Apple's "Let Loose" event sent shockwaves through the tech world, unveiling a dramatically revamped iPad Pro. This year's model boasts a groundbreaking design, a powerhouse M4 chip, and a stunning OLED display – a first for iPad. 

But is it all hype, or is this truly the ultimate tablet for creative professionals and everyday users alike? 

Dive deep with us as we dissect the new iPad Pro, exploring its upgrades, trade-offs, and whether it's the right fit for you. We'll also analyse expert reviews and address the controversy surrounding Apple's "Crush" ad campaign for the new iPad Pro. 

Is the iPad Pro 2024 the ultimate creative powerhouse or simply a spec bump? We'll answer this burning question and many more, so buckle up and get ready to discover if this iPad is truly the future of mobile computing! 

What happened in the iPad Pro 2024 Launch Event 

apple let loose event

Apple's "Let Loose" event on May 7th, 2024, lived up to the hype, showcasing a significant refresh for their iPad lineup. Here's a breakdown of the key announcements:

  • New iPad Pro: The star of the show was the all-new iPad Pro, featuring a groundbreaking design with a super-thin profile and a stunning OLED display (a first for iPad). The powerhouse M4 chip promises significant performance improvements, including AI capabilities.

  • M4 Chip Debuts: The M4 chip is the latest innovation from Apple, boasting a next-generation neural processing unit (NPU) designed for advanced AI features.

  • Upgraded iPad Air: Apple also unveiled a refreshed iPad Air with two size options (11-inch and a larger 12.9-inch) powered by the M2 chip, offering a significant performance boost over previous models.

  • New Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard: Apple didn't forget about accessories. The all-new Apple Pencil Pro boasts haptic feedback, a "squeeze" gesture feature, and Find My integration. Additionally, a revamped Magic Keyboard with improved functionality was introduced.

  • Focus on Creativity: The event highlighted Apple's commitment to empowering creative professionals with the new iPads and Apple Pencil Pro, potentially integrating features like "Generative AI" for enhanced content creation.

New iPad Pro Features:

  • M4 Chip: The biggest highlight is the all-new M4 chip, promising a major performance leap with enhanced AI capabilities.

  • OLED Display: Replacing the mini-LED display, the new iPad Pro boasts a stunning OLED screen for superior contrast and colour reproduction.

  • Thinner Design: Despite the new display, Apple managed to achieve a remarkably thin design for the iPad Pro.

  • Camera Upgrade: The rear camera is now positioned along the landscape edge, potentially catering to video conferencing and content creation.

New iPad Air Features:

  • M2 Chip: The iPad Air receives a power boost with the M2 chip, offering a significant performance jump over previous models.

  • Display Options: Apple introduces a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air alongside the familiar 11-inch version.

  • Improved Features: The new Air boasts landscape stereo audio, Touch ID functionality, and spatial audio support.

  • Competitive Price: The iPad Air starts at $599 for the 11-inch model, making it a more budget-friendly option for a large-screen tablet.

New Accessories:

  • Magic Keyboard Pro: An upgraded Magic Keyboard with a sleek design, function row, aluminium palm rest, and a haptic feedback trackpad, offering a laptop-like experience.

  • Apple Pencil Pro: The new Pencil boasts haptic feedback, a "squeeze" feature for menu access, and the ability to roll for brush shape changes. It also integrates with Find My for added convenience.

Other Announcements:

  • Price drop for the 10th generation iPad: $349 (replacing the 9th generation)

  • M4 chip boasts significant performance improvements, including faster rendering in Final Cut Pro

  • Focus on AI capabilities with the M4 chip

Overall, the "Let Loose" event marks a significant leap for Apple's iPads. The M4 chip, OLED displays, and improved accessories solidify the iPad's position as a powerful and versatile device for creative professionals and everyday users alike.

Major Upgrades in iPad Pro 2024

Major Upgrades in iPad Pro 2024

The new iPad Pro 2024 boasts a stunning OLED display, a powerhouse M4 chip, and a sleek, thin design. Here's a breakdown of the key upgrades:

Display Revolution:

  • Ultra Retina XDR: Experience a vibrant display with deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and incredible detail. Perfect for creatives and professionals.

  • Optional Nano-Texture: Minimize glare for enhanced readability in any environment.

M4 Chip: Unleash Unmatched Performance

  • Blazing-Fast Speed: The M4 chip delivers a 1.5x CPU performance boost compared to the M2, making even demanding tasks a breeze.

  • Graphics Powerhouse: Experience hardware-accelerated ray tracing for true-to-life visuals and smooth gameplay.

  • AI on Steroids: The most powerful Neural Engine ever lets you tackle AI-powered workflows with unparalleled efficiency.

Thin and Light Design:

  • Ultra-Portable: The 2024 iPad Pro is Apple's thinnest device ever, making it perfect for on-the-go productivity.

  • Maximized Screen Real Estate: Slim bezels provide an immersive viewing experience.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Front Camera Revolution: Video calls and FaceTiming are more natural with the front camera relocated for landscape orientation.

  • Pro Accessories: The new Magic Keyboard boasts an expansive trackpad and function row for ultimate control.

  • Apple Pencil Pro: Unleash your creativity with intuitive gestures, haptic feedback, and gyroscope support for precise control.

A Few Trade-offs:

  • Cellular models are limited to sub-6GHz 5G and require eSIM.

  • The wide-angle camera has been removed, leaving a single 12MP rear camera with LiDAR.

  • No more mmWave 5G or in-box stickers.

Upgrade or Not?

If you have an M2 iPad Pro, you might be happy to hold off. However, for anyone with an older iPad or seeking the ultimate in performance and display quality, the 2024 iPad Pro is a significant upgrade.

Is iPad Pro Thin a Good Upgrade? 

Is iPad Pro Thin a Good Upgrade?

The new iPad Pro is grabbing attention for its sleek, ultra-thin design. While it may not have been on everyone's wishlist, it's undeniably impressive. This slimness is possible thanks to the powerful M4 chip, allowing Apple to pack more processing power into a smaller frame.

But is thinness alone enough to justify an upgrade? 

There are some trade-offs. The slim design might mean a smaller battery, but Apple assures users that battery life will be similar to previous models. This suggests the M4 chip's efficiency allows them to go thin without sacrificing performance. The new display is also said to benefit from the M4 chip's capabilities.

While the thinness might not have been a top priority, some reviewers appreciate the iPad Pro's feeling closer to a "magic sheet of glass." However, the thinness may also raise concerns about durability.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade depends on your needs. If you prioritize portability and appreciate a premium feel, the thin iPad Pro might be a good fit. But if raw power and long battery life are your main concerns, you might be happy sticking with your current model.

Is the iPad Pro 2024 Right for You? 

Is the iPad Pro 2024 Right for You?

Apple's new iPad Pro is super impressive! It's much thinner and lighter than before, thanks to a super-powerful M4 chip. This chip also allows for a beautiful new OLED display with amazing colours.

Here's why you might love it:

  • Super thin and light: It's easy to carry around all day.

  • Beautiful display: Perfect for watching videos, gaming, or getting creative.

  • Super fast: Handles even the toughest tasks with ease.

Things to consider:

  • Pricier than older models: This is a high-end tablet.

  • No more wide-angle camera: Just one main camera this time.

  • Needs an extra step for cellular: Requires an eSIM card.

Made for Creators

Apple designed this iPad Pro with creative professionals in mind. The new Apple Pencil lets you draw and write more naturally, and the improved camera is great for video calls and taking photos

Upgrade or not?

If you have a recent iPad Pro, you might be okay waiting. But if your iPad is older or you want the absolute best, the 2024 iPad Pro is a game-changer.

Mkbhd Review on iPad Pro in a Nutshell 

Mkbhd Review on iPad Pro

MKBHD reviews the new iPad Pro and while impressed by the specs (M4 chip, super thin design, OLED display), questions its practicality due to software limitations (iPadOS). He highlights the awkward timing of the release considering the upcoming WWDC where Apple is expected to announce iPadOS 18, which might be a game-changer for iPads.

Key points:

  • Powerful specs: M4 chip, OLED display, incredibly thin design

  • Limited by software: iPadOS doesn't take full advantage of the hardware

  • New Apple Pencil Pro with haptic motor and rotation sensitivity

  • New Magic Keyboard with function row and faster pass-through charging

  • Awkward timing: WWDC with potential iPadOS 18 update coming soon

Software Limitations

  • MKBHD argues that iPadOS limitations hinder the iPad's potential, despite the impressive hardware.

  • Most apps don't take full advantage of the increased processing power.

  • Users might not see a significant difference in performance compared to the M1 iPad Pro.

MKBHD's conclusion: These are impressive iPads with powerful specs, but they are still iPads limited by software. The upcoming iPadOS 18 update at WWDC might be the real game-changer.

Why did Hubspot Co-founder and CTO not Happy with Apple's new iPad Pro 

Hubspot Co founder reply to Apple Ad Crush

Tim Cook unveiled the new iPad Pro this week, touting its sleek design, powerful M4 chip, and "most advanced display ever produced." But for HubSpot co-founder and CTO, the focus wasn't on the product itself, but the ad campaign.

"As a long-time Apple fan," he said, "I found this ad disturbing and very out of character." The ad Crush in question features a montage of creative tools being violently crushed to emphasize the iPad Pro's superiority.

This sentiment isn't isolated. Many reviewers felt Apple could have achieved a creative and impactful ad without resorting to destruction.

So, is this a misstep by Apple? While the new iPad Pro boasts impressive specs, the ad campaign seems to have alienated a portion of its fanbase, including long-time supporters.

The ad in question features a montage of everyday objects being ruthlessly crushed to represent the iPad Pro's superiority. While Apple is known for its sleek marketing, this particular campaign feels jarringly destructive, a stark contrast to its usual focus on creativity and empowerment.

So, is this a case of "much ado about nothing," or is there a genuine disconnect here?

Judging by the online chatter, Shah isn't alone. Many viewers found the ad to be overly aggressive and out of character for Apple. The sentiment seems to be that Apple could have achieved the same goal of highlighting the iPad Pro's power through a more creative and inspiring approach.

Only time will tell if this ad resonates with the target audience. But one thing's for sure: sparking conversation, even if it's a critical conversation, is a strategy that's worked for Apple in the past and Apple did something about the ad after the backlash that no one expected. 

Comments to Apple Ad Crush
Comments to Apple Ad Crush
Comments to Apple Ad Crush

Apple Apology to Viewers 

Apple Ad Crush

Image Credit: Apple insider 

Apple recently faced backlash for a new iPad Pro commercial titled "Crush." The ad featured a giant press crushing creative tools like guitars, paint cans, and even a piano. This imagery upset many viewers, including actor Hugh Grant who called it "the destruction of the human experience."

In response to the controversy, Apple has apologized, admitting the ad "missed the mark."

"Creativity is at the core of Apple," said Tor Myhren, Apple's vice president of marketing communications. "Our goal is to empower creators, not diminish them."

The ad sparked outrage online, with comments calling it "tone-deaf" and "a symbol of technology's destruction of art."

The ad aimed to showcase the iPad Pro's ability to replace multiple creative tools in one device. However, it backfired, being seen as disrespectful to traditional creative pursuits and artists. Apple quickly apologized, stating its commitment to empowering creativity, not replacing it.

This is a surprising misstep for Apple, known for its innovative and user-friendly marketing. Their past campaigns, like "1984" and "Think Different," celebrated human creativity. The "Crush" ad went in the opposite direction, raising fears about technology replacing human expression.

Apple has confirmed they will not be airing the ad on television.


Apple's "Let Loose" event delivered a significant upgrade to the iPad lineup. The iPad Pro steals the show with a stunning OLED display, a powerhouse M4 chip, and a sleek, ultra-thin design. It's perfect for creative professionals and anyone seeking the ultimate in performance and portability.

Apple's ad campaign for the iPad Pro sparked controversy with its destructive imagery. Though the iPad Pro boasts impressive features, the ad alienated some viewers. Apple has apologised and pulled the ad.

Overall, the 2024 iPad Pro is a significant upgrade on paper. Whether you need its full power depends on your workflow. If you prioritise portability and a fantastic display, it's a compelling option. But if software limitations and price are concerned, waiting for WWDC or considering a previous model might be a wiser option.


1. What is Apple's Let Loose Event?

Apple's "Let Loose" event, held on May 7, 2024, unveiled a range of new iPads and accessories. It showcased the powerful M4 chip in a new iPad Pro with a stunning OLED display, alongside updates to the iPad Air and Apple Pencil.

2. What is the New Apple Announcement?

The biggest news from Apple's recent announcement was the all-new iPad Pro featuring the M4 chip, promising a significant performance boost. They also introduced an iPad Air with improved specs and a new Apple Pencil Pro and magic keyboard. 

3. Is Apple iPad Pro Good?

Yes, the Apple iPad Pro is a powerful and versatile tablet ideal for creative professionals and everyday users alike. The latest model boasts a groundbreaking M4 chip, a stunning OLED display, and a super-thin design.

4. Who can choose the Apple iPad Pro?  

Creative professionals like artists and designers love the iPad Pro for its M4 chip and Apple Pencil. Students and professionals find the large display and fast performance perfect for tasks like note-taking and presentations. Gamers enjoy the powerful chip and smooth display for mobile gaming.