Being a content writer is not always easy. Even if you are an ambitious and creative individual, in some scenarios, your brain is exhausted, and you have trouble remembering the name of the city you live in. 

Desperate times need desperate measures; unfortunately, we cannot always bring our A game. If writer's block occurs, or you need to polish your skills overall, you can turn to AI tools that can offer a helping hand. 

If you are pulling your hair and trying to write a compelling headline, but nothing comes to mind, you can rely on multiple tools. They can force some inspiration, save you some precious time, and help you deal with eye strain. Also, you can spend more time writing than organizing files and folders. Here is a list of what are the essential tools for a writer. 

Here is a quick summary,

  • Elephas writing assistant
  • Fantasy name generators 
  • Grammarly 
  • Speech To Text 
  • Coschedule Headline Analyzer
  • Descriptionari 

Elephas - personal AI writing assistant for Mac 

Elephas is a personal AI writing assistant for MacBook that can make your emails professional-looking and blogs free from clutter while helping you create social media content that easily engages with the audience. The application offers five content rewriting modes. If you like Grammarly, you will fall in love with this piece of software for Mac. 

The application uses an intelligent algorithm that speeds up the writing process, corrects your mistakes, and polishes the sentences while capturing the point you were trying to make. Elephas can transform your short introductions into a well-written email, rewrite chosen sentences, translate multiple languages without leaving the app's writing form, and fix your grammar mistakes. The best part is that the application can be used across many platforms, such as Apple Mail, Gmail, Google Sheets, Outlook, Word, Notes, Message, Pages, and more. 

This AI smart assistant can save you a lot of working hours on tedious writing tasks. Content writers and marketers can use the app to produce a complete article, write viral content for all social media platforms, write headlines that convert, and generate outlines and blog ideas. 

Elephas can also be a great help to technical and business professionals. You can send email responses, write specialized use cases, code, and technical blogs, convert meeting notes into a summary, write Jira stories, fix grammar mistakes, and more. 

Fantasy Name Generators 

Being the author of fantasy content is not always a walk in the park. To capture the eye of a larger audience, your story has to be created from scratch and have names that capture the essence of the character. The shows and books with the toughest to pronounce but fun names have uncoincidentally gained the most success in recent years. “House of the Dragon” is just a pure example. 

If you are an author struggling to create cool middle-aged names, the fantasy name generators are a lifesaver. The realm of fantasy names is full of possibilities and gives you many options for choosing the perfect name. 

While using a fantasy name generator, you should walk a mile in the audience's shoes and pick out the most unforgettable name that readers will memorize. Also, you can find a name that is catchy but also easy to pronounce. 


You are probably familiar with this app or, should we say, a browser extension. Grammarly is one of the most popular writing assistants on the planet. The application can sometimes be a lifesaver, polishing your work and making you sound more diplomatic or more confident. Grammarly operates with many synonyms, preventing you from sounding repetitive and allowing you to check your document for plagiarism. The best part of all is that the app has a free version. 

Many people who tried Grammarly for work have also started utilizing the app in other activities, such as tweets and emails. Even individuals who claim they have an extraordinary eye for detail often miss some things. Grammarly prevents any mistake from happening and increases the value of your entire article. 

The free version of the app allows grammar checks, spacing mistakes, and punctuation. When you are finished, you can see your performance score for correctness, readability, effectiveness, and word and sentence length. 

The premium version pinpoints complex issues like word choice, run-on sentences, monotony, etc. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select a version that fits your personal needs. 

Speech To Text 

This application allows you to convert your speech into a text form whether you operate on a computer or a mobile device. We understand that the title of a content writer focuses on writing, but sometimes, you will have your hands tied, and you need software that can carry your thoughts onto the canvas. 

The speech-to-text applications drastically shifted from education to business, and there was a huge downsizing of mistakes in technology. Some companies in their legal documents have a success rate of 99.9% using clear audio. In addition, the applications can be useful in ordinary situations and circumstances like legal and medical professions. Plus, digital transcription can also take notes, making the experience much more efficient. 

If you use Google Docs for writing, then there is no need to utilize an additional app. Google Docs has many features, one of which is Voice Typing functionality. For that reason, Google Docs is one of the best solutions for speech-to-text. You only need a Chrome web browser, a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a Google account. 

You can convert your spoken words into real-time text by entering the Voice Typing menu. 

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This free online tool helps you analyze your headlines and divides them into four categories of words: power, emotional, common, and uncommon words. Furthermore, in the end, it gives you a further breakdown of headline length, readability, keywords, the type of headline, and the overall sentiment. 

People use the Coschedule Headline Analyzer to make the titles more compelling. Using the analyzer, you can get a glimpse of people’s first impressions of the content and create a good sense of buzzwords. The list of buzzworthy words can also be downloaded in a PDF file. 


When you need to spice things up and add some color to your writing, Descriptionari can give you the inspiration you need. The application can help you express yourself better and create a vivid image from your thoughts. Descriptionari can motivate you to think outside the box and separate your words from what is expected and the competitors. 

Descriptionari has more than 13,000 writing prompts, quotes, and descriptions. In other words, the app offers plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. In addition, this piece of software teaches every writer that instead of emulating and copying from other people, everyone should be open to learning new things and creating unique content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI?

AI is an acronym that stands for Artificial Intelligence. In general, the term represents a machine that mimics human behavior. In recent years, AI has taken the world of typing by storm and has become one of the most popular buzzwords of the century. The most demanding AI apps on the market are NLP or Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and Computer Vision. 

The NLP is what the artificial intelligence writing tools use. The AI successfully uses algorithms, codes, and mathematics to process data patterns and features. 

What is an AI writing tool? 

AI writing tool is a software that uses artificial intelligence for producing textual content. More specifically, the AI writing tools rely on NLP, the most common AI app. NLP, or natural language processing, is when a computer makes an effort to analyze the text so it can learn its features and patterns. 

Is using an AI writing tool legit? 

Using an AI writing tool is 100% legit. As long as the final result or the content is unique and there are no plagiarized sentences, the client does not care what artificial friend helps you write it. Using an AI tool is also not cheating but a way to improvise, step out of your comfort zone and gather some inspiration. 

Should I use an AI writing tool? 

Regardless of your experience and how much creativity your job requires, our professional opinion is that everyone should give AI tools a try. You should do whatever it takes to separate from the crowd and create more appealing content from your competitors. 


Now that you know what the essential tools for a writer are, you can use some of them and create much more unique content. Using an AI writing tool can enhance your capabilities and help you write faster than before. Also, by using Elephas, you can be as productive as an entire team and beat some of your competitors. 

Happy writing!