​Ever wondered how your Mac experience could get even smarter? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most powerful way to revolutionize your daily activities. 

AI's enormous data processing and adaptive learning have simplified human life in a variety of ways, from anticipating customer behavior to improving writing skills. Aside from reducing resources, AI software improves accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the timely completion of your duties. 

If you're a Mac enthusiast looking to leverage the power of AI, you're in for a feast. 

Explore our hand-picked list of the best ten AI tools for Mac in 2024. These adaptable solutions promise to open up new possibilities for creativity, productivity, and overall convenience.

So let's get started

Importance of AI Apps in Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

1- Streamlining Task

AI programs for Mac might help you save time by automating monotonous chores. These apps learn from your behaviors, predicting actions and making suggestions to save you time. Consider your computer anticipating your requirements, such as organizing files or generating reminders, so you can focus on more important tasks, transforming your Mac into a smart and efficient friend.

2- Personalized Assistance 

AI apps on your Mac give tailored help, adjusting experiences depending on your preferences. AI is used by virtual assistants such as Siri to understand your voice instructions and do tasks such as sending messages or searching the web. This improves efficiency while also making computing more user-friendly and customizable.

3- Advanced Security Measures

AI-powered security applications significantly enhance the safety of your Mac. These apps can detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, protecting your data from malware and cyber-attacks. With AI continuously learning and adapting to new threats, your Mac becomes a fortress against evolving security risks, ensuring a safer and more secure digital experience.

4- Advanced Creativity and Design

AI applications bring a new level of creativity to your Mac, assisting in design and content creation. From image and video editing to suggesting design elements, these tools amplify your creative capabilities. With AI assisting in tasks like color correction or suggesting design layouts, your Mac becomes a powerful platform for unleashing artistic expression and boosting productivity in creative endeavors.

5- Improved Time Management

AI apps help optimize your time management on a Mac. By analyzing your usage patterns, these applications can provide insights into your productivity habits. This data-driven approach enables better planning and prioritization of tasks, helping you make the most of your time. With AI-powered tools, your Mac becomes a strategic ally in managing your schedule efficiently, improving overall productivity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an AI-Powered MAC App

Factors that can help you choose the best AI apps are given below:

1- User-Friendly Interface

When selecting an AI-powered Mac app, consider its ease of use. A user-friendly interface ensures that you can navigate through the application effortlessly. Look for apps with intuitive design and clear instructions to make your experience enjoyable and productive. This factor ensures that you can quickly harness the power of AI without getting bogged down by complex menus or confusing features.

2- Compatibility and Integration

Examine whether the AI app works properly with your existing Mac ecosystem. The greatest programs integrate seamlessly with other software and devices you use regularly. Compatibility provides a smooth workflow, which enables the AI app to improve your entire user experience. You need to look for apps that sync seamlessly with popular Mac tools and software, offering a seamless and coherent digital environment.

3- Customization Options

Select an AI software with customization tools to adjust its functionality to your requirements. The option to customize settings and preferences enables you to enhance AI performance based on your workflow and preferences. This guarantees that the software adjusts to your specific needs, making it a useful and adaptable tool in your daily work.

4- Data Privacy and Security 

When choosing an AI-powered Mac software, prioritize data protection. Check if the application employs strong security features, such as encryption and secure data storage. Check for explicit privacy policies to ensure that your personal and sensitive information is safeguarded. Trustworthy AI apps promote user privacy, allowing consumers to use the technology without the concern of compromising their data.

5- Updates and Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance are essential for an AI-powered Mac app's best performance. Choose programs from developers who are dedicated to continuous improvement, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. This means that your AI tool is always up to date with the newest breakthroughs, ensuring a trustworthy and developing solution that meets your changing needs. Regular updates also demonstrate the developer's dedication to long-term support and continuing software enhancement.

Here are the 10 Best AI Tools for MAC: With Ratings & Reviews

1- Elephas App

Elephas, the AI writing assistant, seamlessly integrates into Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications, allowing you to maintain your workflow without the need to switch between apps or use a browser.  

Elephas Key Features

  1. Super Brain consolidates information seamlessly from PDFs, web pages, and platforms like Notion and Obsidian for a centralized knowledge hub.

  2. Enhances data vitality, allowing effortless brainstorming and engaging conversations with your own knowledge base.

  3. Seamlessly integrates information from diverse sources, promoting efficient knowledge exchange and collaboration.

  4. Enables swift access to relevant data, optimizing productivity and decision-making processes.

  5. Facilitates easy and intuitive communication with the Elephas dataset, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Elephas Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










Elephas Ratings

Capterra: 4.1/5

Product Hunt: 4.5/5

Elephas Reviews

1- Product Hunt

Joachim M. Guentert  - “

I love Elephas – using it every day”

Aswin Kumar  - 

“I made a mistake by incorporating this into my everyday process; now I can't live without it.

- Highly addicting 

- Increased my productivity by tenfold 

- Every time, it sends me a beautiful email”

Abhay Prasana  - 

“Amazing product and responsive founder.” 

Greg Housh  - 

“I've been using Elephas since the beginning. I still remember the first dev+users Zoom call to discuss features and learn more about what's coming. It was just me and the dev. It is one of the few apps that last. I still use it every day. The best feature for me has been the brains. I have a few trained up on specific topics, and they honestly speed up all content creation, programming, and editing I do throughout the week.”

2- Capterra

Sean M. - 

“Elephas Saves me time as I set up my new business”

Aaron B. - 

“I've been very happy with it. I work in a foreign language context, and it helps me make sure that the text I produce uses appropriate collocations, etc. given the context. It is like having a native-speaking assistant at my disposal at all times, and I don't even need to feed him.”

James A. - 

“I like the continue writing, and the rewrite feature the most. I really like how it integrates seamlessly into Mac OS - and hope it stays lightweight and minimal. Hotkeys are great too!

Eric H - 

“Saves me a lot of time when writing.”

David Antonio A - 

“It's also helped me create the Google Sheets formula which is amazing. Saved tons of hours so far.”

2- Canary Mail

Canary Mail is the ultimate AI tool tailored for MAC users, ensuring a seamless and optimized experience. Using this powerful tool to summarize lengthy emails, you may rapidly comprehend the important ideas and streamline your correspondence.

Canary Mail Key Features

  1. Effortlessly enhance your email communication with AI efficiency. 

  2. Elevate your email writing experience and save valuable time

  3. Offload tedious tasks with the help of your AI Copilot.

  4. Enjoy the convenience of a Unified Inbox for all your email accounts.

Canary Mail Pricing









Canary Mail Ratings

Capterra: 4.7/5

Product Hunt: 4.1 /5

Canary Mail Reviews

1- Capterra

Shawn P.  - 

“Very happy. It's easy to set up and has many customizable features. I have a filter in my email set up for "read later" emails from mailing lists and whatnot, and I can favorite this folder so it goes to the top, as an example.”

Kasi H. - 

“A must-have for any Hotel aiming to build and grow strong relationships with guests.” 

2- Product Hunt

Roy Ribak  - 

“Best email that I can read emails in RTL”

SemSeoMe V - 

“Easy to use secure and helpful email app.”

3- Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo stands out as the premier AI tool for Mac users, offering unparalleled capabilities in color enhancement and customization. Luminar Neo provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance vibrant colors effortlessly.

Luminar Neo

  1. Luminar employs cutting-edge AI neural networks to detect and enhance various facial features.

  2. Enjoy a streamlined portrait retouching process by working directly with detected facial elements.

  3. Say goodbye to the difficulty and tedium of conventional portrait retouching methods with Luminar's innovative approach.

  4. Luminar's AI precisely identifies and targets different facial attributes, ensuring accurate and efficient retouching.

Luminar Neo Pricing



1 month


24 months


12 months


Luminar Neo Rating

Capterra: 4/5

Product Hunt: 5/5

Luminar Neo Reviews

1- Capterra

Eric N.  - 

“The Luminar Neo software is quite simple to use. Calques and effects are quite simple to apply to photos.”

Herbert B.  - 

“Too expensive, too difficult. Luminar Neo and I are not going to get along. With ACDSEE Ultimate, I achieve significantly better freedom, for example, of people, hair, and so on. In my opinion, their KI is "smarter."

2- Product Hunt

Knut Erik B. - 

“Quality editing tool which I use as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. Very easy to use and provider of consistency. Recommended”.

Dmytro Bilash - 

“It's the must-have product for photo lovers and professionals”.

4- MacGPT

Experience the ultimate AI convenience with ChatGPT's Global feature on your Mac. Effortlessly engage in conversations by activating the central Global text field that appears on your screen. Elevate your Mac experience with the unparalleled capabilities of MacGPT, making it the premier AI tool for Mac users.

MacGPT Key Features

  1. Seamless Mac access for a user-friendly interaction.

  2. Direct output delegation to preferred text fields.

  3. Convenient mobile version accessible on iOS.

MacGPT Pricing

MacGPT comes with a Free plan! 

MacGPT Rating

Product Hunt: 5/5

MacGPT Reviews

1- Product Hunt

Fernando Anselmi - 

 “Tried a lot of extensions, in the end, MacGPT's simplicity is the definition of efficiency and convenience. Always there, no bugs, no hassle. Love the ability to prompt it globally, and get answers tailored to me every time. Excited to see where it goes.”

Master Yusuf  - “Amazing app”.

5- PhotosRevive

PhotosRevive, the premier AI tool for MacOS and iOS, specializes in infusing life into black-and-white photos. This versatile application provides users with the choice of automatic or manual colorization options, ensuring a seamless and vibrant transformation of old or monochromatic images.

PhotosRevive Key Features

  1. AI-assisted photo colorization for effortless restoration of black-and-white images.

  2. Manual mode with customizable color markers for precise and personalized color control.

  3. Batch production capability streamlines the colorization process for multiple photos simultaneously.

  4. User-created presets allow efficient and consistent application of preferred color schemes.

  5. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the addition of photos for seamless editing.

PhotosRevive Pricing



Unlimited Plan

$18.99/lifetime access (For 3 Macs)

PhotosRevive Ratings and Reviews​

We could not find publicly available ratings and reviews for PhotosRevive. But in our internal testing we found the app to be great in performance.

6- Taskheat

Taskheat, an innovative task management application compatible with MacOS and iOS, aims to enhance your productivity by efficiently organizing your to-do list and accelerating goal achievement. Leveraging artificial intelligence. 

Taskheat Key Features

  1. Easily create, modify, and delete task links for complex relationships.

  2. Adjust the flowchart based on assigned tasks to third parties with specific expertise.

  3. Enhance navigation through visually intuitive color-coded tags for tasks.

  4. Set and receive alerts for upcoming deadlines to stay organized and proactive.

  5. Utilize reminders based on location for efficient task management.

Taskheat Pricing



Full Version

$14.99/lifetime access 

Taskheat Rating

Product Hunt: 5/5

Taskheat Reviews

1- Product Hunt

Bohdan  - 

“As a product designer, I prefer to use flowcharts for anything in my mind, projects or task lists. The app is the best option for me!!! I love this app!”

7- PlusAI

Plus AI is the ultimate GPT-powered writing aid, designed specifically for Mac OS users via the easy Setapp monthly subscription. There is no need for an additional payment or a separate API key with Plus; everything you need is simply incorporated into your Setapp subscription.

PlusAI Key Features

  1. Activated by shortcut key, Plus seamlessly integrates into any application.

  2. Simplify and improve writing tasks, from emails to presentations and article summaries.

  3. Utilize Plus for efficient text generation, rewriting, and translation purposes.

  4. Keep spelling and grammatical errors in check with Plus's built-in proofreading capabilities.

  5. Create and customize prompts for frequently performed writing tasks in any application.

PlusAI Pricing



Free Plan


Slides Plan


Pro Plan




Plus AI Rating

Product Hunt: 5/5

Plus AI Reviews

Product Hunt

Chloe Qi - 

“This is the best AI slide generator. They have multiple layouts and themes and the slides look like something you could use in a professional presentation. Plus I don't have to learn yet another design tool.”

Daniel  - 

“Thoughtful application of generative AI. Nice tool to create outlines and draft slides”.

8- Typing Mind

TypingMind stands out as the premier AI tool for MAC users, ensuring an unparalleled and optimized experience on the platform. It offers an effortless experience enriched with unique features.

TypingMind Key Features

  1. Access TypingMind in your web browser hassle-free, no login is required for convenience.

  2. Download the app to your Mac's dock for quick and easy access.

  3. Keep your API key securely stored on your computer, ensuring enhanced privacy.

TypingMind Pricing



Free Plan








TypingMind Rating

Product Hunt: 4.9/5

TypingMind Reviews

Product Hunt

Gus Silber  - 

“I discovered Typing Mind on Setapp and am impressed. It makes using ChatGPT so much more user-friendly and flexible. Thank you for a terrific app.”

Ranjeeth Tunga - 

“Excellent product. Continuously updated, with search, folders, prompts, and characters to make using GPT-4 much easier.”

Maxwell Devis  - 

“Great little product - would love for it to integrate with no-code tools in the future!”

9- Bolt AI

BoltAI is the ultimate native ChatGPT application for Mac. Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your favorite apps without the hassle of constant context switching. Experience the pinnacle of AI tools for Mac with BoltAI – your go-to solution for enhanced productivity and effortless interaction.

Bolt AI Key Features

  1. MacOS native app for easy integration and peak performance.

  2. Fast and powerful, offering a responsive and efficient user experience.

  3. Intuitive Chat UI for an engaging and user-friendly interaction.

  4. AI Commands and a Prompt Library are built in for greater functionality and customization.

  5. Design that prioritizes user data security and privacy.

  6. For tailored and controlled access, use your API key.

Bolt AI Pricing









Bolt AI Ratings and Reviews

Bolt AI doesn't have any publicly available ratings and reviews. But as per our internal tests it has average performance compared to other products in the list.

10- Rewind.ai

The ultimate personalized AI, Rewind, taps into the power of your past experiences—everything you've seen, spoken, or heard. Your colleagues will be amazed at how effortlessly you manage everything with your unrivaled skills. 

Rewind.ai Key Features

  1. Automatic recording for any meeting host, eliminating the need for manual initiation.

  2. Excludes bot invitations, ensuring privacy and maintaining a focused, human-centric recording environment.

  3. Effortlessly save hours with auto-recordings and receive human-level meeting summaries for seamless collaboration.

  4. A robust backup system prevents data loss due to forgetfulness or browser crashes.

  5. Time-travel functionality allows users to scroll back to any moment. 

Rewind.ai Pricing



Free Plan


Pro Plan


ReWind.ai Rating

Product Hunt: 4.9/5

ReWind.ai Reviews

Product Hunt

George Son “One of the most useful AI products I've seen. Glad the creators thought about data security and storing everything on the computer itself. Good luck.”

Tony Tin N. “Awesome for AI assistant”.

Shwan Will Lee “Very useful, beautifully designed, easy to navigate. I use it for time-tracking and launching meetings, summaries, and recommendations. Highly recommend.”

Final Thoughts

We conclude that the AI tools for MAC in 2024 are dynamic and promising, offering users a diverse range of options for enhancing productivity and creativity. 

After meticulous research and consideration of ratings and reviews, Elephas stands out as our top pick. Its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and positive user feedback make it a standout choice for those seeking top-notch AI tools on the MAC platform. 

As technology continues to evolve, these tools serve as indispensable assets, empowering users to navigate the digital landscape with efficiency and innovation.