Grammarly is a well-known tool for fixing mistakes in writing like spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. Many people use it, but it might only fit some perfectly. What other tools are out there that could be better for you? 

We'll look at the 24 best alternatives to Grammarly and help you determine which one might be right for your needs. 

If you want to improve your writing, there are options besides Grammarly to explore. From free apps to paid services, we've rounded up the best tools to help you polish your grammar and writing style. 

Whether you're on a budget or ready to invest, there's a solution for everyone. Let's explore the wide range of grammar-checking alternatives to find the most suitable one for your writing needs.

So let's get started -


Why Choose a Grammarly Alternative? 

Here are the five reasons why a user can choose a Grammarly alternative. 

1- Cost Efficiency

Opting for a Grammarly alternative can be a wallet-friendly choice. Many options offer similar grammar and spelling checks without the hefty subscription fees. This primarily benefits budget-conscious users or students looking for efficient proofreading tools without breaking the bank.

2- Specialized Features

Some Grammarly alternatives cater to specific needs better than Grammarly itself. Whether it's coding, academic writing, or creative content, alternatives often come with specialized features that target niche requirements, providing users with more tailored and effective proofreading solutions.

3- Privacy Concerns

Privacy-conscious people may select options that prioritize data security. While Grammarly has improved its privacy precautions, some users may still be concerned about the information acquired during proofreading sessions. Choosing an alternative to prioritizing user privacy can reassure individuals concerned about data processing.

4- Integration With Other Tools

Many Grammarly alternatives work flawlessly with other writing and editing tools. This can be useful for users who prefer a specific writing environment or work with colleagues across multiple platforms. Compatibility and integration features can considerably improve the writing and editing workflow, making an alternative viable. 

5- Different User Interfaces

Grammarly alternatives frequently provide a variety of user interfaces to accommodate a wide range of preferences. Some users may prefer a specific alternative's UI over Grammarly's. Choosing an option with a user-friendly interface will make the proofreading process go more smoothly and be pleasurable, thereby increasing user satisfaction.

What to Look for in a Grammarly Alternative? 

Robust Plagiarism Checker

Original content is essential for credibility, whether you are a student, professional, or blogger. A plagiarism checker assures that your work is yours, avoiding unwanted academic or professional consequences. A good Grammarly substitute should include a sophisticated plagiarism checker. This helps verify that your information is unique and not plagiarized from other sources. By identifying suspected plagiarism, these technologies enable you to maintain your work's integrity and avoid any accidental concerns with content authenticity.

Enhanced Readability and Writing Style

Improved readability ensures your message is delivered smoothly, allowing your readers to grasp and engage with your content better. This is critical in all contexts, from academic papers to business correspondence.

 Choosing a Grammarly alternative entails seeking a program that corrects grammar and improves readability and writing style. Clear, well-structured writing is required for efficient communication. These features help to make your material more engaging and understandable for your audience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Flexibility in device use is critical in today's changing work environment. A program that adjusts to your favorite platform allows you to maintain the quality of your work continually. A suitable Grammarly replacement should be compatible with multiple platforms and devices. The tool should fit effortlessly into your workflow, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This ensures that you can improve your writing regardless of your device.

Extensive Integration

Integration streamlines the editing process, allowing you to operate in familiar contexts. Look for Grammarly alternatives that are compatible with common platforms and applications. Whether using Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or another writing platform, having a tool that seamlessly connects with your current workflow increases productivity and convenience.

Broad Language Support

In today's globalized society, many conversations are in several languages. A tool that understands and assists in multiple languages assures proper repairs, making it invaluable to a more extensive user base. Choose a Grammarly alternative that supports a diverse range of languages. This is especially useful for people who speak or write in various languages. Language helps provide precise corrections and suggestions while catering to different linguistic needs.

Here are the Top 24 Best Grammarly Alternatives

1- Elephas App

Introducing Elephas App, an innovative personal AI writing assist designed specifically for Mac users.

Elephas, the premium Grammarly alternative, improves your writing and effectively eliminates errors and mistakes. Elephas offers a fluid and sophisticated writing experience designed specifically for Mac users, bringing linguistic proficiency to new heights.

Elephas Key Features

  1. Empowered by GPT-3, this AI writing assistant is a powerful tool.

  2. Support editing and rewriting modes like - Zinserr mode, professional mode, friendly mode, viral and persuasive modes.
  3. Integration into Mac, iPhone, and iPad is seamless.

  4. Comes bundled with powerful Super Brain functionality. So that you can create personal GPT trained on your own data.
  5. The Elephas app effortlessly imports data from various sources, including PDFs, Word docs, Notion, Obsidian, and webpages.

  6. Crafting captivating content becomes easy with its idea suggestions, sentence structures, and paragraph generation.

  7. It effectively identifies errors and highlights areas for improvement.

Elephas Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










Elephas is also one of the best ai writing tools and generators available on the market right now.

If you own a Mac, you should definitely give it a shot.

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2- Wordtune

Wordtune serves as a versatile writing companion, incorporating rewriting, summarisation, and AI-driven content generation capabilities. Unlike mere paraphrasing tools, it can generate original ideas and content. The platform provides convenient templates for email newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and blog headlines, significantly expediting copywriting.

Wordtune Key Features

  1. Create a personalised knowledge repository within the Wordtune library efficiently.

  2. Streamline your workflow by instructing Wordtune to succinctly summarise content from YouTube videos, blogs, and meeting notes.

  3. Experience the convenience of one-click suggestions from Wordtune tailored to match your writing style.

  4. Benefit from Wordtune's automatic generation of grammatically correct and typo-free copy, saving you time and ensuring polished content.

Wordtune Pricing

Free Plan

Plus Plan

Unlimited Plan

Business Plan

$0/month (Billed Monthly & Annually)

$24.99/month (Billed Monthly)

$9.99/month (Billed Annually)

$37.50/month (Billed Monthly)

$14.99/month (Billed Annually)

For Teams (Billed Monthly & Annually)

3- Prowriting Aid

ProWritingAid is a wonderful alternative to Grammarly, particularly for professional writers and those seeking to produce high-quality text. ProWritingAid connects smoothly with other writing platforms you may already be using, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Facebook, Google Docs, Slack, WordPress, and HubSpot.

Prowriting Aid Key Features

  1. ProWritingAid's masterclasses provide valuable writing tips from professionals.

  2. The tool produces more than 25 reports to enhance the quality of your writing.

  3. Instantly rephrase a highlighted sentence with a simple click.

  4. Employ AI Sparks to modify tenses, enhance readability, or create engaging dialogue.

Prowriting Pricing

Free Plan

Premium Plan

Premium Pro Plan


$30/month (Billed Monthly) 

$10/Month (Billed Annually)

$399 (Lifetime)

$36/month (Billed Monthly)

$12/month (Billed Annually)

$699 (Lifetime)

4- Quilbot

QuillBot, created by Keuji, strives to develop artificial intelligence that achieves human-level proficiency in generating paraphrases. The goal is to enhance effective and clear communication by adeptly rephrasing complete sentences. While distinct from Grammarly, QuillBot excels in effortlessly transforming entire sentences.

Quilbot Key Features

  1. Different Writing Styles in Quill

  2. Word Transformation Tool

  3. Language Proficiency Metrics

  4. Extension for Google Chrome

  5. Integration for Google Docs

  6. Integration for Microsoft Word

Quilbot Pricing






$39.95 (Billed Every 6 Month)


$49.95 (Billed Annually)

5- Whitesmoke

Next on the list is WhiteSmoke, a promising alternative to Grammarly. This comprehensive English writing tool excels in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks. Utilizing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, WhiteSmoke goes beyond grammatical and typographical corrections. 

Whitesmoke Key Features

  1. It ensures accurate grammar usage in your writing.

  2. It identifies and corrects spelling errors in your text.

  3. It analyzes and enhances the writing style for improved coherence.

  4. It verifies proper punctuation for clear and effective communication.

  5. It translates text between languages, facilitating communication in diverse linguistic contexts.

Whitesmoke Pricing

Web Plan

Premium Plan

Business Plan

$5/Month (Yearly)

$3.47/Month (3-Year Plan)

$6.66/Month (Yearly)

$5.55/Month (3-Year Plan)

$11.50/Month (Yearly)

$8.82/Month (3-Year Plan)

6- Ginger

Ginger is a free online grammar checking and paraphrase tool for quick writing help. Use the "Rephrase" option to improve interesting material or the "Correct" button to identify grammatical problems. Ginger also offers a premium edition that interacts smoothly with various systems. 

Ginger Key Features

  1. Ginger accommodates a user base of up to 100,000 within a single account.

  2. Integration is facilitated through Ginger's Grammar API, allowing seamless incorporation into various products or workflows.

  3. Access professional writing tips in the Writing Help Center.

  4. Enjoy free translation software for more than 40 languages Ginger provides.

Ginger Pricing

2-Year Plan

Annual Plan

Quarterly Plan

Monthly Plan





7- Paper Rater

PaperRater is a grammar and plagiarism checker designed specifically for pupil work and personal essays submitted for college applications.

 While it performs well in grammar checking, it needs more advanced features in the other solutions on this list.

Paper Rater Key Features

  1. It ensures accurate grammar usage in your text.

  2. It verifies the originality of your content by scanning for plagiarism.

  3. Paper Rater assesses and provides a score for the quality of your essay.

  4. It supports uploading files in various formats, including MS Word, .txt, and .rtf.

Paper Rater Pricing

Free Plan

Premium Plan


$11.21/Month or $71.55/Year

8- Slick Write

Slick Write stands out as a robust and entirely free application equipped with extensive features for scrutinizing your writing, pinpointing grammar errors, and rectifying mistakes. One noteworthy feature is the Vocabulary Variety screen, which assists in identifying sections in your document with limited lexical diversity. 

Slick Write Key Features

  1. Slick Write offers a lightning-fast grammar checker for swift and efficient proofreading.

  2. It includes a flow checker to enhance the coherence and fluency of your writing.

  3. Customize feedback to align with your writing style using Slick Write.

  4. Prioritize privacy, as the tool does not redistribute your documents.

Slick Write Pricing

It’s a Free App!

9- Hemingway App

If you're an author, you've probably heard of the Hemingway online editor. This Grammarly alternative, which is unrestricted, has become a go-to for marketers, freelance writers, bloggers, and grammar fans looking to simplify complex statements.

Hemingway Key Features

  1. Hemingway is experimenting with functionality enabling users to resolve all highlighted problems with just one click.

  2. Evaluate the grade level and readability of your text effortlessly.

  3. Switch to Writing mode for a distraction-free environment when composing in the Hemingway editor.

Hemingway Pricing

Free Plan

Premium Plan



10- Sapling

If you're part of a customer-facing team, consider Sapling AI an excellent Grammarly alternative. It seamlessly integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, providing real-time writing suggestions. Say goodbye to the days of unintentional typos in customer chats – Sapling ensures a polished communication experience. 

Sapling Key Features

  1. Enhance chat and helpdesk ticket resolution efficiency through Sapling Suggest.

  2. Accelerate chat response times with Autocomplete Everywhere's autocomplete suggestions.

  3. Identify and rectify spelling and grammar issues using Sapling's machine-learning algorithm.

  4. Establish an internal content database by leveraging the Sapling snippet library.

Sapling Pricing







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11- Antidote

Antidote, with 25 years of experience, has consistently enhanced spelling and grammar. Packed with a correction tool, personalized dictionaries, and user-friendly guides, it is a cost-effective option compared to Grammarly. Accessible across desktops, web apps, iPhones, and iPads, it provides comprehensive support for improving your writing.

Antidote Key Features

  1. Antidote provides pronunciation, rhyming information, and word etymology.

  2. It includes a French Module for users who write in French.

  3. The software identifies errors and offers a one-click correction for all highlighted issues.

  4. Users can find synonyms using the built-in thesaurus feature.

Antidote Pricing

Antidote + Personal

Antidote + Family 

Antidote 11




12- Jasper

Jasper stands out as one of the top Grammarly alternatives for those who appreciate AI writing assistants. Originally designed as an AI content creation tool, Jasper has evolved into a comprehensive copywriting powerhouse. It generates copy tailored to your style guide and knowledge base and utilises generative AI to craft images. 

Jasper Key Features

  1. Jasper offers pre-built AI templates for generating text summaries, AIDA sales copy, and other content types.

  2. Transition to Jasper Chat for collaborative idea generation with a ChatGPT-style chatbot.

  3. The tool can craft copy in over 30 languages.

  4. Seamless integrations are available with popular platforms for enhanced functionality. 

Jasper Pricing

Business Plan

Pro Plan

Creator Plan




13- 1Checker

1Checker stands out as an outstanding tool for improving your writing and an ideal choice for comprehensive text inspection. Greedy Intelligence Co. Ltd. developed this new tool using modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

1Checker Key Features

  1. Utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

  2. Providing exceptional service at no cost.

  3. Employing an Agile development approach to update tools consistently.

1Checker Pricing

It’s a Free App!

14- Readable

Understood by its name, Readable assesses the readability of your writing through algorithms such as Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog. Additionally, it features a grammar and style tool that identifies problems like passive voice, cliches, and adverbs.

Readable Key Features

Readable features a robust grammar checker for web content, documents, and emails.

Utilize Readable's style checker to enhance your writing across various platforms.

Employ Readable's readability test to ensure your text is clear and accessible.

Readable Pricing

Content Pro

Commerce Pro

Agency Pro




15- Reverso

Reverso is renowned as a translation tool proficient in translating between 14 languages. In addition to providing translations, it offers contextual examples of the translated text and suggests synonyms for better understanding.

Reverso Key Features

  1. Reverso offers multilingual translation capabilities.

  2. It provides a spell and grammar checker in English and French.

  3. Reverso includes a dictionary lookup feature for quick reference.

  4. It offers rephrasing suggestions to enhance language clarity and style.

Reverso Pricing

Free Plan

Premium Plan


9.99 EUR/month, 59.88 EUR/month

16- Language Tool

A collaborative effort by software developers and language enthusiasts has resulted in an open-source software that provides a free service for automatic text proofreading. With a decade-long history, this tool supports proofreading in over 20 languages. 

Language Tool Key Features

  1. It offers real-time grammar and spell checks directly in Microsoft Word.

  2. It supports multiple languages, catering to diverse writing needs.

  3. The add-on seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Word interface.

Language Tool Pricing

2-Year Plan

Annual Plan

Quarterly Plan

Monthly Plan




$12.45/ month

17- Writer

Writer stands out as an effective writing tool for individuals, competing with Grammarly and other grammatical checkers. However, its greatest strength is its capacity to operate as a team solution.

Writer Key Features

  1. It identifies and corrects grammatical errors in your writing.

  2. The writer analyzes your writing style and suggests improvements for coherence and consistency.

  3. It scans your content to ensure originality by detecting and highlighting potential instances of plagiarism.

Writer Pricing

Team Plan


$18/Month or $162/Year

Custom Pricing

18- Sentence Checkup

Sentencecheckup is a sophisticated, no-cost online sentence checker designed to enhance the quality of your documents. Its robust algorithm encompasses grammatical error detection, spell-checking, and punctuation verification.

Sentence Checkup Key Features

  1. Sentence Checkup incorporates an advanced grammar check to enhance the accuracy and clarity of your sentences.

  2. It employs a comprehensive sentence structure checker. 

Sentence Checkup Pricing

It’s a Free App!

19- Grammar Lookup

Grammar Lookup asserts itself as the leading free online grammar checker, employing artificial intelligence to identify and rectify grammar and punctuation errors, eradicate spelling mistakes, and pinpoint numerous style issues to enhance the quality of your writing.

Grammar Lookup Key Features

  1. A comprehensive solution for resolving all errors seamlessly.

  2. It ensures improved academic performance by emphasizing the key principle of simplicity.

Grammar Lookup Pricing

It’s a Free App!

20- Write Full

The application employs Natural Language Processing to provide feedback on your writing, analyzing your text against extensive language databases such as Google Books, Google Web, Google Scholar, and Google News.

Write full Key Features

  1. It compares the frequency of occurrence in the database between two chunks.

  2. It provides pronunciation for the given text and translates from any language into English.

  3. Write full comparison of how often two chunks are found in the database.

Write full Pricing

It’s a Free App!

21- Online Correction

This tool is a valuable resource for finding spelling and grammar issues. Like older ways, you can enter text directly or paste the content you want to evaluate.

Online Correction Key Features

  1. Grammar Lookup provides precise grammar checks for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, and Russian.

Online Correction Pricing

It’s a Free App!

22- Grammar Check

Grammar Check is an online editor designed to assist you in identifying and correcting grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation issues. It lists appropriate alternatives, suggestions, and explanations for each highlighted error.

Grammar Check Key Features

  1. Detect and correct spelling errors.

  2. Provide style suggestions for improved writing.

  3. Offer grammar suggestions for enhanced clarity and coherence.

Grammar Check Pricing

It’s a Free App!

23- Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is an internet-based proofreading tool that offers an extensive array of popular proofreading features, including Word Counter, Translate, Paraphrasing, Case Converter, Reverse Image Search, and numerous others.

Grammar Checker Key Features

  1. Grammar Checker ensures high security and optimal speed without the need for registration.

  2. Grammar Checker offers unlimited spell-checking and grammar correction, is always free of charge, and is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers and devices.

Grammar Checker Pricing

It’s a Free App!

24- Spell Check24

Spell Check24 stands out as a highly potent, no-cost online tool for contextual spell checking, advanced style analysis, and intelligent grammar checking.

Spell Check24 Key Features

  1. Ensures accurate spelling and grammar by conducting a comprehensive check.

  2. Analyzes readability for improved clarity and coherence in written content.

  3. Examine word density to enhance the balance and flow of the text.

Spell Check24 Pricing

It’s a Free App

Final Thoughts!

While Grammarly is a popular choice, exploring other options can be beneficial, especially if you want to find a tool that suits your specific needs. 

Remember, free and paid alternatives are available, so you can choose based on your budget and requirements. So, whether you're a student, professional, or someone who wants to enhance their writing, give Elephas a try – it might be the perfect fit for your Mac. It's user-friendly and helps fix your writing errors, ensuring your work is clear and mistake-free. ​