Are you trying to squeeze in some leisure time for yourselves? We have an idea for you. If you are spending more time and effort while writing, the below suggested hybrid approach towards writing will help you create a fool-proof system to write more in less time. And we will be doing this with the help of AI, more specifically, AI Writing Assistants. If you are a

1. Content writer (or)

2. Technical writer (or)

3. Copywriter (or)

any kind of writer for that sake, we, at Elephas, have got you covered with this one.

This hybrid approach towards writing needs to be carefully knitted to maintain the right proportions of human and AI involvement at different stages of writing. For simplicity, this approach will be divided into three parts. First is content consumption, Second is brainstorming & ideation, and third, the final one - writing or content creation. If we can reduce the time spent in each of these three phases, this will help us reduce the overall duration of the writing process, thus giving way to more leisure.

Like everybody else, we would love to say that you need to create a writing routine, minimize distractions, and use some time management techniques to write more in less time. With these little changes and tweaks, you could boost your productivity 10X. What if you have to boost your productivity 100X? Yes, you are right. Take the help of AI and AI writing tools. As discussed above, taking the help of AI tools at every stage of your content creation process namely content consumption, brainstorming & ideation, and writing would 100X your productivity, and we are NOT saying this just like that. Stay with us till the end to witness your productivity grow 100X with this hybrid approach towards writing.

Let us show you an example below 👇

Long-form articles could be summarised into important points on OpenAI Playground.
Long-form articles could be summarised into important points on OpenAI Playground

Look at the screengrab! You would spend at least 10 minutes finding that article on Google, reading it, and another 10 minutes getting the gist of it. What if you cut down this time to less than a minute both for reading and getting the gist of it? All you need to do is to find the best article. Google can do that for you. Copy the content, paste it over the OpenAI Playground, and you’ll see the magic within no time. This is how even you can do this!

Wait a minute, did you get your hands on OpenAI Playground ? If not, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to create a new OpenAI account in under 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? It’s free with a word limit. So, you can jump in right there and get your hands dirty. Don’t forget to try giving the prompt “Summarize this in 5 important points” on any article that you find interesting. You will love it.

Using AI in Content Consumption:

The above example is just one among many different ways. Turning the long-form content to be consumed into summaries will certainly help you absorb more content in less time. Not just summaries, with Chat GPT creating a storm across the internet, you can use it to convert long-form content into short key chunks, listicles, tables, and many more which would be easier and more convenient to read and consume. Also with AI, you can organize the content into convenient categories and quickly find what you want.

Till now, we have talked about text-based content. What do you think about audio and video-form content? AI has got you covered there too. If you are prepared to watch a 12-minute video and think that the duration is too long but there is a deadline coming up and you need to watch it anyway, AI can help you here. Yes, we agree, you can scroll down to the comment section and you will find somebody summarizing the whole video for you, but since it's a matter of time, let’s do this together here.

With AI, you can transcribe the whole video and get the text content out of it. And if that is too long, you know what to do. Summarize it into key points. You don’t need to spend 10-15 minutes watching a video and trying to understand it. You can get the main points of the topic without wasting much time of yours before the deadline. What do you think?

With the advent of current AI Writing tools, you can let the AI continue writing and find something interesting out there out of what AI has written for you. If you are using Notion, Notion has recently rolled out this feature too. Don’t worry if you are on the waitlist. If you are a Mac user, Elephas can help you here with any writing application. By the way, Elephas is a Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac users.

Here are a couple of pictures of one of the Elephas Users using the mentioned feature “Continue AI to Write” with the Elephas floating menu.

Select the text you have written to let the Elephas AI understand the context and Press Ctrl+Space

Select the text you have written to let the Elephas AI understand the context and Press Ctrl+Space

Boom! You can see a few more lines out there written by Elephas AI Writing Assistant

Boom! You can see a few more lines out there written by Elephas AI Writing Assistant

When you are stuck and you want to read something to get inspired from but you are lazy enough to type in the google search bar and choose the right one in the Search results, you don’t need to worry. Elephas helps you out here too. Type in the topic idea, generate the outline with Elephas itself and then see the magic in the output. You will legit get the content you need to read for the next few minutes. What are you waiting for? Give the Elephas Mac app a try if you want to see the results.

Get inspired by the AI-written content of the Elephas AI Writing Assistant
Get inspired by the AI-written content of the Elephas AI Writing Assistant

Using AI in Brainstorming & Ideation:

Most people think that brainstorming is about the free flow of thoughts limited to the selected niche. Not exactly. Creating a system for brainstorming and ideating would skyrocket your productivity and help you with more ideas in less time. And at the same time, not limiting yourselves to the selected niche would actually help you find analogies and improve your creativity too. But, it’s really crucial to maintain a fine balance.

Here comes AI into the picture. AI can take care of maintaining that fine balance. If you are trying to brainstorm and find ideas for any of your

1. Blog posts

2. YouTube videos

3. Instagram reels

4. Podcast episodes

Therefore, it’s important for you to think independently and use AI to expand the range of ideas. You can’t expect AI to help you without having a piece of basic knowledge in the given niche. AI can help you but you will be out of context and clueless. As a writer, you need to make sure you are aware of the fundamentals of the chosen niche. And here are some of the things about which your awareness, as a writer, can help you classify the data from AI without blindly copy-pasting. In that particular niche, you should be aware of:

1. Topics that need to be addressed

2. Topics that can be experimented

3. Topics that are underrated

4. Topics that go viral

Now, using AI tools like Elephas for more ideas would now be an ideal solution. Looking at the below picture, you can see Elephas generating 10 Blog Ideas and titles. If you can divide and group the ideas based on the above classification, you will get to know which idea you should select and move forward with, based on the need of hour.

Elephas AI Writing Assistant generating blog ideas in the given niche
Elephas AI Writing Assistant generating blog ideas in the given niche

Using AI in Writing:

After the first two phases i.e. Content consumption and Brainstorming, here comes the last and the crucial one. Writing. We will be addressing different types of writers and how each of you can use AI to succeed in your careers writing more both in quality and quantity spending less time and effort.

AI for Content Writers:

If you are a content writer, you might have seen people saying that AI will soon replace jobs. You know it’s not true. You just need to be the one who can use AI better. Take the help of AI & write extensively with your tweaks. Nobody can replace you. You can take the help of AI to generate ideas and outlines just as we have seen above. You can also research topics with the right set of prompts for the AI writing assistants. More importantly, you can proofread and edit your articles with the help of AI tools. Our minds would be constrained quantity-wise but that’s not the case with AI. For you to stay ahead of the curve in the content writing industry, identifying the trends will be the key and AI can be the best companion to help you assess past trends and figure out future trends.

AI for Technical Writers:

Being a technical writer isn’t easy these days. You need to be good at writing and a bit decent with technology too. If you are a technical writer, first up, congratulations on being one. If there is a case of specifications, user guides, & FAQs, AI can be your go-to choice. As a technical writer, you get to understand your limitations and can change as per the feedback. Also, to update and maintain the technical documentation, you can choose an AI-based tool and use it accordingly. Text format is always prone to errors and with AI, you can make sure the errors aren’t happening. More importantly, with the help of certain AI tools, you can assure that the information is up to date.

AI for Copy Writers:

What’s the most important thing as a copywriter? Grabbing the attention of the audience within the constraints. For that, you need to be well-versed in trends to generate unique and engaging copies. Well, copywriters must also research according to the niche to get the context right in the copies. Handling both isn’t a cup of tea for everyone, especially beginners. Why not take the help of AI here? Either AI can help you stay updated with the trends and you can take up the R&D, or AI will help you with R&D and you can take up the task of staying up to date with trends. With AI coming into the picture, you are not just an individual working for yourselves. You, yourself are a firm with AI being your co-founder. Jokes apart!

At the same time, you, as a writer, need to understand your dependency on AI and ensure that you can sustain writing without AI too. AI needs to help you in your writing but AI should not complete your writing.

Wishing you the best and before you leave us, here is something for you.

If you are a writer, Elephas can be your personal assistant to make you a better writer.

If you are not, Elephas can help you become a writer.

Try out the Elephas Mac app right now if this intrigues you.