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Be it your proposal documents, cover letter, proofreading, or even creating your LinkedIn post. Our smart AI assistance can save you hours.

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Elbert Clairmont

Product Strategy Mentor, PwC Digital Strategy

Truly transformed the way I work

"As an Entrepreneur and product manager, I can say with confidence that Elephas is the single most powerful productivity tool I've ever added to my Mac. It has become an integral part of my workflow, from ideation to execution. This is literally having the power of GPT-3 baked into your OS. This is what Siri can only dream to be. Elephas has helped me to streamline my research process. I can ask it any question, and it will quickly find the answer for me. This is a huge time-saver, as I no longer have to type out my ideas.

Second, Elephas has helped me to improve the quality of my writing. I can ask it to proofread my work for me, and it will point out any errors or areas that need improvement. This has helped me to produce better-quality writing, and has saved me a lot of time in the editing process.

Overall, I highly recommend Elephas to anyone who is looking to increase their productivity. It has truly transformed the way I work, and has made me more efficient and effective in everything I do."

Write attractive content

Your emails should look professional, blogs should be clutter-free, and your social media content should engage your audience. Elephas got all three content rewrite modes.

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Let Elephas continue writing

No more writer's block. Ask Elephas to write for you from where you left off, whether your professional emails, documents, blogs, or social media post; Elephas assists you.

More power to everything you write

Not just a writing tool but a productivity powerhouse,


Generate ideas, outlines, or an entire blog in minutes. Supports multiple languages.


Give Elephas a hint, and see the magic. Elephas can write professional emails that attract eyeballs.

Headlines that Convert

Writing copy is time-consuming and difficult. Elephas's AI can take your thoughts and turn them into words with emotion.

Grammar fixes

Good grammar reflects your credibility. Elephas fixes your grammar mistakes across your applications.

Repurpose content

Transform your blog post into social media posts with a click. There is a good reason digital marketers love Elephas.

Google Sheets/Excel formula

Natural language to formula, no need to struggle with Google Searches.

Terminal commands

Want to find the largest file in a folder? Get the Unix command you need in seconds without leaving the Terminal.


Create a presentation in 30 seconds. Give your title, and let Elephas generate a Keynote presentation.

Pay per usage

Since Elephas uses your own OpenAI key, you pay per your usage. No need to shell out $50+ every month.

Check out our demo page for examples.

Hundreds of users love us for a reason

Our happy clients say about us

I've tested dozens of AI-based content editing tools, and Elephas is in a class by itself. The features are great, and the developer is very responsive. I use it every day!

Rodrigo Franco

I like that I can use my own OpenAI API key to bring GPT-3 to any app on my Mac.

Josh Mulliken

Security Architect at RedHat

As a professional writer whose native language isn't English, I started using Elephas as a "live assistant" to quickly fix grammar in complex sentences or change the tone of some part of my texts.

Thomas Segura

Technical Content Writer

How it works

With useful writing features, you can easily save hours every day.


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Install the DMG file and enter license keys.


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Works across applications

Elephas works on all your favorite applications on your Mac

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It works on all of your Mac applications, working as a writing assistant, unlike other AI tools.
  • You use your own OpenAI keys, and you get charged depending on your usage.
  • We don't store your data on our servers.

Yes, Elephas uses your own OpenAI key. Check out this blog to understand how to create that in a few minutes.

Yes, 7-day free trial. We use Gumroad to manage subscriptions, and you will still need to enter your credit card info.

No, only Mac is supported for now.

Assuming you are an average user (say you use 2500 words per day, 20 active days), you may pay up to 0.02*2.5*20 = $1 to OpenAI monthly.
Plus, $5/month for Elephas.

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