Are you tired of endless typing sessions on your Mac?

In today's fast-paced world, typing might feel like a marathon. But don't worry, because dictation software is here as your reliable friend, ready to transcribe your thoughts at a fast speed. Today, dictation software isn't just a convenience; it's a game-changer for anyone looking to work smarter, not harder. Whether you're aiming to speed up your workflow or seeking accessibility solutions, Mac dictation software has you covered. In this blog post, we'll look at the top 7 dictation software alternatives designed particularly for Mac users in 2024. 

What is Dictation Software? 

Dictation software is useful for persons who can't type properly or who have a lot of typing to do. It is useful for doctors who are extremely busy and writers who are working on a book. With this, you speak into your device and it converts what you say into text. Then you may edit, save, or share it. You can use it to send emails, create documents, and even operate your Apple device. 

One thing that can be appreciated about utilizing dictation software on my Mac is that it's simple to use and complements my MacBook. This type of technology is becoming increasingly common, particularly in settings such as hospitals, where numerous documents are created daily. Doctors and nurses can save a lot of time by simply talking into the records rather than typing everything.

What are the Benefits of Dictation Software?

More Work in Less Time

Typing for an extended period can cause fatigue and soreness in your hands and wrists. This is a major concern for a person who types frequently at work. However, Dictation allows you to work more effectively while feeling less weary. It allows you to type more comfortably and rapidly. That means you can concentrate better and feel more awake throughout the day. This allows you to complete more work in less time.

Improved Accuracy and Consistency

When you write documents by hand, it is easy to make mistakes such as typos. Fixing these errors takes time and can make your work less effective. However, dictation software such as Dictation can help you prevent these blunders. Dictation is quite good at transcribing what you say correctly the first time. This saves you time because you won't have to correct errors later. Using Dictation ensures that your written work is of the highest quality. It enables you to impress clients, colleagues, and bosses.

Ease of Use and Integration

Dictation software is really easy to use. You can start using it without needing lots of training or knowing a bunch of technical stuff. It works well with other software you might already use. So, if you write something with Dictation, you can easily put it into other programs you use. This is great for people who use different software during their workday. Using Dictation can help you work faster and get more done.


Dictation software enables you to multitask. Instead of typing, you can say your thoughts while performing other things such as arranging your desk or responding to emails. This allows you to save time and complete more tasks without having to focus entirely on typing.

Improved Productivity

Using dictation software can boost your productivity. Since you're speaking instead of typing, you can create documents faster. This means you can complete tasks quicker and have more time for other important activities. Plus, it can reduce the strain on your hands and wrists from typing, which can help you work longer without discomfort.

How We Analyze and Select These Tools: This is Our Process of Researching and Selecting These Tools

Researching Tools: Before we pick a dictation tool, we first gather information about the different options available. This involves looking at what each tool offers, its features, and how it works. We explore various sources like reviews, websites, and user feedback to understand the pros and cons of each tool.

Comparing Tools: Once we've done our research, we compare the different dictation tools we found. We look at things like their cost, ease of use, accuracy, and compatibility with different devices. By comparing them side by side, we can see which one stands out as the best fit for our needs.

Testing Tools: After comparing, we try out the top contenders ourselves. This means actually using each dictation tool to see how well it performs in real-life situations. We pay attention to how accurate it is, how easy it is to use, and whether it meets our requirements.

Choosing Tools: Based on our research, comparisons, and testing, we make our final decision on which dictation tool to use. We select the one that best meets our needs and offers the most benefits. This ensures that we're getting the right tool for the job.

Here’s 7 Dictation Software for Mac Users - Comparison Chart!

App Name

Best For

Main Benefit

Starting Price

1- Elephas App

For students, professionals, academics, knowledge workers, or Doctors

Offers a smart AI keyboard transcription for iPhone. Allows you to easily create content like voice typing on all of your Apple devices.

$4.99/mo and $4.17/mo (Billed Yearly)

2- Notta

Best for professionals, doctors, and content creators.

Notta offers accurate detection and transcription of your specific medical terminology


$8.25/month (Annual Plan)

3- Apple Dictation

Best for busy professionals and content creators

Apple Dictation supports over 40 languages, ensuring users from diverse linguistic backgrounds can seamlessly utilize its dictation capabilities.

It’s a Free App!

4- Google Docs Voice Typing

Best for Freelancers, professionals, doctors, and content creators.

Offers a convenient platform for healthcare providers to record patient information efficiently

It is a free app for all medical professionals.

5- Speechnotes

Best for Freelancers, professionals, doctors, and content creators.

Users will be able to take Notes Anywhere with Speech Recognition

It’s Free to Use!

6- Dragon for Mac

Best for professionals, doctors, and content creators.

It can seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of applications. 


7- Braina

Best for Freelancers, professionals, and content creators.

Braina facilitates smooth integration with various applications, enhancing workflow cohesion and versatility

$199 for 2 Years

1- Elephas App


Elephas is the best dictation app for Mac users. It comes with a smart keyboard that helps you write stuff on all your Apple devices. You can use it to write emails, make documents, and even change how your text sounds. The newest version of Elephas now lets you work with audio too. You can take notes, put in audio from your Zoom meetings, or pick out parts from your favorite podcasts to get all the important info. Elephas can handle audio files now, which means you can record your notes or bring in audio from Zoom or podcasts to get all the good stuff.

Elephas Key Features

1- Record Notes Live: 

  • Select "Record Notes" from the Elephas menu.

  • Start recording by pressing the "Start Recording" button.

  • Receive transcribed audio information in real time.

  • Options for adding transcriptions to a brain, snippet, or copying and pasting elsewhere.

  • Use AI to process live audio content efficiently.

2- Add Audio to Super Brain:

  • Integrate audio files seamlessly into your Super Brain.

  • Upload files from Zoom meetings, voice notes, and podcasts.

  • Enhance the brainstorming, talking, and content production processes.

  • Diversify your Super Brain's material by including PDFs, DocX files, photos, URLs, Notion pages, Obsidian, and Roam database records.

  • For more detailed information, see the supported file types page.

3- Add Voice Memo:

  • Integrate voice memos into Elephas Brain effortlessly.

  • Copy the memo to a temporary folder (e.g., Desktop).

  • Drag and drop the memo into the Elephas recording window for transcription or inclusion.

Elephas Reviews


Elephas Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










Elephas is one of the best AI writing assistants on the market right now. And it bundles up with an iOS app that can be used for medical dictation as well.

It works locally and it's 100% privacy friendly!

If you own a Mac, you should definitely try it out.

Give Elephas a shot?
Get a 30 Day free trial

2- Notta


Notta is a simple dictation app for Mac computers. It has lots of cool stuff you can use. The basic version is free, but there are fancier paid options if you want more features.

You can talk in different languages with Notta. It's super private too, so your info stays safe and isn't shared with anyone else. This is really good for doctors or people who want their stuff kept private. You can start using Notta by clicking on this link. Once you sign up, you can go to the dashboard and talk into your computer to turn your words into writing. If you use Google Chrome, there's also a handy add-on that lets you change your speech into text whenever you want.  

Notta Key Features

  • Accurate Transcription: Notta ensures precision when transcribing your audio recordings, ensuring that every word is captured accurately.

  • Cross-Device Syncing: With Notta's comprehensive synchronization feature, you can easily access your transcriptions across different devices, ensuring that your work is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

  • Organization Tools: Take control of your transcriptions with Notta's comprehensive organization options, allowing you to categorize, tag, and filter your content for easy retrieval and management.

  • Support for 58 Languages: Notta goes beyond borders with its transcription support for 58 languages, enabling users to transcribe audio in their preferred language effortlessly and accurately.

Notta Reviews


Notta Pricing


Pro Plan

Business Plan




$8.25/month (Billed Annually)


$44/month (Billed Annually)

Custom Pricing

3- Apple Dictation


Apple Dictation is a really good dictation app for Mac users. You don't need to download anything extra because it's already on your Mac when you get it. This app changes what you say into written words. You can also use voice commands to edit and format the text. To start using Apple Dictation, go to the Apple Menu, then pick System Preferences, and then Keyboard. Turn on dictation there. After that, just put your cursor where you want to start talking and press the shortcut you picked. Then, you can start talking and see your words appear as text.

Apple Dictation Key Features

  • Multilingual Support: Apple Dictation supports over 40 languages. 

  • Versatile Dictation Commands: It offers a range of dictation commands, allowing users to interact with their devices effortlessly through voice input.

  • Adaptive Voice Recognition: It adapts to the user's voice over time, improving accuracy and recognition for a more personalized experience.

  • Free for macOS Owners: Apple Dictation is freely available to all macOS owners, making it accessible to a wide range of users without any additional cost.

Apple Dictation Pricing

It’s a Free App!

4- Google Docs Voice Typing


If you’re looking for a free dictation app on your Mac, then Google Docs Voice Typing is the best choice. It's easy to use and works right in your web browser. Just open a Google document, go to the "Tools" menu, and click on voice typing. You can use it to transcribe your voice into text in many different languages. Plus, you can edit your text using voice commands. It's a great option if you want to start using transcription software without any hassle.

Google Docs Voice Typing Key Features

  • Web-based Platform: Enjoy the convenience of accessing the transcription service directly from your web browser, eliminating the need for any software installations.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Experience seamless transcription with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, ensuring a smooth workflow for all users.

  • Cost-Free Service: Benefit from a completely free transcription service, empowering users with valuable tools without any financial barriers.

  • Live Transcription: Capture spoken words in real-time, facilitating immediate conversion of speech to text without any delays.

  • Multilingual Support: Transcribe content in various languages effortlessly, accommodating a diverse range of linguistic needs and preferences.

Google Docs Voice Typing Reviews: 


Google Docs Voice Typing Pricing

It’s a Free App!

5- Speechnotes


Speech Notes is a top dictation app you can use on your Mac. It's free and works online, meaning you don't have to download anything. Just go to their website and make sure your microphone is on. Then, click the microphone button and start talking. It types out what you say in real time. It's easy to use and supports lots of languages. One great thing about it is you can access it anytime since it's in your browser. So, if you need a simple and user-friendly dictation app for your Mac, Speechnotes is a great choice. 

Speechnotes provides an intuitive and efficient dictation and transcribing platform with features such as voice-controlled punctuation and formatting, automatic capitalization, and seamless import/export. Speechnotes, which has been trusted by millions since its start in 2015, is still the top choice for individuals looking for fast, accurate, and confidential transcription services.

Speechnotes Key Features

  • Free Accessibility: Easily accessible without any cost, ensuring anyone can utilize the service without financial barriers.

  • Advanced Functionality, No Charge: Advanced features are provided at no additional cost, empowering users with powerful tools without the burden of expenses.

  • Intuitive User Interface: A straightforward interface design ensures effortless navigation and operation for users of all levels of technical expertise.

Speechnotes Reviews


Speechnotes Pricing

It’s a Free App!

6- Dragon for Mac


Dragon, a popular dictation software, helps you work faster by letting you control your computer with your voice. But if you're using a Mac, there's a problem. The Mac version of Dragon has been stopped, so you can't buy it anymore. You can't get Dragon Medical for Mac from Nuance. Apple computers can run other systems like Windows using tools like Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, or VMware Fusion. These tools let you use Windows software on your Mac. But for now, Dragon Medical doesn't work directly on Macs.

Dragon for Mac Key Features

  • Speech Recognition Accuracy: Achieves unparalleled precision in transcribing speech to text with remarkable accuracy.

  • Superior Editing Tools: Offers top-notch editing functionalities, empowering seamless refinement of transcribed content.

  • Wide Application Compatibility: It can seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of applications, ensuring versatile usage scenarios.

Dragon for Mac Reviews


Dragon for Mac Pricing

Dictate Plan


7- Braina


Braina is a really good tool that changes your talking into written words. It's meant for Windows computers but you can get it on Mac too, even though it hasn't been updated lately. Braina does a lot of things when you talk to it, like a robot helper. It's also the best app for changing what you say into writing.

Braina Key Features

  • Speech Recognition Precision: It can be exceptionally precise speech recognition technology for accurate transcription and command execution.

  • Productivity Amplification: It boosts efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining tasks through voice-enabled controls.

  • Seamless Integration: Braina facilitates smooth integration with various applications, enhancing workflow cohesion and versatility.

  • Voice-controlled multitasking: Perform daily tasks seamlessly with voice commands, from searches to file operations.

  • Dictation and transcription: Effortlessly convert spoken words into text for notes, emails, and more.

  • Internet research assistant: Quickly find information online without lifting a finger.

  • Personalized music player: Users will enjoy their favorite tunes simply by asking.

Braina Pricing

Pro Plus Plan

$199 for 2 Years

Bottom Line

As dictation software for Mac continues to gain popularity, so it's essential to weigh factors like accuracy, usability, compatibility, and cost when selecting the right one for you. 

With a plethora of options available, conducting thorough research and experimenting with different choices will help you find the perfect fit for your needs. However, after thorough research and testing, our top pick among these options is the Elephes app. 

Its exceptional performance, intuitive interface, and affordability make it the ideal choice for professionals and individuals aiming to enhance their productivity through hands-free computing. 

So why wait? Try Elephes today and experience the efficiency it can bring to your Mac workflow.​