using advanced AI technology.

  • Tailored Content Formats: Choose your preferred summary format, such as synopsis, flashcards, or expanded summaries.

  • Precision in Concept Extraction: Scholarly ensures accurate extraction of all vital concepts from the text.

Scholarcy Pricing

Basic Plan

Plus Plan




8- SummarizeBot

For efficient summarization of various file formats, including PDFs, MP3s, Docs, TXT, images, and more, SummarizeBot is the optimal choice. 

This blockchain-powered online tool offers free summarization services, condensing extensive content into concise text summaries.

SummarizeBot Key Features

  • Website Summarization with Link Support: Condense web content with provided URLs.

  • Upcoming Update Features: Multi-document, video, and chat summarization.

  • Connection Requirements: Requires integration with Facebook Messenger or Slack.

SummarizeBot Pricing

Free Plan

Standard Plan

Custom Plan




9- Summary Box

Summary Box AI PDF summarizer offers online summarization capabilities for text, URLs, PDFs, audio, and YouTube content. It also provides Chrome extension versions for website summarization. Users can adjust the summary length across three levels to tailor the content according to their preferences.

Summary Box Key Features

  • Limited Usage Duration: It offers a free version available for 5 days with unrestricted access.

  • File Size Restriction: Users can upload PDFs up to 10 MB in size for free summarization.

  • Partial Page Summarization: It Summarizes the initial 40 pages of any uploaded PDF document.

  • Selective Page Summary: Choose between "All Pages" or "Specific Pages" for tailored summaries.

Summary Box Pricing

Starter Plan

Premium Plan





10- My Assignment Help

Designed with students in mind, My Assignment Help PDF Summarizer tool is perfect for those with pending assignments who need to sift through online articles, research papers, and reference materials. The summarization feature efficiently condenses lengthy content into concise summaries. You can easily utilize this tool by copying and pasting text or importing PDF, text, word, and RTF files for summarization.

My Assignment Help Key Features

  • Customizable Summary Length: Adjust summary size according to specific needs for optimal results.

  • Limited Free Version: The free version includes a 1000-character limit, often insufficient for in-depth summaries.

My Assignment Help Pricing

It’s a Free App!

11- GetDigest

The standout feature of GetDigest lies in its rapid processing speed. In just 5 seconds, it can analyze and generate a summary at any specified percentage for a 100-page document, making it an exceptional tool for quick and efficient document summarization. 

Users have the flexibility to customize their summaries by adjusting various settings, such as summary size and extraction of keywords, links, numbers, or data. 

GetDigest Key Features

  • Swift Summarization: Rapidly condense PDF content without sacrificing key messages.

  • Efficient Multilingual Processing: Quickly summarize documents in various languages with precision.

  • Zero Core Message Loss: Ensure the retention of crucial information during the summarization process.

  • Seamless Document Navigation: Easily revisit and analyze previous documents for enhanced user convenience.

GetDigest Pricing

It’s a Free App!

12- AskYourPDF

AakYourPDF provides a valuable service to students, researchers, and legal professionals by efficiently summarizing PDF documents. This user-friendly platform utilizes advanced algorithms to extract essential information from lengthy PDFs, creating concise summaries. It simplifies complex academic texts for students, aiding comprehension and boosting study efficiency. Researchers benefit from quicker access to critical data, saving time and streamlining the research process.

AskYourPDF Key Features

  • Track and Revisit Conversations: Easily revisit and track conversations for better understanding, ideal for students and businesses.

  • Browser-Based Accessibility: Access AskthePDF from any device directly in your browser for convenience.

  • Comprehensive Document Summarization: Beyond summarizing, AskYourPDF lets you delve deep, leaving no detail untouched.

  • Interactive Questioning Capability: Engage in heartwarming conversations, asking questions for a thorough document understanding.

  • Eliminate Information Gaps: Ensure you capture all vital details from your PDFs, addressing potential gaps.

AskYourPDF Pricing

Standard Plan

Premium Plan



13- ChatPDF

Introducing ChatPDF, the ultimate tool for conversing with PDF files. No matter if you're dealing with textbooks, contracts, or manuals, ChatPDF comprehends your documents effortlessly, ready to tackle all your queries. It effortlessly handles any language, seamlessly switching between languages if needed. Plus, if there's a misclassification, you can simply request a language change.

ChatPDF Key Features

  • Universal Language Compatibility: Communicate in any language effortlessly with our PDF chat service.

  • Top-Notch Security Assurance: Trust is our secure platform for confidential and safe PDF interactions.

  • Complimentary Daily PDFs: Enjoy free daily PDFs, each containing up to 120 pages.

ChatPDF Pricing

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan



14- All-About-PDF

All-About-PDF integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT to speed the summarizing process. Uploading a PDF allows users to quickly extract key points and receive summaries in a variety of formats, including TL;DR, For Fifth Grader, Meeting Notes, and Keywords. While the software provides a 14-day free trial, using its capabilities requires downloading, joining up, and receiving an API key from OpenAI, which may be inconvenient for some users.

All-About-PDF Key Features

  • Concise Summaries: Get summaries in various styles tailored to your needs.

  • Trial Period: Enjoy a 14-day free trial to explore our features.

  • Easy Navigation: Navigate seamlessly with our user-friendly interface.

  • Speedy PDF Handling: Experience fast processing for your PDF documents.

All-About-PDF Pricing

DRM-Only Life License

Advanced Plan (Lifetime License)

Standard Plan



$4.99/month (Billed Annually)

$7.99/month (Billed Monthly)

$79.99 (Lifetime License)

15- Genei

Genei, a UK-based AI technology, helps journalists and content creators operate more efficiently by providing a platform for note-taking, research, and content summarizing. 

It supports AI summarization, keyword extraction, semantic and query-based searches within documents, annotation, and citation. While it provides a 14-day free trial, the full range of services is only available via subscription; there is no free version.

Genei Key Features

  • Smart Searches: Efficiently find information using meaningful and contextual search capabilities.

  • PDF Summarization: Condense multiple PDFs into concise summaries for quick understanding.

  • Easy Export: Seamlessly save and share information with hassle-free export functionality.

  • Rewriting Assistance: Receive support in rephrasing and paraphrasing content for improved clarity.

Genei Pricing

  • Professional Plan

Starter Plan

Basic Plan

Pro Plan



$7.99/month (Billed Annually)


$24.99/month (Billed Annually)

  • Academic Plan

Starter Plan

Basic Plan

Pro Plan



$3.99/month (Billed Annually)


$15.99/month (Billed Annually)


Let's look a few frequently asked questions before we wrap up -

What is an AI PDF Summarizer?

An AI PDF Summarizer is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and condense the content of a PDF document into a shorter summary.

How does an AI PDF Summarizer work?

An AI PDF Summarizer uses machine learning algorithms to identify the most important information within a PDF document. It then generates a summary by extracting key points and important details.

Why should I use an AI PDF Summarizer?

Using an AI PDF Summarizer can save you time and effort, especially when dealing with lengthy documents. It can quickly provide you with a concise summary, allowing you to grasp the main ideas without having to read the entire document.

Are there any free AI PDF Summarizer tools available?

Yes, there are free AI PDF Summarizer tools available. These tools usually have limitations in terms of the length of the document or the number of summaries you can generate. However, they can still be useful for getting a basic summary of your PDF.

And if you use a low cost alternative like Elephas, then you can work with unlimited PDFs of any size as you want.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the right AI PDF summarizer tool can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency. Among the top 15 options available in 2024, Elephas stands out as the preferred choice, especially for Mac users. 

Its versatility extends beyond PDFs, supporting various file types and offering a wide range of features beyond simple summarization. 

With Elephas, you can streamline your document management tasks and extract key information effortlessly. Whether you're a student, professional, or researcher, Elephas simplifies the process of digesting large amounts of information, making it an invaluable tool in your arsenal. 

Give it a try and experience the difference firsthand