Finding the hacks​

Reddit is the best place to find useful tips, tricks and hacks around any topic. Because people there share tips from their personal experience and hard earned expertise.

Its a gold mine for this sort of stuff.

But sometimes processing all the information on Reddit can get overwhelming.

Like it happened when I started to search through it for ChatGPT hacks around productivity.

I found the perfect Reddit thread on this topic -​

  • Subreddit - r/productivity (size 2 million - Top 1% subreddit)
  • Question - “What's your favorite Chat GPT productivity hack?” (1500+ upvotes and 461 comments)

This was pure gold.

Setting up the brain​

But I didn’t know how do I make sense of this. Because the 461 comments were a mix of useful insights and random internet non-sense discussions which are useless.

I needed a way to clean up the data and extract the real insights from all the noise.

So I decided to use some AI to solve this problem.

I copied the entire post with all the comments into a Apple Pages document, and then exported it into a PDF.

It was 13,279 words and 248 pages worth of text content.

(I would never have been able to read the entire thing. )

Good thing is, that I didn’t have to.

Now I had it in PDF form, I could just ask AI to do it.

So I created a “super brain” inside Elephas. Named id “ChatGPTHacks” and added the PDF to it.


Now I could chat with it, ask it questions, and do cool stuff with it.

So I asked it how many hacks, tips or tricks were shared in the document, and can it list all of them for me.

There were 35 tips, tricks and hacks shared in that reddit post -


But this was too hard to make sense, so I asked it to put them into categories.

Best ChatGPT hacks according to Reddit - Categorized​

Here’s we got, 35 tips, tricks and hacks spread over 7 categories -

(I highlighted the most interesting ones in bold)

Email and Communication:​

  • Drafting or updating emails to a different tone.
  • Writing client emails and follow-ups.

Brainstorming and Organization:​

  • Creating lists for brainstorming.
  • Re-sorting, condensing, and rewriting lists.
  • Formatting information for specific needs.

Summarizing and Research:

  • Summarizing meetings, transcripts, books, or articles.
  • Summarizing YouTube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Finding and summarizing important details for research.
  • Answering controversial arguments with factual information.
  • Organizing jumbled thoughts and providing well-structured output.

Productivity and Efficiency:​

  • Assisting with bookkeeping and legal tasks.
  • Asking for possible causes in technical problem-solving.
  • Making studying fun by summarizing chapters and generating questions.
  • Generating ideas and features for various purposes.
  • Assisting with IT infrastructure setup and efficiency.

Personal and Lifestyle:​

  • Finding unique birthday gift ideas.
  • Creating travel itineraries.
  • Creating meal plans and grocery lists.
  • Writing cover letters customized to job postings.
  • Finding quick information and explanations for better understanding.
  • Writing dating profiles.
  • Explaining complex concepts in simple terms.
  • Formatting schedules to ICS format for Google Calendar.
  • Assisting with creating presentations quickly.

Writing and Content Creation:​

  • Generating blog ideas and outlines.
  • Creating sales page frameworks and key features.
  • Writing scripts, dialogue, or content for videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Generating ideas for social media captions and posts.
  • Writing job descriptions and fleshing out details for job postings.
  • Assisting with creating job descriptions and cover letters.


  • Assisting with creating animated training videos.
  • Assisting with finance and economics explanations.
  • Assisting with creating animated training videos.
  • Assisting with creating job descriptions and formatting resumes.
  • Assisting with creating job descriptions and fleshing out details for job postings.

Final Thoughts

So this was an interesting experiment.

There’s a lot more fun stuff you can do with this document, like sort it via upvotes, or categorize them by which user shared which hack etc.

This analysis was made possible by the Elephas Super Brain feature.

If you have a Mac, and you use Elephas, then you can import this brain into your Elephas and start playing around with it.

To import this brain, click this link from your Mac after installing and setting up Elephas -​

Sometimes, clicking on the link might not work, in that case, copy and paste the link your notes app and then click from there. If you've set up Elephas correctly then the Brain will get imported into it within 10-30 seconds.

Then you will be able to see it in your Elephas preferences.

Let me know how it works for you.

Also, here’s the original reddit post -​

And do check out this post that explains how you can do this with more documents in any topic of your interest -​

Very practical use of AI in my opinion.

Cheers 🙌