AI-driven keyboards have become game-changers in the constantly changing world of mobile technology, perfectly fusing practicality and innovation. You're in luck if you use an iPhone and are looking for a faster, more natural typing experience. 

This blog offers a handpicked selection of the top 7 AI keyboards that have been carefully created to improve your iPhone typing experience. With adaptive learning that adapts to your particular writing style and predictive text recommendations that seem uncannily personal, these AI keyboards put a little bit of intelligence at your fingers.

We'll go through the unique qualities, compatibility, and user-friendliness of the best AI keyboard for iPhone, and iPad so you can make an educated decision that suits your interests.

Join us as we explore the world of AI-enhanced keyboards and uncover how they may change the way you interact on your beloved iPhone. It does not matter whether you are a prolific writer, a texting fanatic, or just looking for increased efficiency, you should have the best AI keyboard for iOS. 

Prepare to type more intelligently, quickly, and with a hint of futuristic flare.

1. Elephas

Elephas, the ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool made specifically for Mac users, has become a market leader in its field. 

It has a large global user base. 

Elephas, a leader among AI writing tools created particularly for Mac, offers a variety of innovative features that improve your writing efforts. 

Discover Super Brain's ability, which allows you to effortlessly incorporate knowledge into your work by extracting data from a variety of sources. 

Your writing across iPhone and iPad applications is enhanced by its AI Smart Keyboard, offering a smooth and better experience.


  • Swift Replies: Users can instantly respond to messages and emails.

  • Grammar Enhancement: Elephas correct grammatical errors. Therefore, it enhances the writing quality.

  • Flexible Pricing: The pricing is flexible. You can choose the plan as per your requirements.

  • Summarization: The application can condense lengthy articles for efficient reading.

  • Optimized Blogs: Users can refine blog content through this application.

  • Professional Emails: You can craft professional and structured emails.


  • Limited Compatibility: Users have to deal with limited compatibility as it is only available to Mac, iPhone and iPad users.


They have a total of three plans. The pricing is as follows:

Plan Name








Read more about how you can use AI for your writing -

The Smart AI Keyboard: Automate Writing for iOS

You can download the Elephas AI keyboard for iPhone and iPad directly from the Elephas website or from Elephas on the iOS App Store

2. Genius AI Keyboard

Genius AI

The Genius AI Keyboard will improve your iPhone typing experience and serve as your go-to tool for effective and fashionable communication. 

It is one of the best ChatGPT keyboards for iPhone. This keyboard accelerates your writing speed and accuracy whether you're composing brief messages or lengthy essays since it is powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms. 

Your texts come to life easily due to features like intelligent word predictions, grammar and spelling checks, and a fascinating selection of emoji and GIF recommendations. The app's easy navigation is made possible by its stylish and intuitive design.


  • Enhance writing speed and accuracy

  • Intelligent word prediction technology

  • A wide range of emoji and GIF recommendations

  • Grammar and spelling correction


  • Free users have access to limited words

  • An in-app purchase is required to get access to premium features




10000 words

Premium AI features

20000 words

5000 words

2000 words





3. Type AI


Type AIis a revolutionary chatbot and personalized keyboard extension. You can experience the potential of AI-driven communication. 

With the help of cutting-edge generative AI, it can automatically create original and creative materials for tweets, essays and emails. 

In short, the AI-powered capabilities of this tool will improve your writing projects and speed up communication.


  • Easily initiate chats

  • Preserve chat history

  • Copy responses across applications

  • Custom keyboard extension for on-the-fly AI-generated content in any app

  • Users can initiate chat right from the lock screen or home screen


  • The free version has limited features. The pricing varies based on the prompts. You need to make in-app purchase to have access to unlimited prompts.


  • Unlimited Prompts: $9.99

  • 10 Prompts: $1.99

  • 50 Prompts: $0.99

  • 25 Prompts: $0.99

4. Keybot


You can experience the writing of the future with the help of Keybot AI. With simplicity and efficiency, this tool will improve your messaging journey. Users can craft appealing emails and many more with this. So, do not wait; start using this best AI keyboard for iOS.


  • Elevate writing with grammar checks

  • Use the paraphrasing feature to paraphrase your writeup

  • Poetic composition is there to add a poetic tone to your writing

  • Effortlessly translate into various languages


  • The free version has limited features. Users need to pay a lot compared to other applications to access the premium features.




Premium for 1 month

Premium for 1 year



5. Paragraph AI: Writer & Keyboard


Paragraph AI: Writer & Keyboard is one of the best AI keyboard tools. You can give instant replies and write articles. Moreover, you can translate languages and you can do personalized editing. 


  • Instantly improve grammar and spelling with science-based strategies

  • Swiftly generate replies

  • Users can analyze sentiment and edit text with the help of AI technology

  • The keyboard has support for more than 30 languages. Therefore, it ensures effective communication.

  • It delivers reliable performance as it is developed by OpenAI engineers and MIT.


  • In-app purchases are required to access the premium features




Annual PRO

Monthly Plan

Monthly PRO

Annual Plan





6. Auri AI Assistant & Keyboard

Auri AI

You can have a revolutionary note-taking experience with Auri AI. Its voice-to-text conversion technique is effective. 

Additionally, you may communicate with Auri AI through interactive conversation.


  • Elevate productivity with the help of AI-powered transcription

  • Pro dictation and smart notes

  • You can effortlessly transcribe the voice memos

  • The interactive chat with AI will give you instant answers


  • A subscription is required to access pro AI writing features


The pricing varies depending on your requirements:



Weekly Plan

AI writing

AI Assistant

AI writing assistant

AI chatbot






7. Keyboard AI Assistant- Writely


The diverse AI capabilities of Writely will enhance your writing style. It can turn ordinary writing into poetic expressions. 

Ultimately, you can communicate effectively and confidently in different scenarios. 


  • Grammar and spelling checker

  • Summarize texts

  • Phrasing suggestions for non-native speakers

  • Swiftly complete sentences with AI technology


  • To get access to all the features, users must buy the premium subscriptions.




Weekly access

Yearly Plan

Lifetime Premium




So, there you have it. 

These are the 7 best AI keyboards for iPhone. 

Do not just wait; embrace the power of AI technology today.

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