I am equally excited as you are. Making AI help us with daily activity could take out some monotonous tasks and let us focus on creative items. Elephas has features for 5 different categories of tasks. Let us see each one. All of the features work for the selected text.


You select a piece of text in any of your applications (Such as Mail or Gmail), then choose Rewrite-> STYLE where the style can be,

  1. Professional - Rewrites the sentence in a professional format. You can access this feature using a global keyboard shortcut CTRL + CMD + p
  2. Friendly - Rewrites the sentence in a friendly format
  3. Polite -  Rewrites the sentence in a polite format

Continue writing

It lets you choose a piece of text and fill the rest of the sentence. Select the text and choose "Continue writing" from the status menu.

Fix grammar

Let's you fix grammar mistakes/typos in the selected text. Again, Select the text and choose "Fix grammar" from the menu. You can access this using a global keyboard shortcut CTRL + CMD + g

Smart write

This is the most powerful feature. It is an open-ended feature, which you can use for various purposes like,

You can read more about Smart write here.


There are two more dedicated options now to help you write emails and blogs.

Click "Email" from the menu (or press CTRL + CMD + e), and you will see a window like this,

As you can see, you can give abstract details in the input area to get a good email subject and body. You could use this option for all sorts of emails ranging from professional to marketing. For more information, read our blog here

When you click "Blog" (or press CTRL + CMD + b) from the menu, you will see a window like this,

You can generate both blog titles/ideas or a blog outline for the given title.

I hope you enjoy using Elephas. Feel free to contact me on Twitter.​

For Technical People

Explain code 

You can get an explanation of any code from your Editor, Github, Stackoverflow, or any application.

Select any piece of code and choose "Explain code" from the Utils menu.

Write code

You can provide instructions to let Elephas write code for you. 


Write a python function to convert the incoming string to number

 Select "Write code" from the Utils menu.

For Business Professionals

Read a book

You can read summary or takeaways from any book. Choose "Read a book" from the Utiles menu. Enter the book title.

Create a presentation

Choose "Create a presentation" from the Utils menu.