How do you feel about paying for individual apps instead of a monthly subscription? 

With app developers increasingly adopting subscription models, Setapp offers a unique proposition: access to many apps for only $9.99 monthly. 

The all-inclusive bundle aims to simplify your digital life, but with so many options, how do you know the software includes the top 19 must-have Mac apps and is worth the subscription? 

Join us as we study if Setapp's subscription is worthwhile, revealing the features that make it an appealing option for individuals navigating the changing world of software consumption.

So let's get into it -

What is Setapp?

Setapp is a subscription service that gives you access to over 240 Mac apps for just $9.99 per month. Subscribers also enjoy regular updates to the latest versions of the apps. 

You can opt for additional features like 40 iOS apps for $12.49/month, use on multiple Macs for $14.99/month, or choose Family and Team pricing. 

The apps available on Setapp are top-notch, including popular ones for to-do lists, calendars, emails, Pomodoro timers, and even AI photo editing. 

It's a fantastic deal with quality apps bundled in one place.

How Does it Work?

Setapp is like a digital toolbox for your computer. Instead of buying and installing individual apps, there is a monthly fee for Setapp and access to many valuable apps all in one place. 

It's like having a library of tools for our tasks. You can download and use any app from Setapp without extra costs. It's convenient and saves money compared to buying separately; many users pay one fee, and you're good to go with many handy apps for your Mac. 

It has its app, similar to an App Store, where you can easily download and use any app from its extensive catalogue whenever you need. 

1- Elephas App


Elephas App is the ultimate Mac writing assistant on Setapp that will boost your productivity. This cutting-edge AI writer syncs smoothly between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, providing a fluid writing experience across all your devices. 

Increase collaboration by developing specialized brains and sharing their URLs for collaborative learning. 

Elephas App is the best-in-class on Setapp. It is also one of the best productivity apps for the Mac right now.

Current Rating and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 89%

Reviews: 491

Elephas Pricing 

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










You can download Elephas from Setapp or directly from its home page.​​

2- Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo, the ultimate photo editor designed exclusively for Mac enthusiasts, is now available on Setapp. This advanced yet user-friendly tool empowers you to unlock your creative potential effortlessly. 

Luminar Neo is the premier productivity app for Mac users, boasting unparalleled photo editing capabilities. Tailored for seamless optimization on the Mac platform, it offers a robust suite of features to enhance your images. Dive into a world of creativity with Luminar Neo – your go-to photo editing solution, now conveniently accessible on Setapp.

Current Rating and Review on Setapp

Ratings: 90%

Reviews: 447

Luminar Neo Pricing

Beginner Plan

Standard Pan

Pro Plan





$119/2 year


Check out Luminar Neo on Setapp​

3- Ulysses

Ulysses stands out as the ultimate writing companion for Mac writers, available on Setapp. Craft your prose effortlessly in a personalized Markdown variant, enhancing focus on your words by neatly divorcing content from presentation. Ulysses goes beyond mere text, offering versatile export options across various formats. This app, nestled in the Setapp suite, elevates your writing experience, making it intuitive, efficient, and tailored to your preferences.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 1741

Ulysses Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan



Checkout Ulysses on Setapp​

4- CleanMyMac X

As with any operating system, macOS inevitably accrues clutter over time. While manually deleting files and emptying the Trash can help, there's a more efficient solution: CleanMyMac X. 

With advanced features and an intuitive interface, it goes beyond conventional cleanup methods, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing storage space. When traditional methods fall short, CleanMyMac X, available on Setapp, stands out as the go-to solution for streamlining your Mac and maintaining its peak efficiency.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 98%

Reviews: 9708

CleanMyMac X Pricing

Plan for 1 Mac

Plan for 2 MACs

Plan for 5 Macs




Check out CleanMyMac X on Setapp​

5- iStat Menus 

iStat Menus, available on Setapp, is your go-to solution for effortless system monitoring on macOS. Skip the Activity Monitor app hassle-free and click the menu bar icon for instant insights into CPU activity, battery stats, and beyond. 

Beyond essential monitoring, iStat Menus elevates your experience by delivering real-time weather updates and intelligent notifications for CPU-intensive tasks. This app seamlessly integrates into your menu bar, providing a sleek and efficient way to stay informed about your system's performance. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 98%

Reviews: 3843

iStat Menus Pricing

Single License 

Family Pack

Upgrade for $9.99

Upgrade for $12.99

Buy for $11.99

Buy for 14.99

Check out iStat menus on Setapp​

6- One Switch

One Switch, available on Setapp, stands out as the ultimate macOS companion, streamlining your daily tasks with unparalleled efficiency. Whether toggling Dark Mode, connecting Bluetooth devices, or managing desktop icons seamlessly, One Switch empowers users to customize up to seven essential settings directly from the menu bar. 

This indispensable app not only enhances accessibility but also facilitates a clutter-free desktop by effortlessly hiding and showing desktop icons. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 98%

Reviews: 1441

One Switch Pricing

1 Device License

2 Devices License

5 Devices License




Check out One Switch on Setapp

7- Bartender

It can improve your Mac experience with Bartender, the best program on Setapp. Look at your menu bar: if it's packed with icons, Bartender is the solution. 

You may easily reorder, hide, or reveal icons to keep your menu bar tidy and efficient. No more wasting time browsing through a busy display; Bartender lets you quickly find the symbol you need. With its simple simplicity, this program is a must-have for Mac users.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 11494

Bartender Pricing

Bartender 5 License

Mega Support

Upgrade to Bartender 5

Free trial of Bartender 5





Check out Bartender on Setapp

8- BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchTool stands out as the premier Mac productivity utility on Setapp. Unleashing unparalleled customization, it transforms your touchpad, Magic Trackpad, and MacBook Pro Touch Bar into powerful tools. Elevate your experience with tailored multi-touch gestures and app-specific controls. Beyond that, it boasts a built-in clipboard manager and seamless Siri integration, enhancing your workflow effortlessly. Wonder no more why such functionality isn't native to macOS – BetterTouchTool fills the gap seamlessly. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 2537

BetterTouchTool Pricing

BetterTouchTool Standard License

BetterTouchTool Lifetime License



Check out BetterTouchTool on Setapp

9- DCommander

DCommander, a reminiscent nod to the Norton Commander era, redefines file management on macOS. Featuring a dual-pane interface, it effortlessly blends nostalgia with modern efficiency. 

Unlike the standard Finder, DCommander displays two directories side by side, streamlining tasks like drag-and-drop. Elevating functionality, it introduces robust features like batch operations. But what truly sets it apart is its recognition as the premier Mac app on Setapp.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 84%

Reviews: 104

DCommander Pricing

Premium Plan


Check out DCommander on Setapp

10- Workspaces

Workspaces, the premier Mac app on Setapp, streamlines your workflow effortlessly. Seamlessly managing multiple open windows, Workspaces intuitively organizes your tasks into customizable groups. Whether you're drafting documents, coding, or designing, it keeps everything accessible. 

Beyond window arrangement, Workspaces integrates diverse elements, from emails to webpages. When you're done, effortlessly declutter by removing unnecessary files from the Resources list. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 95%

Reviews:  281

Workspaces Pricing

Free Trial

Paid Plan

30 Days Free Trail


Check out Workspaces on Setapp​

11- Session

The Session is the ultimate Pomodoro timer, enhancing productivity with customizable intervals and website/app blocking. A must-have on Setapp for Mac, it seamlessly integrates with iOS devices, providing a comprehensive solution. Its robust features include detailed stat logs optimizing work sessions. 

As I craft this article, The Session proves indispensable, embodying platform efficiency and synergy. It's not just a Pomodoro timer; it's the best Mac app on Setapp. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 95%

Reviews:  281

Session Pricing

Basic Plan

Pro Monthly

Pro Yearly



$3.33/month (Billed Yearly)

Check out Session on Setapp

12- Craft

Craft, the ultimate note-taking app, is where innovation comes to life. Unleash your creativity as you ideate, organize, and effortlessly share your best work. As the premier Mac app featured on Setapp, Craft stands out as a powerhouse, combining intuitive design with powerful functionality. 

Elevate your productivity and seamlessly bring ideas to fruition with Craft – the go-to platform for turning inspiration into action.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 95%

Reviews: 281

Craft Pricing

Starter Plan

Business Plan 

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan


$6/month (Billed Monthly)

$5/month (Billed Annually)

$12/month (Billed Monthly)

$10/month (Billed Annually)

For large businesses – Custom Pricing

Check out Craft on Setapp

13- Mind Node

Unleash your creativity with MindNode, the ultimate Mac app on Setapp. Whether planning your dream vacation, outlining your next best-seller, or organizing project details, MindNode empowers you to capture, style, and share your thoughts effortlessly. More than just a brainstorming tool, MindNode is your go-to for learning, project management, and beyond. 

Discover firsthand how MindNode elevates your workflow – the preferred choice for Mac enthusiasts on Setapp. Streamline your ideas and make every moment count with the versatility of MindNode.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 1108

MindNode Pricing

Basic Plan

Premium Plan

Free Trial


Check out MindNode on Setapp

14- Downie

Look no further for the ultimate solution to save online videos. Downie, the premier Mac app on Setapp, fulfills your every download need effortlessly. With Downie, acquiring videos from a myriad of sites becomes a breeze. 

Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, making it the top choice for Mac users. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and hello to the simplicity of Downie – the best video downloader available on Setapp.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 1108

Downie Pricing

Basic Plan

Downie and Permute



Check out Downie on Setapp

15- Numi

Numi stands out as the ultimate calculator for Mac on Setapp, seamlessly blending mathematical functions with text. 

This free app boasts a beautiful interface and delivers an array of features such as currency conversions, unit calculations, time zone adjustments, numeral system conversions, and variable support. Additionally, Numi offers built-in date and time handling and integration with Alfred. 

Its core proposition makes it the top choice for users seeking a powerful and versatile calculator app that goes beyond aesthetics.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 1834

Downie Pricing

Pricing Plan


Check out Numi on Setapp

16- Table Plus

TablePlus stands out as the ultimate macOS application on Setapp, offering developers a cutting-edge, native platform with an intuitive interface for efficient database management. With its swift and secure capabilities, TablePlus seamlessly handles many popular databases like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite, Redis, Redshift, Oracle, and more. 

It can elevate your database management experience with TablePlus, the unparalleled macOS app on Setapp that ensures optimal performance and a clean, user-friendly interface. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 1393

TablePlus Pricing



Custom License




Check out TablePlus on Setapp

17- CleanShot X

CleanShot X stands out as the ultimate screenshot and screen recording solution for Mac, crowned as the premier app on Setapp. Boasting a seamlessly integrated annotation tool, effortless Cloud uploading, and advanced features like scrolling capture, it redefines how you capture and share content. 

Elevate your productivity with this powerhouse, offering an unparalleled user experience that sets it apart as the pinnacle of Mac applications on Setapp. Capture, annotate, and share effortlessly—CleanShot X is your go-to for an unparalleled visual communication experience.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 9032

CleanShot X Pricing

App + Cloud Basic

App + Cloud Pro

$29 per user

$8/month (Billed Annually)

$10/month (Billed Monthly)

Check out Cleanshot on Setapp

18- Gifox

Gifox stands out as the ultimate MAC app on Setapp, seamlessly blending stunning design with expert craftsmanship. Elevate your content with this versatile tool, perfect for crafting animated GIFs that bridge the gap between static images and lengthy videos. 

Whether you're showcasing short product demos, creating dynamic screencasts, offering animated instructions, or streamlining bug reporting, Gifox excels. 

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 99%

Reviews: 9032

Gifox Pricing

Gifox Basic

Gifox Pro


$14.99 per user

Check out Gifox on Setapp

19- Timing

Timing, Setapp's primary Mac app, can help you increase your productivity effortlessly. Without the use of timers, you can easily manage your time. 

Allow Timing to record your work sessions automatically, helping you stay focused throughout. With a few clicks, you can record time quickly and efficiently. Gain insights into your productivity by simply reviewing when and how you worked. Timing, the ultimate Mac tool on Setapp, will take your time management to the next level.

Current Ratings and Reviews on Setapp

Ratings: 98%

Reviews: 1481

Timing Pricing

Professional Plan

Expert Plan

Connect Plan

$10/month (Billed Monthly)

$13/month (Billed Monthly)


$8/month (Billed Yearly)

$10/month (Billed Yearly)


Check out Timing on Setapp

Final Thoughts

We conclude that Setapp's subscription for the top 19 Mac apps is worth it if you want a bunch of useful tools without breaking the bank. You get access to apps that can boost your productivity, creativity, and overall Mac experience for a fixed monthly fee. 

Whether organizing tasks, enhancing photos, or improving your writing, Setapp has covered you. The convenience of having all these apps in one place, regularly updated, and without additional costs is a big win. 

If you use your Mac for work, studies, or everyday tasks, Setapp is like having a helpful friend who always has the right tools ready for you.