What is Lex AI tool?

Lex is an AI writer that works like a Google Docs but offers AI tools. Twitter has been going crazy with it. Major features are,

  1. It completes the sentences for you.

  2. It generates titles for your content.

Who is behind it?

Lex is being built by a co-founder of https://every.to, Nathan Baschez. Every is a bundle of business-focused newsletters, and it covers productivity and strategies.

Waiting list

Lex has a long waiting list, so they will slowly open up the access. They are opening it up for their paid newsletter customers, which costs $200 annually.


1. Another tool: Lex is great, but you need to write in their tool. So, if you are already comfortable with your writing tools, such as Google Docs or Word, you are out of luck.

2. Pricing: Then there will be premium pricing. Not sure what it is right now. But if you want early access, you need to subscribe to their paid newsletter ($200 per year).

Elephas as an alternative

Here is an attractive alternative if you want to have similar features (or more). Elephas is a Mac writing tool that has some unique differences,

  1. It works across all your Mac applications, so there is no need to switch windows.

  2. It lets you use your own OpenAI keys, so cost-effective. If you are a regular user and use 4000 tokens per day, you will incur $2 from OpenAI and $5 from Elephas, totaling $7 per month,

  3. It offers all the necessary writing capabilities, including writing new content, rewriting content for different styles, and continue writing features.

  4. It has other productivity utilities, such as Google Sheets formula generator, presentation creator, etc.

Check out https://elephas.app