Elephas AI Writing Assistant for Mac is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write faster and better. With Elephas, you can quickly create professional documents, emails, and presentations with confidence. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a business owner, Elephas AI Writing Assistant for Mac can help you write faster and better.

Smart AI Keyboard

We have taken it a step further and introduced AI Smart Keyboard for iOS devices. (download link)

Smart AI keyboard is an AI-powered keyboard app for iOS devices that helps automate the writing process. 

How Does It Work?

Once you install Apple's TestFlight app and install the Elephas app, you need to add our Elephas custom keyboard. 

Then choose the Elephas keyboard when you write by pressing the globe icon.

Then hold the space bar to see the AI writing options.

Benefits of the Smart Keyboard

Elephas' Smart Keyboard for iPhone and iPad can act as a writing assistant for users from different backgrounds.

  • Business professionals
  • Technical professionals
  • Content writers
  • Users for whom English is not the first language

As much as we don't want to write a lot on small devices, there are situations where we need to write,

  • An important email
  • Reply to business email
  • Notes to a document
  • Even an article or an essay

With Elephas' Smart Keyboard, you can just provide and use the smart write feature to expand. Literally, every smart write use case explained here would work well on iOS devices. 

If you don't prefer our keyboard, you can still use Apple's native keyboard and switch to Elephas when you want to use the features.


Here is the set of features that work on iOS devices.

Smart write

Write anything with this feature.

Rewrite mode

Supports four different modes,

  • Professional - Turns your content into a professional piece 
  • Friendly - Use it to for a friendly tone
  • Persuasive - Use this to write highly persuasive content 
  • Viral mode - Translate regular content into a highly engaging content

Grammar fixes

Worried about sending an email with grammar mistakes? Elephas can take care of that with a click.


Some of the shortcuts defined for Mac would work here in the app, so you don't even have to click the space bar to see the options.

You can hold different keys to activate the features,

p - Professional mode

f - Friendly mode

v - Viral mode

s - Smart write

c - Continue writing

g - Grammar fix

Compatibility with iOS Devices​

Smart AI Keyboard is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 14 or higher. Additionally, the app supports all versions of the iPad and iPhone. The app is available on the iOS app store for iPhone and iPad.

- Elephas for iPhone

- Elephas for iPad

User Feedback​

Early user reviews for Smart AI Keyboard are very positive. 

If you want to try, head to https://elephas.app to get started.