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Earn passive income by promoting the #1 AI writing assistant for Mac - Elephas. Share Elephas with your network. When they sign up through your unique link, you will receive a 25% commission every month for as long as your referral remains a subscriber.

Here’s how our affiliate program works

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Anyone can join the Elephas affiliate program. Seriously, you don’t even need to be a customer to promote Elephas. But to be successful, you must:

  • Understand the value of an AI powered writing assistant, and believe in the power of Elephas.
  • Have an audience who actually needs a simple, yet effective AI writing assistant for their Mac.

(We request you to only promote Elephas to individuals who would find value in it and would benefit from using it.)

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To earn passive, recurring commission every month, all you need to do is start sharing your unique link in all the right places.

This means your social media handles, your newsletter, blog posts, videos, podcasts, or anywhere else where your network can find it.


We send you 25% commission recurring commission on every sale you bring in. So if a friend signs up through your link, you will earn 25% of their subscription fees every month for as long as they remain a subscriber of Elephas. The more you promote Elephas to your network, the greater the opportunity to earn more commissions.

Join our mission of democratising AI for busy professionals by becoming an Elephas affiliate.

Please note
You will need a Gumroad account to receive commissions, Gumroad is our payment provider, it tracks your links and calculates commissions.

It takes 2 minutes to setup a Gumroad account if you haven't already set it up.

Read more about becoming an affiliate on Gumroad here.

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