Hey there,

This is Kamban, maker of Elephas.

I hope you’re finding Elephas to be useful so far. If you have not tried it, you may want to give it a spin. Checkout the Gumroad page

I would love to talk about Elephas’  “Smart Write” feature today.

Smart write is an open-ended feature that can take your instructions and write down the response. 

It uses OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) capability to do this.

 Let's see a few examples of context-first text generation.

Here, you can set up the context, give a few inputs and let GPT-3 fill the gap.

See this Video where I use Elephas to write JIRA Story. Look for [Insert] at the bottom portion between points 1 and 10.

And you can command GPT-3 to do it in a natural language, just like you would ask a human to do it.

Let’s see how:

Example 1 - Fill in the blank.

The following are the blog topic outline for growth hacking in startups.




Here we are forcing a context that the outline should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Note the keyword [Insert] in between. You need to select the whole text (marked in italics) and select the "Smart write" menu option. 

And you will get an output like this:

1. Introduction

2. What is growth hacking?

3. The benefits of growth hacking for startups

4. The key components of a growth hacking strategy

5. growth hacking strategy in your startup

6. Conclusion

Example 2 - Controlling the output structure

What are the ways to use LinkedIn to promote your business?

Explain in this format:

{How companies use now}

{How you can differentiate yourself}

{Some paid options}

You may get an output like,

"Many companies use LinkedIn as a way to post job openings, as well as to search for potential employees. 

You can differentiate yourself by using LinkedIn to post content that is relevant to your industry, and by engaging with potential customers and clients. 

LinkedIn also offers paid options for companies who want to boost their visibility, such as Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content."

This is a magical feature. You can do so many things. Outputting results in specific formats like JSON format, XML format, Graphviz dot, etc. 

Example 3 - Emails

Select the text and choose "Smart Write,"

Write an email to ask for a testimonial.
Context: User has spent a week using the SaaS product to track finance.

Example 4 - Research

Use the Smart Write to get answers instantly. You would otherwise spend hours scouring the internet for information.

Who holds the most Guinness records?

You might see,

The most Guinness World Records are held by Ashrita Furman of the United States. As of May 2021, Furman has set more than 600 records.

Example 5 - Proofreading

Proofread the following and list down the errors and recommendations in the following format,

Errors:{list of actual errors}
Recommendations:{list of recommendations}

Inkjet printing is a mature technique for colourful graphic arts. It exels at
customized, largearea, high resolution, and small-volume production.

Example 6 - Long-form articles

You can ask Elephas to write long-form articles,

Write a long form article on the importance of preserving wild animals.

The output might look like this,

Most people are aware of the importance of conserving our planet’s natural resources, but fewer people realize the importance of conserving its wildlife. Wildlife is an essential part of the Earth’s ecosystem and plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature.

Unfortunately, wildlife is under threat from a variety of human activities. Habitat loss, pollution, and climate change are just some of the ways humans are harming wildlife. As a result, many species are in decline and some are even on the brink of extinction.


Example 7 - Social posts

You can write social media posts using the smart write feature.

Write a tweet on happiness.

Concept: Money vs happiness

Note the keyword "Concept." We are forcing AI to talk about a specific comparison. You might get something like this,

Happiness is not about how much money you have. It's about enjoying your life and being grateful for what you have. #HappyThoughts

Remember you will get different results you try each time. I got this the second time I tried :)

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that's pretty much the same thing.

It is a powerful feature that you can use further for complex use cases. 

Check out our knowledge base for more examples.

Please download the latest version from your Gumroad page, which has major improvements related to this feature.

And do let me know what you think of the product.