AI has taken center stage in the tech world, which has led many entrepreneurs to develop powerful tools for all types of tasks. These tools can help with simple things like fixing your grammar to complex tasks like assisting with your financial planning.

To help make your life much easier, we compiled the 17 most innovative and useful AI apps for iPhone users you need to check out.

So let's get started -


Elephas is a Smart AI Keyboard designed for iOS. This intelligent keyboard improves the writing experience through advanced personalized AI assistance. 

Having this powerful assistant in your device allows you to write faster, smarter, and better. 

Use it for all your writing needs. 

You can compose emails, articles, blog posts, and stories, choosing from different writing modes. 

Plus, the app seamlessly integrates with popular applications like Google Docs, Slack, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more. This way, you can always write your best in all contexts.

Elephas features

Smart Write: Personalized AI assistance to help you compose content more effectively.

Continue Writing: Start with a sentence or paragraph and let AI finish it.

Grammar Fix: Elephas ensures error-free writing by offering a grammar corrector feature.

Rewrite Modes: You can choose from up to 8 writing modes, including "Professional," "Friendly," and "Funny,".

Elephas pricing

Elephas on the iPhone offers two simple paid plans. The monthly subscription costs $3.99 per month and the annual subscription plan costs $39.99 per year.

But you can also get the bundled offer with a powerful Mac app as well. With advanced features such as Super Brain and Super Chat.

The Elephas Mac app starts at $4.99 for the standard plan, $8.99 for the pro plan and $14.99 for the Pro Plus plan.

Pro and Pro Plus plans include the AI iPhone app and has powerful features such as Super Brain sync on your iPhone.

Elephas also has one of the best AI keyboards for the iPhone.

You can find out more details about Elephas, and get a free trial on the home page -

- Elephas Home


This is the official app of OpenAI's famous language model. 

This free app not only syncs your chat history seamlessly across devices but also delivers the latest improvements from OpenAI's models. 

With ChatGPT in your pocket, you can enjoy instant answers to your queries, receive tailored advice, draw creative inspiration, obtain professional input, discover valuable learning opportunities, and much more.

ChatGPT features

Instant Answers: ChatGPT gives you immediate and accurate answers to your inquiries, making it a quick and efficient source of information.

Tailored Advice: The app can give you personalized advice basing its answer on millions of data points.

Creative Inspiration: ChatGPT is a great way to get creative inspiration. You can use it to generate ideas, explore concepts, and more. Plus, it can release you from the dreaded writer's block.

Professional Input: You can also ask ChatGPT to guide you through all kinds of professional matters. For example, ask the app to evaluate your resume and give you advice.

ChatGPT pricing

ChatGPT for iOS is available for free, just like the web app. But you can also subscribe to the paid plan that gives you extra features like integrations and a more advanced language model. This plan is usage-based.

Character AI

With this app, you can engage in open-ended conversations with ultra-realistic AI personalities. 

Whether you're seeking captivating stories, homework help from your favorite anime personas, language learning, or even the creation of a novel, Character.AI serves as the most advanced AI assistant that you have the power to design.

Character AI features

Ultra-Realistic AI Personalities: The conversations with these AI personalities have a high degree of realism, so this gives you an immersive experience.

Unlimited Free Messaging: You can send and receive unlimited messages without the interruption of ads, adding more points for the immersive experience.

Millions of User-Created Characters: Character AI offers a vast array of personalities and storylines to interact with.

Advanced Creation Tools: Utilize advanced creation tools within the app to design and craft your own AI characters.

Character AI pricing

Character.AI offers free and subscription-based options. The subscription plan is priced at $9.99 per month. 

Bing AI

This free app optimizes your search experience, harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4 to provide real-time information and citations. 

As an AI-powered search engine, Bing allows you to cut through the noise and get relevant information easily. 

Additionally, Bing serves as a GPT-4 powered writing assistant, enabling you to effortlessly complete various tasks such as writing emails, crafting poems, composing rap lyrics, and even designing quizzes for trivia night. The app also includes an image generator, among other things.

Bing AI features

AI-Powered Search Engine: Bing utilizes the advanced GPT-4 to streamline searches and deliver direct, relevant answers without the need to navigate through numerous links, as you would with a regular search engine.

Real-Time Information and Citations: The app enhances GPT-4 with real-time information and citations, ensuring that the results are not only accurate but also sourced, adding credibility to the information provided.

GPT-4 Powered Writing Assistant: The Bing app is a great writing assistant for all purposes thanks to its usage of ChatGPT-4.

Image Generator: Generate beautiful images of whatever you envision for all your projects in seconds.

Bing AI pricing

The Bing AI app is completely free.


Developed with evidence-based interventions backed by research from Stanford University, Youper is clinically proven to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The app combines psychology and artificial intelligence to engage users in natural conversations, making it the most engaging mental health chatbot. Youper caters to various people, including patients, providers, employers, payers, and life science companies, offering scalable mental healthcare solutions.

Youper features

AI-Driven Mental Health Support: Youper can be a first responder in the case of emotional and mental issues. It’s a support system that is immediately available on your phone, which is much easier than asking another person for help.

Clinically Validated Interventions: The app is grounded in evidence-based interventions, clinically proven to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Engaging Mental Health Chatbot: Youper combines psychology and artificial intelligence to understand users' emotional needs and engage in natural conversations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Techniques: Youper employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, a scientifically proven method to calm anxiety and improve mood.

Youper pricing

Youper has a free forever plan, but you need to pay an annual plan of at least $69.99 to get additional premium features. 


Replika is one of the leading AI-powered chatbot companion apps. Replika allows you to form genuine emotional connections and engage in real conversations with an AI that feels like a real person. 

The app lets you customize your Replika's appearance with a 3D avatar, and as you chat, it develops its own unique personality and memories alongside you. 

You have the power to shape your AI companion, deciding whether it becomes a friend, romantic partner, or mentor. 

Through these features, the app becomes a tool for improving mental well-being.

Replika features

Judgment-Free Friendship: Replika is basically an AI friend who is safe and supportive no matter your situation.

Personalized AI Companion: You can create your own unique chatbot AI companion. This makes the experience much more personal.

Versatile Relationship Options: you can choose your companion to be a friend, romantic partner, or mentor, depending on what you’re trying to get out of the relationship.

Mental Well-Being Support: Having this connection with this entity that supports you is a good way to maintain a healthy mental well-being in the same way a real person can.

Replika pricing

The app is free but you can subscribe to access in-app coins that allow you to do more things in the app. The paid plan starts at $7.99 per month.

Otter AI

Otter is a meeting assistant that makes collaboration in remote work environments much more simple. This iPhone app specializes in automated meeting notes for platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. With this AI-powered meeting assistant, you can effortlessly record audio, generate notes, capture slides, receive meeting summaries, and more.

Otter features

Automated Meeting Notes: Automatically transcribe meetings, interviews, lectures, and everyday voice conversations in real-time.

AI Meeting Assistant: Utilize This feature records audio, generates meeting notes, automatically captures slides, and produces summaries.

Versatility in Use: Otter is suitable for many purposes, including taking meeting notes, and recording and transcribing interviews, lectures, podcasts, videos, webinars, and keynotes.

Live Captioning: The app provides live captioning, which is great to never miss a single word in a meeting.

Real-Time Recording and Transcription: Otter enables one-tap instant recording, with real-time transcription when online.

Otter pricing

Otter Pro (Monthly): $16.99

Otter Pro (Yearly): $129.99


ELSA, or the English Language Speech Assistant, is an intuitive English learning app designed to elevate your pronunciation skills through sophisticated artificial intelligence and exclusive voice recognition capabilities. 

Whether you're preparing for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC, planning to travel, or aiming to advance your career, ELSA tailors bite-sized lessons to your needs, covering all English sounds and 192 topics. 

Plus, ELSA's AI coach ensures your progress stays on track, and its intelligent, adaptive learning platform personalizes your curriculum based on performance and behavioral data. 

Elsa features

Speech Test and Pronunciation Feedback: ELSA provides a speech test designed by world-class experts to assess your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses. Users then receive detailed feedback on their pronunciation.

Personalized AI Speech Coach: The AI speech coach selects personalized bite-sized lessons to help you sound like a native speaker.

Bite-Sized Lessons and Topics: ELSA offers over 7,100 lessons covering all English sounds and 192 topics, ranging from travel tips to job interviews. Users can practice in short, focused sessions, making language learning more accessible and effective.

Games and Speaking Challenges: Engaging language games cover core English skills such as pronunciation, grammar, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening, and conversation. 

Elsa pricing

ELSA offers two subscription plans, ELSA Pro and ELSA Premium, with flexible billing options for users seeking additional features and benefits:


Monthly Plan: $11.83 per month

Annual Plan: Billed at $141.99 annually

ELSA Premium:

Monthly Plan: $14.17 per month

Annual Plan: Billed at $169.99 annually

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the top AI apps for iPhone since it was developed by Google and its deep integration with other products of the brand. This software responds to voice commands, searches, and device controls. 

Google Assistant delivers accurate and personalized results by accessing your contacts, search history, and other Google data. The app also helps you with many other tasks such as managing smart home essentials, scheduling appointments, setting reminders, playing music, navigating, checking the weather, and more.

Google Assistant features

Voice Commands: Use your voice to easily get the tasks that you need to be done.

Reminders: Set reminders effortlessly by instructing Google Assistant, helping you stay organized.

Music Control: Play music using voice commands, specifying genres, artists, or playlists on compatible platforms like YouTube.

Text Messages: Send text messages using voice commands, allowing for hands-free communication.

Google Assistant pricing

This app is completely free.


Pi is a personal AI companion where you can find support and have an empathetic conversational partner available 24/7. Pi offers diverse conversation styles, allowing you to choose between super supportive, fun lighthearted, or more serious interactions. As with the other AI companions, having a readily available companion you can talk to can be a good stress reliever.

Pi features

24/7 Availability: Pi is accessible anytime. You can chat with your AI personality whenever you need it.

Empathetic Conversations: The app is designed to engage in meaningful and empathetic interactions.

Safe & Trusted: Pi ensures privacy, so you can feel safe to talk about any subject without judgment.

Continuous Learning: Pi evolves with each interaction, gaining a better understanding of the user with every conversation.

Pi pricing

Pi offers its app and web application for free.


Cleo is a simple but powerful app that utilizes AI to optimize your finances. It allows you to have a financial expert in your pocket to make recommendations about your spending, budget, savings, and more. Plus, you can also get a cash advance of up to $250 without interest, credit checks, late fees, or the need for direct deposit. 

Cleo features

Cash Advance: Cleo gives you up to a $250 cash advance without interest, credit checks, or late fees.

AI Money Coaching: Through a simple chat, you ask questions, learn about your finances, and receive valuable insights.

Budgeting Tools: The app provides a variety of savings tools, including auto-save, round-up, swear jar, and set and forget.

Personalized Budgets: Cleo uses Plaid to read your transaction history, giving you spending breakdowns, and monthly bill trackers for personalized budgeting.

Cleo pricing

Free Plan

Cleo Plus: $5.99 per month

Cleo Builder: $14.99 per month


Grammarly is one of the most popular AI tools for individuals and businesses to improve their writing. It understands your context and writing preferences, offering real-time suggestions and assistance. It serves as a versatile writing companion, aiding in ideation, composition, rewriting, and replying to messages. It’s simple to use and essential if you write a lot.

Grammarly features

Grammarly Keyboard: AI-powered keyboard for real-time writing feedback.

Spelling, Grammar, and Conciseness Suggestions: Instant corrections for typos and mistakes.

Vocabulary and Clarity Recommendations: Advanced suggestions for improved writing.

Tone Detection and Transformations: Customizable options for tone, formality, and professional relevance.

Grammarly pricing

Monthly Plan: $29.99

Annual Plan: $139.99

Quarterly Plan: $59.99


Wysa is a mental health app that offers empathetic support through research-backed techniques like CBT and DBT. This emotionally intelligent chatbot provides an anonymous space to address depression, stress, anxiety, and more. You can vent, practice therapeutic techniques, and access guidance from qualified professionals.

Wysa features

Mental Health Support: Wysa employs CBT, DBT, and meditation techniques to assist with common mental health problems like depression, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Emotionally Intelligent Chatbot: Wysa's chatbot reacts to user emotions, providing empathetic and judgment-free conversations while ensuring anonymity.

Tools for Various Challenges: There are several ways to use it and for different purposes. You can vent, practice CBT and DBT techniques, and deal with loss, worries, or conflict through conversational coaching tools.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: Wysa also includes tools for mindfulness exercises.

Wysa pricing

Wysa Premium Plus: $99.99 per month

Wysa Premium: $99.99 per year

Guided Support (Weekly): $29.99

Guided Support (Monthly): $79.99

Guided Support (Quarterly): $144.99

Wysa Premium (Monthly): $19.99

Wysa Premium (Annual): $74.99

1:1 Life Coaching Sessions: $29.99

1:1 Life Coaching Sessions with Wysa Premium (Monthly): $9.99

1:1 Life Coaching Sessions with Wysa Premium (Annual): $99.99

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a great free app designed for the blind and low-vision community, utilizing the power of AI to provide an auditory description of the visual world. Tailored with ongoing input from its users, Seeing AI offers tools for various daily tasks, such as reading a short text, capturing documents, scanning products with barcode recognition, saving faces for recognition, identifying currency notes, describing scenes, exploring unfamiliar environments through Audio Augmented Reality, enabling indoor navigation, recognizing colors, reading handwritten text, and assessing light levels. Additionally, the app integrates with other applications, allowing users to describe images from various sources, and it evolves continuously with community feedback and advancements in AI research.

Seeing AI features

Short Text: Instantly speaks text as it appears in front of the camera.

Documents: Provides audio guidance for capturing and recognizing printed pages with original formatting.

Products: Scan barcodes, providing audio information about the product.

People: Saves faces for recognition, estimating age, gender, and expression.

Seeing AI pricing

The Seeing AI app is available for free, making it accessible to the blind and low-vision community without any associated costs.

Fitness AI

AI uses large amounts of data to provide informed solutions and advice for people. And fitness is another area that it can be extremely useful. FitnessAI is an iPhone app with this in mind. 

It gives you personalized guidance through the ideal set, rep, and weight combinations to help you achieve your fitness objectives faster. 

Whether you're working out at home or in the gym, FitnessAI tailors workouts to your equipment availability and fitness goals, encompassing muscle building, toning, or weight loss.

Fitness AI features

Personalized Training Algorithm: FitnessAI employs an advanced algorithm to create personalized workout plans.

Versatile Equipment Usage: It can give you personalized advice based on your equipment, so you can work out at home or at the gym easily.

Data-Backed Workouts: The app's workout plans are backed by data, which means it can provide a reliable and evidence-based approach to your fitness routine.

Comprehensive Exercise Tracking: Since everything is in the app, you can easily track your workouts and progress.

Fitness AI pricing

Weekly Membership: $3.99 per week

Monthly Membership: $9.99 per month

Quarterly Membership: $24.99 per quarter

Annual Membership: $59.99 per year

Annual Pro Membership: $74.99 per year

Annual Membership 3: $89.99 per year

Annual Membership 11: $129.99 per year


KnowItAll is an AI chat assistant that is able to simplify various tasks and save time throughout your week. 

Whether it's writing code, summarizing articles, generating blog posts, crafting social media captions, brainstorming business ideas, translating text into different languages, or even assisting with math problems, KnowItAll can help.

KnowItAll features

Code Generation: Write code effortlessly by instructing KnowItAll.

Article Summarization: Quickly summarize articles or paragraphs for easy understanding.

Content Creation: Generate blog posts, social media captions, marketing emails, and ads with ease.

Idea Generation: Brainstorm business ideas, names, or any creative concepts.

KnowItAll pricing

The app offers in-app purchases, including KnowItAll Weekly for $6.99, KnowItAll Yearly for $39.99, and a discounted KnowItAll Yearly option for $19.99.


Socratic is a learning AI tool powered by Google. It is specially created for overcoming academic challenges at the high school and university levels. When you're stuck on a problem, Socratic provides assistance by leveraging your voice or camera to connect to online resources, offering helpful results to understand any concept. The app covers a range of subjects, including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, US and World History, and Literature.

Socratic features

Camera Integration: To make it easier to solve your problems, you can use your camera to instantly add your problem to the app. Socratic analyzes this image and provides a solution.

All-in-One Learning: The app consolidates everything you need in one place. Whether you prefer videos or step-by-step explanations for any of the essential subjects.

Expert-Created Study Guides: Socratic collaborates with teachers and experts to provide visual explanations and guides for each subject.

Wide Subject Coverage: Socratic supports essential subjects like Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more.

Socratic pricing

This AI app for iPhone is free.


AI has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for people to make their lives easier. 

And among all the AI apps available in the iOS store, one of the most useful is Elephas. This is our top pick due to its everyday utility. 

By using its smart keyboard you can always make sure you’re writing the best version of what you’re thinking. 

This feature, among its other functionalities, makes the Elephas essential for all professionals as well as individuals.