Are you looking for alternatives to ChatGPT to enhance your AI-powered interactions? Navigating the vast landscape of AI tools in 2024 is a challenging task, especially when you're in search of an alternative to the formidable ChatGPT.

This AI powerhouse has not only captured global attention but has also surpassed longstanding Silicon Valley veterans.

Despite its remarkable capabilities, ChatGPT has its limitations, such as the inability to export files in various formats. To assist you in this quest, we've meticulously researched and compiled a guide featuring 21 top-notch ChatGPT alternatives.

Tailored to cater to ChatGPT's primary applications in research, digital marketing, web development, and technology, this guide ensures you'll find the perfect alternative for your specific needs.

So let's get into it -


Increasing Demand for ChatGPT Alternatives

The increasing demand for ChatGPT alternatives is a testament to the growing need for advanced and diverse conversational AI solutions.

As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on chatbots and virtual assistants for various tasks, the market seeks alternatives to ChatGPT to cater to specific needs and preferences.

Some users might be looking for more specialized AI models tailored to particular industries, while others might seek options with enhanced language understanding or privacy features.

This demand has spurred the development of a wide range of alternatives, each offering unique capabilities and advantages, ensuring users have a variety of options to choose from based on their specific requirements and expectations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a ChatGPT Alternative 

When choosing a ChatGPT alternative, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that the chosen alternative meets your specific needs and requirements.

Here are the top five factors to keep in mind:

1- Accuracy and Quality Responses

Assess the accuracy and quality of the responses generated by the alternative chatbot. Consider how well it understands your queries and provides relevant, coherent, and reliable answers. Look for alternatives that have undergone rigorous testing and have a reputation for generating accurate responses.

2- Customization and Flexibility

Evaluate the customization options available with the alternative chatbot.

Some applications may require a high degree of customization to align with specific industry terminology, brand voice, or unique requirements.

Look for platforms that allow you to customize the chatbot's responses, behavior, and appearance to match your preferences.

3- Integration Capabilities

Consider the alternative chatbot's ability to integrate with your existing systems and platforms. Compatibility with popular messaging apps, CRM software, content management systems (CMS), and other tools is essential for easy integration into your workflow. An excellent replacement should be compatible with the devices you use regularly. 

4- Data Privacy and Security

Pay close attention to the data privacy and security features offered by the alternative chatbot. Ensure that the platform complies with relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR, and prioritizes the privacy and security of user interactions. Look for options that offer end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and clear policies regarding data usage and retention.

5- Scalability and Performance

Consider the scalability and performance of the alternative chatbot, especially if you anticipate a growing user base or increasing chat volumes over time.

Evaluate how well the chatbot performs under high loads and whether it can scale seamlessly to handle increased demand. Scalability is crucial to ensure a smooth user experience, regardless of the number of users interacting with the chatbot simultaneously.

Here are the 21 Best ChatGPT Alternative or Competitors Apps:

1. Elephas App

Do you want an outstanding ChatGPT alternative for composing better emails, creating content, and social media posts?

Consider a world where your writing tasks are streamlined, elevated, and altered more effectively than ChatGPT.

And.. you can even build virtual brains using your own knowledge.

Elephas. app is a Personal AI Writing Assistant or the best ChatGPT alternative for Mac created to revolutionize your writing experience.

Elephas Pros

  1. Powerful AI Writing assistant powered by GPT-3, GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo.

  2. It can seamlessly integrate across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  3.  You can load your data from various popular sources, including PDFs, Word documents, Notion, Obsidian, and even webpages. And build an ai powered second brain with all your knowledge.

  4. This app can help you create captivating content effortlessly as it suggests ideas, sentence structures, and even entire paragraphs.

  5. It also comes bundled with a powerful iOS app that can use to access AI directly in your iPhone or iPad keyboard. It's one the best ai keyboards for the iPhone.

Elephas Cons

  1. Only meant for Mac and iPhone users.

Elephas App Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










2. Bard AI

Bard AI offers a seamless experience similar to using Google search. Instead of sifting through web pages, you can ask questions and receive friendly, chat-like responses. It's like having your own Google Assistant but with the added ability to generate original content. 

Bard AI Pros 

  1. Bard AI makes use of Google search, making it adept at answering inquiries and assisting with research.

  2. Bard responds in detail, avoiding the need for several follow-up questions during interactions.

Bard AI Cons

  1. When tasked with generating additional content, Bard's responses tend to be generic and lack creativity.

  2. As an experimental system, Bard AI might occasionally provide incorrect or inappropriate answers, requiring user reporting for continual improvement.

Bard AI Pricing

It’s a Free App!

But when you don't pay for something, you're the product being sold. So privacy is a common concern when using any of Google's products.

3. Microsoft Bing Chat

Bing Chat, developed by Microsoft, is not a standalone alternative to ChatGPT. It combines OpenAI and Microsoft technologies, blending ChatGPT's conversational abilities with Bing's vast web resources. 

Microsoft BingChat Pros

  1. Bing Chat provides real-time data, making it a valuable resource for current events and up-to-date information.

  2. The "Bing Pulse" feature offers real-time updates on trending topics, allowing users to stay informed about the latest developments.

  3. Microsoft Bing Chat can generate pertinent answers to queries on current events, enhancing its relevance.

Microsoft BingChat Cons

  1. Bing Chat's reliance on real-time data means it may not have the historical depth of information available in ChatGPT.

  2. Limited to the scope of Microsoft Bing's database, potentially missing information from sources not indexed by Bing.

Microsoft BingChat Pricing

It’s a Free App!

4. Bing AI

Bing AI, also known as the New Bing, represents Microsoft's foray into the realm of artificial intelligence. One of its key components is Bing Chat, a feature powered by the same AI system as ChatGPT. Engaging with Bing Chat offers a familiar experience akin to interacting with ChatGPT.

Bing AI Pros

  1. Bing AI is connected to a search engine, making it proficient at helping with research tasks, and improving speed and accuracy.

  2. Unlike many other chatbots, Bing AI provides information sources, aiding in fact-checking and credibility assessment.

Bing AI Cons

  1. Bing AI is accessible only through the Microsoft Edge browser or the Bing app on Apple iOS and Android, limiting its usage to specific platforms.

  2. Bing AI does not retain past chat information, requiring users to input context repeatedly for each conversation, which can be inconvenient.

Bing AI Pricing

It’s a Free App!

5. OpenAI Playground

This platform utilizes the same AI system as ChatGPT but specific focus on content creation. OpenAI Playground enables users to experiment with OpenAI's cutting-edge AI tools, offering an opportunity to explore and interact with artificial intelligence playfully.

OpenAI Pros

  1. OpenAI Playground offers multiple modes, allowing users to switch between chatbot, Q&A, and storytelling functionalities.

  2. Users can modify, expand, or rewrite text within the Playground, making it a useful tool for content creation and editing.

  3. Users can adjust response settings to control the AI's output, making it more or less repetitive or complex as needed.

OpenAI Cons

  1. Users need to sign up for an OpenAI account to access the Playground, which may deter those who prefer not to create additional accounts.

  2. While initial access is free, users are eventually required to purchase more credits to continue using the app, which could incur additional costs.

OpenAI Pricing 

Pricing starts at 3 cents per 1000 tokens for GPT-4 model. You can check all the plans for all the models on OpenAI's pricing page.

6. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI offers an intelligent and budget-friendly chatbot solution, catering to users seeking advanced conversational AI. This platform is adept at comprehending intricate queries and delivering precise answers, making it an excellent choice for businesses. 

Perplexity AI Pros

  1. Trained on a wide dataset, capable of managing a broad range of topics effectively.

  2. Offers a multilingual interface, enhancing accessibility for users across different languages.

  3. Provides a defined demo for users to test the AI, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  4. Offers API for seamless integration with various services or applications, enhancing versatility and usability.

Perplexity AI Cons

  1. Some users report a lack of in-depth customization options, limiting tailored experiences.

  2. Requires a fundamental understanding of AI for effective deployment, posing a learning curve for some users.

Perplexity AI Pricing 



Basic Plan


Pro Plan

$20/month & $200/year

7. YouChat

YouChat can do more than just search the web.

It can generate creative ideas, compose emails, summarize text, and assist you with coding tasks in languages like Javascript, Python, and HTML, among others.

Let YouChat be your go-to assistant for a wide range of tasks. 

YouChat Pros 

  1. YouChat can answer coding questions and help with code completion in real time.

  2. YouChat's writing AI allows for tailored content generation, including tone, audience, and key points.

  3. It seamlessly switches between chat-based assistance and search capabilities, offering various resources on a topic.

  4. Some advanced features are available after creating an account and signing in.


  1. Content creators may find the restriction of 10 free content pieces insufficient.

  2. Some features necessitate creating an account, which may not be preferred by users concerned about privacy or security.

YouChat Pricing

You Pro starts at $9.99/month

8. Jasper Chat

This chatbot excels in generating comprehensive blog articles, assisting with title brainstorming, enhancing the tone of your emails to make them sound more friendly and positive, and creating or editing various types of content. 

Jasper Chat Pros

  1. Jasper Chat can create content in 29 different languages, enhancing its accessibility to a global audience.

  2. Designed to remember past conversations, Jasper Chat responds contextually, ensuring a more coherent and relevant dialogue experience.

  3. Jasper Chat can be trained on your style guide, enabling it to generate content in your brand's specific tone and voice.

Jasper Chat Cons

  1. Similar to other AI content generators, customers may need to fact-check Jasper's output as it can sometimes produce inaccuracies that require editing.

  2. Jasper's responses might become repetitive or generic if not provided with sufficient information in prompts, potentially leading to less engaging conversations.

Jasper Chat Pricing 








Custom Pricing

9. SpinBot

This AI content tool doesn't generate content for you, but it can help you revamp your writing. By pasting your text into SpinBot, it can rewrite it, providing your content with a new tone, different wording, and a fresh perspective.

SpinBot Pros

  1. SpinBot can assist when you're stuck, offering alternative phrasing.

  2. Paraphrasing tool helps condense text and provides concise takeaways.

  3. The Grammar Checker tool enables swift content editing for improved quality.

SpinBot Cons

  1. SpinBot often elongates text and adds complexity, deviating from the original simplicity.

  2. While it enhances creativity, SpinBot doesn't save time in the writing process as it doesn't generate text.

  3. SpinBot might not be the most intuitive choice for boosting search engine rankings compared to other ChatGPT alternatives.

SpinBot Pricing

It’s a Free App! But you have to deal with annoying ads on the platform.

10. offers a variety of prompts to assist you in crafting content for blogs, social media posts, digital ads, product pages, and emails, among other purposes. Beyond marketing emails, it can generate personalized cold outreach emails for your sales team. Moreover, it is capable of generating internal documentation. Pros

  1. offers features specifically designed to cater to the needs of sales teams, enhancing their content generation capabilities.

  2. SOC 2 compliance and accreditation ensure high-level security, guaranteeing the safety of your data while using

  3. provides an open API, allowing seamless integration into your customer relationship management platform for sending automatic personalized emails. Cons

  1. Users have reported that the generated copy may lack originality, creativity, and insight compared to human-generated content.

  2. There are instances where the AI presents different facts when prompted with the same question. Pricing




Free Forever


$49/month & $36/month


$249/month & $186/month


$1333/month & $1000/month


$4000/month & $3000/month

11. ChatSonic

ChatSonic also has a similarity with Microsoft Bing—it connects to a search engine repository to retrieve current information. However, unlike Bing, ChatSonic uses Google as its repository instead of Bing.

ChatSonic Pros

  1. ChatSonic offers diverse capabilities, including text generation, digital artwork creation, and voice command interactions, making it versatile for various creative tasks.

  2. Ideal for creatives, ChatSonic aids in boosting productivity by providing efficient solutions for both textual and visual tasks, streamlining the workflow.

  3. ChatSonic provides intelligent AI chatbots for businesses, enabling human-like interactions with customers and facilitating personalized engagements.

ChatSonic Cons

  1. Its multifunctionality may lead to a steeper learning curve for users.

  2. Reliance on AI for customer interactions may pose challenges in handling unique or complex customer queries.

ChatSonic Pricing





Small Team






12. WriterZen

On this platform, you’ll find an AI-powered content generation assistant along with a host of smart SEO tools. It’s this well-balanced blend of functionalities that has propelled WriterZen into the league of the best ChatGPT alternative AI solutions for SEO.

WriterZen Pros

  1. Keyword Explorer for uncovering relevant SEO keywords.

  2. Topic Discovery feature for suggesting rewarding topics in your industry.

  3. Plagiarism Checker to confirm content originality.

  4. Content Creator with built-in AI assistant for generating article outlines.

  5. Ability to complete paragraphs from a prompt.

  6. Text rewriting capabilities for content enhancement.

  7. Ideal for use as an AI SEO assistant to improve content optimization.

WriterZen Cons

  1. Not designed for generating content entirely from scratch.

  2. May require additional human input for in-depth, high-quality articles.

  3. Limited creative input compared to human writers.

  4. May not fully replace the need for content strategists and writers in some cases.

WriterZen Pricing



Cluster Only


Cluster & Research


Cluster & Content


All in One


13. Github Copilot

GitHub Copilot, a product developed by OpenAI's Codex, is designed to aid in coding tasks. Its operation is simple: by harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT, a language prediction model, GitHub Copilot comprehends the context of your code and offers suggestions to complete lines effectively.

Github Copilot Pros

  1. Provides autocomplete-like suggestions based on contextual analysis of the file being worked on.

  2. Trained in a wide variety of programming languages from public repositories, ensuring diverse language support.

  3. Offers high-quality suggestions, dependent on the volume and diversity of training data for specific languages.

  4. Adapts to the coding habits of professional developers over time, enhancing productivity.

Github Copilot Cons

  1. Requires a substantial amount of diverse and voluminous training data for optimal performance.

  2. Might not be as effective for niche or less commonly used programming languages.

  3. Professional developers might find it less suitable for complex or specialized tasks.

Github Copilot Pricing






$4/month & $3.67/month


$21/month & 19.25/month

14. Claude

Claude AIis a direct competitor to ChatGPT from the team at Anthropic.

It is designed to help with text-based and conversation-driven tasks. Anthropic's goal is to create intelligent systems that prioritize usefulness, integrity, and safety.

Users can easily access Claude through a user-friendly chat interface or the developer console API, making it convenient for different requirements.

It serves as a creative tool, providing writing automation and drafting assistance. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to create diverse and unique content, helping writers brainstorm and automating repetitive writing tasks.

Claude Pros

  1. You'll find writing suggestions that are perfect for content creators and writers.
  2. Get help with generating ideas.
  3. The AI effortlessly adjusts to your writing style.
  4. Simplify the process of creating documents.

Claude Cons

  1. Certain users have reported intermittent suggestions that are not always accurate or relevant.
  2. Its main function is to assist with writing and may not be as suitable for general conversational AI tasks.

Claude Pricing

Claude prices start at $1.63/million tokens - for prompting. And $5.51/million tokens for completion.

This is the Claude's full price chart as of November 2023 -

15. Tabnine

Tabnine, originally launched as Codota, pioneered the development of an innovative code completion plugin that quickly gained recognition in the IDE market. Its extensive support for various languages, libraries, and frameworks has set a new standard for users seeking efficient coding solutions.

Tabnine Pros

  1. Ability to host and train your own AI models, ensuring code security on corporate servers.

  2. Tabnine requires minimal context to provide midline ideas, enhancing coding efficiency.

  3. Seamless integration and convenient suggestions while typing.

Tabnine Cons

  1. Limited information is available on the specific security measures in place for hosting and training AI models.

  2. Some users might find the minimal context approach limiting, especially in complex coding scenarios.

Tabnine Pricing









16. Elsa

Elsa Speak is an AI-powered language-learning application that assesses user speech and generates tailored tasks for easy comprehension. This makes it a top alternative to ChatGPT for language learners.

Elsa Pros

  1. LSA offers bite-sized customized lessons for tailored English improvement.

  2. Quick assessment tools allow users to test their progress efficiently.

  3. Progress tracking boards and graphs visually display users' accomplishments.

Elsa Cons

  1. Limited depth in content due to the focus on bite-sized lessons.

  2. Potential lack of comprehensive coverage in certain language aspects.

Elsa Pricing







17. Bloom

Bloom, a state-of-the-art multilingual language model, has been collaboratively developed by a group of more than a thousand AI specialists. As an open-source platform, it is highly esteemed as one of the leading alternatives to ChatGPT.

Bloom Pros 

  1. Bloom can generate text in 46 languages, enhancing its versatility and accessibility.

  2. Bloom is proficient in 13 programming languages, catering to a wide array of technical tasks.

  3. Bloom's text generation closely mimics human-like writing, ensuring high-quality outputs.

Bloom Cons

  1. Bloom's proficiency may vary across languages, leading to inconsistencies in output quality.

Bloom Pricing



Starter Plan


Pro Plan


18. DeepL Write

DeepL Write offers an excellent solution for individuals seeking to avoid plagiarism and create unique content. It not only identifies grammar errors but also offers valuable suggestions and recommendations on style, tone, phrasing, and word choice. 

DeepL Pros

  1. Flexible translation capabilities enhance content creation.

  2. Ideal for content creators, researchers, and students.

  3. Facilitates swift and effortless production of high-quality content.

DeepL Cons

  1. Limited to users who require translation features.

  2. May not be suitable for individuals seeking pure writing experience.

DeepL Pricing



DeepL Translator




$34.49/month ​

19. Elicit 

Elicit serves as a research assistant powered by advanced language models like GPT-3, designed to enhance a researcher's efficiency. Currently, the primary function of Elicit revolves around the literature review process.

Elicit Pros 

  1. Provides timely access to a comprehensive collection of relevant publications.

  2. Facilitates exploration of various datasets and analysis methods employed by different authors.

  3. Offers valuable insights for students, aiding their coursework and research.

Elicit Cons

  1. Access to such a vast collection might be overwhelming, leading to information overload.

  2. Quality control of the publications may vary, leading to potential misinformation.

Elicit Pricing








Custom Pricing

20. ClickUp

ClickUp AI comes equipped with a vast array of pre-programmed prompts, allowing users to seamlessly engage with the platform. This feature enables businesses to swiftly integrate AI into various aspects of their operations.

ClickUp Pros

  1. ClickUp offers job-specific prompts to help you harness AI to simplify your processes, making it easier for users to improve their workflow.

  2. The Chrome extension allows users to effortlessly incorporate ClickUp into their online apps, making it easier to access and utilize.

  3. This AI model is designed to address activities relevant to your profession, encompassing a wide range of industries from marketing to project management. 

ClickUp Cons

  1. While ClickUp offers a free plan, access to AI features is restricted to users with paid plans.

ClickUp Pricing



For Forever







Contact Sales


This specialized AI language model tool is tailor-made to assist you in managing your meetings effortlessly. Otter can generate meeting notes, record audio, capture slides, and provide summaries. With this user-friendly tool, you can ensure your entire team stays on the same page. Pros

  1. Ensures clear record of information shared in project meetings using voice-to-text features.

  2. Outsources tedious parts of project management, allowing focus on more important tasks. Cons

  1. Forgetting to turn off the AI can lead to continuous recording, risking the inclusion of sensitive information.

  2. Otter doesn’t automatically identify action items, requiring manual effort to locate them within the transcription. Pricing






$16.99 (Monthly

$10 (Yearly)


$35 (Monthly)

$20 (Yearly)



Final Thoughts

We've explored a range of AI-powered chatbot and virtual assistant options, both free and paid. These alternatives offer diverse features and capabilities, catering to different needs and budgets. Among them, the Elephas app stands out as our top pick.

With its cutting-edge AI technology, natural language processing, and user-friendly interface, Elephas offers a seamless conversational experience.

Whether you're looking for an AI chatbot for customer support, content generation, or personal assistance, the Elephas app is a reliable choice to enhance productivity and engagement in various domains.

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