Powerful PDF AI alternatives are instigating a transformative revolution for interaction with documents in the digital era. ​

You don't have to rely only on PDF AI to chat with your PDF files. You can look at other alternatives which offer better features and pricing options.

Innovative applications such as Elephas, ChatDOC, Humanata, ChatDox, and DocuChat are changing the nature of people and entities' interactions with information. 

These tools could save hours daily, as illustrated by Elephas's super brain capabilities in tandem with ChatGPT. On the other hand, ChatDOC is a reliable AI assistant that gives instant responses and provides sources for citations. Humanata brings a new way of doing this, providing users not only with an unlimited number of files but also with cited fragments within each document. In the world of information overload, ChatDox makes documents alive, allowing interaction with texts, looking through various formats, and categorizing them. 

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbot solution DocuChat helps teams work faster with instant-cited answers for documents and websites. 

With these PDF AI replacements, users can think instead of doing so in the demanding sphere of document management and analytics.


During the digital era, PDF AI apps are increasingly becoming necessary dashed tools to boost productivity and streamline different operations. 

Elephas is one of the leading players in this area, and it has distinguished itself by its robust design and versatility. Before discussing other notable PDF AI apps, let us first investigate the main features of Elephas.


Elephas Key Features

  • Super Brain: Across Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps. Means Building virtual brains from your documents – saving hours daily.

  • ChatGPT Integration: From populating Google Sheets to summarizing articles and classy super-command bar for executed tasks.

  • Content Rewrite Modes: Using Zinsser Mode for Professional Emails, Clutter-Free Blogs, and Engaging Social Media.

  • AI Smart Keyboard: Improve Writing on Your Apple Device with Powerful Email, Document, and Text Rephrasing.

  • User Testimonials: Elbert Clairmont's story of real-world success illustrates Elephas' "game-changing" impact on productivity.

Elephase Pricing

  • Standard (Best for Individuals): $4.99/month

  • Pro (Best for Pro Users): $8.99/month

  • Pro+ (Best for Power Users): $14.99/month

  • All plans come with a 30-day free trial.

Among the stand-out choices for mobile users seeking to revolutionize their workflow through PDF AI apps is Elephas, which has a full set of tools that can provide comprehensive coverage. Elephas is more than an app; it's a productivity revolution with its user-friendly interface, cross-device integration, and impressive AI features. Find the opportunities, choose one that matches your needs, and take your document flow to a new level.

Elephas is one of the best second brain apps on the market.

You can Elephas directly from the website -

Elephas App


ChatDOC is a game changer in PDF AI applications, empowering users with instant answers and citing sources. Experience your documents as never before, with AI-powered summaries for long content, complex concepts explained, and critical information discovered in seconds.

ChatDOC Key Features

  • Efficiency Boost: Ask Questions and Get Answers Directly on Your Knowledge. File questions, discover insights, extract texts/tables for AI analysis, start threads to go deeper, and query across documents.

  • Reliable AI Assistant: Citations support every response. Verify AI interpretations by clicking on page references/footnotes. However, this can be improved by rethinking the responses or switching to GPT-4 optimized with only human weights.

ChatDOC Pricing

Free Plan: $0 (Try for FREE)

  • 2 files/day

  • 20 pages/file

  • 20 questions/day

  • Support .pdf

Pro Plan: $5.99/30 days (Early-Bird Special Pricing)

  • 300 files/30 days

  • 500 pages/file

  • 300 questions/day

  • 500 OCR pages/30 days

  • 30 files/collection

  • Support .pdf, .doc, .docx, md., epub., txt., website.

  • Access to beta features

ChatDOC is a flexible and effective AI solution for document interaction. Its features are robust, supports various document formats, and has an effective AI assistant and Q&A system, making it unique. At that price, it is an appealing option for those who wish to increase productivity and have fast access to meaning derived from documents. Give ChatDOC a try today and see how you can get the most out of your documents.


ChatDox Comes Alive in the Age of Info Overload, Changing How We Interact with Docs/Media. With an AI-powered interface that is intuitive and efficient, ChatDox provides ease of use to students, businesses, scholars, and more in analyzing documents and understanding what it entails.

ChatDox Key Features

  • Chat with Files: Seamless interaction with PDF, DOCX, TXT, and CSV files.

  • Chat with YouTube Videos: With the addition of a YouTube link, get extra explanations in an instant.

  • Chat with Websites: Also converse directly with any website, broadening the arena of interactive research.

  • Custom Categories: Avoid overrepresentation, e.g., creating custom categories: Students, HR.

  • Multilingual Support: Wat responses in the language of your choice, overcoming the barrier.

  • AI Support: Powered by ChatGPT 3.5 & 4 with Advanced Conversational Capabilities.

ChatDox Pricing Plans

Free: $0/month

  • 5 MB/PDF

  • 2 PDF total

  • 3 questions total

Basic: $5/month

  • 16 MB/PDF

  • 25 PDFs/day

  • 500 questions/day

Plus: $10/month


  • 25 PDF/DOCX/TXT/CSV/day

  • 1000 questions/day

Premium: $30/month

  • Group Document Questioning


  • 50 PDF/DOCX/TXT/CSV/day

  • 1000 questions/day

Now, you can also begin uploading your documents or YouTube links and sign up for free. No credit card is required. Make Your Document Interactions with Chatox.


AI-powered chatbot solution for customer service with DocuChat that is trained on your data to supercharge your team's efficiency and empower customers. There will be no more average responses but immediate cited answers to your documents and websites.

DocuChat Key Features

  • Chatbots Trained on Your Data: Give your content superpowers with ChatGPT using your documents, websites, media files, and YouTube videos.

  • Instant Answers with Citations: Get answers in 80+ languages with links to your particular documents.

  • Customization and Sharing: Make your chatbot fit your brand. To share privately or embed it on your website seamlessly.

DocuChat Pricing

  • Essential: $17/month (3 chatbots, 1,000 questions per month, and 10k pages of source documents per month)

  • Pro: $37/month (unlimited chatbots, 4k questions per month, GPT-4 support, and in-source volumes of queries from 100k pages).

  • Enterprise: No Limit On Question Or Page Processing, Custom Pricing.

With such a system, DocuChat: The AI-powered Chatbot Solution Training on Your Data, your team can become more productive, and your customers can be granted more fantastic agency. Quit waiting for answers and get prompt feedback based on your documents or websites.


Transform Your Document Experience Using Docalysis in no time! 

Docalysis Key Features:

AI-powered: Get answers within seconds.

Save Time: Get rid of tedious PDF reading and save hours.

Secure: Your files are safe, and you can delete them anytime.

Docalysis Pricing:


  • $0/month

  • 5 MB file size limit

  • 600 page upload/month

  • 150 page limit/file

  • 50 question credit/month

  • Multi-file chat


  • $14/month

  • 20 MB file size limit

  • 3,000 page upload/month

  • 600 page limit/file

  • 500 question credit/month

  • Multi-file chat

  • Email support


  • $35/month

  • 50 MB file size limit

  • 8,000 page upload/month

  • 1,800 page limit/file

  • 1,500 question credit/month

  • Multi-file chat

  • Email support


  • Price Varies

  • Custom file size limit

  • Custom pages/month

  • Custom page limit

  • Custom questions/month

  • Team administration

  • Multi-file chat

  • Phone support

Docalysis makes reading docs 95% faster. Quit wasting time; instead, let the Docalysis read your files, answer your questions, and impress your boss!


Bid farewell to infinite scrolling and researching. With FileGPT, you can talk to a variety of files such as audio, videos, webpages, and YouTube PDFs in natural language using GPT AI. Work smarter, not harder!

FileGPT Key Features:

  • Multi Format Support: Act smoothly with PDFs, TXTs, DOCs, audio, YouTube, and webpages.

  • Long Text Support: No limitations on file length. The FileGPT has been designed with large files and long texts in mind.

  • Smart Content Parsing: Text in handwritten documents and audio/video content analysis.

  • Cross-Source Querying: Searches all files at once. Choose sources, interrogate, and receive clear answers.

  • Affordable Technology: It has multiple pricing plans, so you do not have to break the bank.

FileGPT Pricing Plans:









Get to the next chapter in document interactivity as GPT-powered AI and natural language processing combine to change files with FileGPT. With FileGPT, the pain of monotonous searches and scrolling will be a thing of the past as it enables you to chat on multiple file formats like audio, videos, webpages, and YouTube PDFs.


Genei, your smart assistant for summarizing background readings and accelerating the production of blogs, articles & reports – unleash the power of AI to augment your research capabilities.

Genei Key Features:

  • Automated Summarization: Genei refers to an automatic background reader summary that spares precious time for you.

  • Efficient Content Production: Genei Puts an AI Assist Into Blog, Article, and Report Origination.

  • Trusted by Experts: Supported by industry experts and reputable organizations such as TechCrunch and Oxford University.

Genei Pricing Plans:

Genei Basic: £3.99/month

  • Import, organize, summarize, and analyze PDFs; research from the web.

  • FileArk Document management and file storage.

  • Full notepad and annotation capabilities.

  • Citation management and reference generator as a built-in.

  • Export functionality.

Genei Pro: £15.99/month

  • Everything that is included in the Basic Plan.

  • 70% higher quality AI.

  • Access the most advanced AI language model, GPT3.

  • MDS, Search & QA.

  • Rephrasing and paraphrasing functionality.

Genei's State-of-the-Art AI Technology to Elevate Your Research Game. 

Genei is a trusted solution that experts have relied on, and prestigious institutions have endorsed because it amplifies productivity, enables providing insightful answers, and transforms the way towards content production. 

Learn how to supercharge your research process. Join today for a fourteen-day free trial! Discover Genei, your way to smarter research!


Meet Cody, your Corporate AI Assistant. 

Cody provides instant answers, document analysis, and customization that enhance employee efficiency, help troubleshoot problems, and provide valuable insights. Integrate state-of-the-art data protection flexible access management with your preferred tools. Use Cody free and change your work routine.

Cody Key Features:

  • Tailored Training: Get a personalized AI assistant trained on your business, team, and processes – Cody.

  • No Keyword Searches: Cody does not depend on keywords; it senses what you want without constant context reminders.

  • Knowledge Base Builder: Such as uploading a wide range of file formats or crawling over websites to build a comprehensive knowledge base.

  • Source Verification: In addition, Cody sources for each of the answers to promote transparency and credibility.

  • Boost Employee Efficiency: Speed up things like emailing, translating a document, or producing marketing.

  • Support and Troubleshooting: Use Cody's support documentation to resolve issues on the go and learn new features.

  • Idea Generation: Use Cody in brainstorming sessions, which helps to introduce new ideas and opinions.

  • Multilingual Support: Cody works in all languages to support international cooperation.

  • Integration with Favorite Tools: Add Cody to your favorite apps with a powerful API.

Cody Pricing Plans

Basic: $29/mo

  • 2,500 Credits

  • GPT 3.5 16K

  • 3 Users

  • 3 Bots

  • 1,000 Documents

  • Embed Website Widget

  • Customize Website Widget

Premium: $99/mo

  • 10,000 Credits

  • GPT 3.5 16K, GPT 4

  • 15 Users, 15 Bots

  • 10,000 Documents

  • 10,000 Website Pages

  • Website Crawler

  • Embed Website Widget (3 Websites)

  • Customize Website Widget

  • Remove Cody's Branding on the Widget

Advanced: $249/mo

  • 25,000 Credits

  • GPT 3.5 16K, GPT 4

  • 50 Users, 50 Bots

  • 25,000 Documents

  • 25,000 Website Pages

  • Website Crawler

  • Embed Website Widget (50 Websites)

  • Customize Website Widget

  • Remove Cody's Branding on the Widget


In the ever-changing PDF AI application space, Humanata happens in the center of it, providing a revolutionary way to navigate through long documents and extract insights from them. 

Powered by a full range of great features and easy interaction, Humanata will change how teams interact with their documents.

Humanata Key Features

  • Efficient Document Interaction: Talk your way through long documents and tell Humanata's PDF AI to summarize on the fly.

  • Unlimited Files: There is no limit to the file size; hence, you can upload as many documents as possible. Humanata AI answers faster than you read a sentence.

  • Citation Highlights: Embed cited links in your source files to provide trust, ensuring ability and backtracking of insights.

  • Flexible Q&A: Request for summaries and instruct the PDF AI to rewrite again until you feel satisfied. Humanata is a ChatGPT for PDFs, allowing you to complete iterations until you get what you desire.

  • Web Embedding: Easily integrate Humanata's PDF AI into your webpage! Just one click connects your audience to insights.

Humanata Pricing

Free: $0

  • Access to basic features

  • Up to 60 pages

Up to 10 answers

Student: $1.99 per month

  • Access to basic features

  • Up to 200 free pages

  • $0.01 per paid page

  • Basic chat support

Expert: $9.99 per month

  • Access to basic features

  • Up to 500 free pages

  • $0.01 per paid page

  • 3 users included

  • Premium chat support

  • Optional GPT 4.0 model

Team: $99 per user per month

  • Access to basic features

  • Up to 5,000 free pages

  • $0.01 per paid page

  • 10 users included

  • Premium chat support

  • Optional GPT 4.0 model

  • Advanced user permissions

Humanata is a general-purpose, dependable PDF AI app that offers an improved way for groups to analyze and work together on highly structured documents. Humanata helps people maximize valued documents through robust security measures, limitless file capabilities, and versatile pricing plans. Jump into the future of document interaction at Humanata and see the power of AI in creating document summaries. Stop wasting time; try for free and become one of the millions of experts accelerating their workflow with Humanata.


Tools such as automatic summarization, efficient content production, and the personalized AI assistants Elephas, ChatDOC, Humanata, ChatDox, DocuChat, and Cody offer diverse feature functionality for individual users and businesses. 

Nonetheless, Elephas is our top pick due to its amazing features and a great pricing plan. From unlimited PDF files support to privacy friendly indexing or seamless integration in various formats, Elephas is the the smartest app in document management. 

This tool will make your everyday tasks simpler, straightforward, and faster!