Are you a Mac user, trying to elevate your professional life with top-notch tools? 

Well, you're in the right spot. 

In our fast-paced digital world, being a productivity wizard is the way to go. 

Luckily, if you're part of the Apple clan, you've got a treasure trove of apps waiting to make your life easier. These apps are all about getting things done, boosting your efficiency, and keeping you super organized. 

Today, we're going to unveil the 25 absolute best productivity apps for Mac users like you. Whether you're into task juggling, note scribbling, or just need some help with time management and teamwork, we've handpicked these apps to supercharge your productivity.

So let's get started -


1- Elephas App

The first best productivity is the Elephas App, designed to enhance the user's writing efficiency by seamlessly connecting their iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Elephas is by far the best ChatGPT app for your Mac.

And it comes bundled with a smart AI keyboard for your iPhone as well.

What Elephas is About? 

Elephas App is a game-changing AI assistant designed for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

It enables effortless content creation and editing across Apple devices, making tasks like writing emails and documents a breeze. 

With the ability to rewrite the text in various tones, the Elephas app serves as a personal AI Writing Assistant.

Key Features

  • Empowered by GPT-3, this AI writing assistant is a formidable tool.
  • It can be Seamlessly integrated into Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Elephas app effortlessly imports data from PDFs, Word docs, Notion, Obsidian, and webpages.
  • Crafting captivating content is a breeze with its idea suggestions, sentence structures, and paragraph generation.
  • It identifies errors and areas for improvement.
  • Can create topic-specific brains and easily share their URLs for collaborative learning.

Super brain is the most powerful feature of Elephas, read more about it here -

How to create your own AI powered second brain


Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










2- IA Writer

iA Writer offers a pure writing experience, with an interface that stays out of your way, allowing you to immerse yourself in your text.

What IA Writer is About? 

iA Writer is an application designed to provide a clean and straightforward writing environment. Its Focus mode enhances your writing experience by dimming everything except for the current phrase or paragraph, helping you stay in the creative flow.

Key Features

  • User has the flexibility to export their work in various formats, including PDF, HTML, docx, and even directly to platforms like Medium.
  • It assists in identifying superfluous adjectives, weak verbs, repetitive nouns, and incorrect conjunctions.
  • Its light-on-dark mode suits various lighting conditions perfectly.


Free Plan

Premium Plan



Task Management

3- Alfred

To free up time for deep work, consider employing Mac shortcuts. You can establish these shortcuts efficiently with the assistance of an automation tool, such as Alfred.

What Alfred is About? 

Alfred serves as an automation application, facilitating the discovery of apps and files, workflow creation, hotkey configuration, keywords, text expansion, and other features. It empowers users to search their Mac and the web while increasing productivity with customizable actions for Mac control.

Key Features

  • Alfred remembers everything you copy, making it easy to search and retrieve text, images, or files.
  • Create text templates for repetitive tasks like email responses, and trigger them with a command in Alfred.
  • Integration with 1Password is an amazing feature. So, one can quickly find and access passwords stored in 1Password through Alfred's interface.


Single License 

Mega Supporter 

34 Pounds 

59 Pounds

Single User

Single User

4- Evernote

With this amazing Evernote app, one can Streamline your tasks, and de-clutter your life Effortlessly manage your notes, to-dos, and appointments from a single hub.

What Evernote is About?

This highly adaptable note-taking application empowers you to effortlessly capture, categorize, and manage a wide array of content, including ideas, documents, and web clippings. It boasts robust features such as multimedia note support, seamless synchronization, and an advanced search functionality.

Key Features

  • Sync and organize – Keep your notes handy
  • Provide templates for better notes and faster
  • Can find exactly what you need with advanced search-ability
  • Can bring your notes and to-dos together.


Free Plan

Personal Plan

Professional Plan




5- Magnet

Magnet is a productivity app for Mac that helps users manage their windows and keep their workspace organized. 

What Magnet is About? 

Magnet is an essential window manager for your Mac, designed to streamline your workspace and boost productivity. With Magnet, you can effortlessly organize your open windows by snapping them into customizable files. You have multiple ways to activate this feature, including easy drag-and-drop, and personalized keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features

  • Customize window alignment for efficient document comparison.
  • Simplify data transfer between documents with precise window positioning.


Purchasing of App


6- Trello

Trello is a highly adaptable tool for project management and team collaboration, renowned for its user-friendly and visually pleasing interface centered around boards, lists, and cards.

What Trello is About? 

Trello, a top-notch free digital planner, allows you to craft boards for various projects or work domains. Inside each board, you can establish lists to denote distinct phases or classifications. Each list houses cards that signify particular tasks, and you have the flexibility to swiftly shift cards to denote their progress to team members. 

Key Features

  • Adaptable tool featuring drag-and-drop capabilities and live synchronization.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a wide array of productivity applications.


Free Plan

Standard Plan

Premium Plan

Enterprise Plan


$5 per user/month

$10 per user/month

$17.50 per user/month

7- Todoist

Todoist is a robust task manager designed to help individuals and teams stay organized by managing to-do lists seamlessly across all their devices.

What Todoist is About? 

With Todoist one can quickly unload your thoughts into Todoist's task field for instant natural language recognition and organized task listing. Achieve mental clarity effortlessly as your tasks are categorized into Today, Upcoming, and Custom Filters.

Key Features

  • Todoist ensures essential features such as due dates, reminders, project management, and seamless collaboration.
  • The app's task organization system is categorized by date, priority, and project.


For Personal Workspace

Beginner Plan

Pro Plan


$4/month - billed Yearly

$5/month - billed monthly

For Team Workspace

Beginner Plan

Pro Plan


$6 per user/month - billed annually

$8 per user/month - billed monthly

8- Things 3

It is a task manager designed to help you organize your day, oversee your projects, and achieve tangible progress toward your objectives.

What Things 3 is About? 

Things 3 categorize tasks into projects, establish due dates, establish recurring tasks, and synchronize seamlessly across all your Apple devices. It offers full customization and is tailor-made for Apple enthusiasts. 

Key Features

  • The all-new feature boasts a fresh design with improved interactions, animations, and structure.
  • Plan your week with the Upcoming list.
  • Easily tackle large projects by adding Headings to break them into smaller parts.
  • Use checklists for tasks with multiple steps.


Free Plan

Pro Plan (For Mac costs)


$49.99 (Just once)

9- Keyboard Maestro

Instead of spending valuable time on repetitive tasks, you can streamline your workflow by utilizing apps like Keyboard Maestro to automate various processes.

What Keyboard Maestro is About? 

Keyboard Maestro is a proprietary automation application designed to streamline various tasks on your Mac. It facilitates actions such as launching and closing applications, as well as swiftly switching between apps using keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features

  • This feature enables you to handle multiple clipboards efficiently.
  • Simplify your workflow by swiftly navigating between various applications using this feature.
  • Easily switch between different windows within applications, streamlining your multitasking experience.


One-time Purchase




10- MindNode

Next up in our lineup of Mac productivity apps is MindNode, a tool that takes brainstorming sessions to an entirely new level.

What MindNode is About?

MindNode proves to be an excellent tool for effectively structuring your brainstormed ideas into a coherent and organized visual representation. This application empowers you to seamlessly capture and manage all your creative thoughts and categorize them for clarity.

Key Features

  • Leverage the Outline view to brainstorm in a structured and organized manner.
  • Visual Tags allow you to categorize and provide additional context to your ideas.
  • MindNode's Focus Mode addresses this issue by highlighting one branch of your mind map at a time.


Free Plan

MindNode Plus





Email Management

11- Spark Mail

A swift, universally accessible email platform engineered to sift through distractions, enabling you to concentrate on your priorities.

What Spark Mail is About? 

Spark Mail for Mac stands out as an email service recognized for its exceptional collaborative functionalities. It empowers users to seamlessly distribute email conversations with coworkers and delegate emails as actionable tasks, among a plethora of other impressive features.

Key Features

  • Spark Mail provides Smart Inbox organization for enhanced productivity.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface for seamless email management.
  • Users can efficiently handle shared inboxes with multiple people.


Free Plan

Premium Individual 

Premium Team


$4.99/month – billed annually

$6.99 per user/month – billed annually 



12- Airmail 

Another blazingly Quick Email App that is Optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is Airmail. 

What Airmail is About? 

Airmail is a fully accessible mail client, that is thoughtfully crafted for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It enhances email productivity through its comprehensive customization options, bespoke actions, and seamless integration with a diverse array of apps and services.

Key Features

  • It offers support for multiple email accounts and folders.
  • The email client includes snooze options for better productivity.
  • It seamlessly integrates with productivity tools like Fantastical and Todoist.
  • Integration with Evernote allows for efficient note-taking and organization.
  • It syncs with calendars to keep your schedule up to date.
  • The email client offers integration with various cloud apps for easy file management.


Airmail Pro

Airmail Business


$49.99 (for single purchase)


Time Management

13- Timeular 

Instead of estimating, track your time precisely. 

Now You can save time by documenting the truth in under a minute per day. Can rewrite entries without providing explanations with a most fantastic tool – Timeular.

What Timeular is About? 

Timeular is a time-tracking app that offers a unique and efficient way to monitor and manage how you allocate your time. It combines both software and a physical device to simplify the time-tracking process. The app allows users to set budgets for projects or tasks. This is especially useful for businesses and freelancers. 

Key Features

  • It's user-friendly in both team and solo settings.
  • Effortless navigation via keyboard shortcuts for tracking.
  • It generates transparent, exportable reports for easy sharing.
  • Enables data analysis and trend comparisons for improved time estimations.



Personal Pro


$7.50/month – billed annually 

$11.70/month – billed annually

$15.80/month – billed annually

$9 - billed monthly

$14 - billed monthly

$19 - billed monthly


14- Notion 

Notion stands out as an organizing app due to its impressive collection of templates designed for efficiently managing to-do lists and note-taking.

What Notion is About? 

Notion is an all-in-one workspace tool that combines note-taking, task management, project planning, and collaboration features. It's known for its flexibility and versatility, making it a popular choice for individuals, teams, and organizations looking to streamline their work processes.

Key Features

  • When working remotely, Notion serves as a valuable tool for enhancing collaboration with colleagues.
  • Notion enables you to generate documents for team collaboration, facilitating seamless sharing, teammate mentions, comment exchange, and task notifications.
  • By employing layers, you can efficiently structure your folders and subfolders.
  • Notion conveniently offers a web extension that simplifies saving and revisiting links.


Free Plan

Plus Plan

Business plan



$8/month - billed annually

$15/month - billed annually

$10/month - billed monthly

$18/month - billed monthly

Privacy and Password Management

15- Dashlane

Dashlane Password Manager prioritizes security above all else. Their patented zero-knowledge encryption ensures that no one can’t access your passwords and passkeys, guaranteeing your privacy and protection.

What Dashlane is About? 

Dashlane offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to securely store passwords, credit card details, IDs, and sensitive data in the cloud. It seamlessly synchronizes this information across your devices, ensuring easy access and efficient sharing across platforms.

Key Features

  • The application provides a robust password generator.
  • You can conveniently autofill your login credentials by authenticating with Face ID.
  • In the event of a data breach, instant alerts will be sent to notify you.
  • The app seamlessly integrates with Safari, allowing you to save passwords and access your existing credentials effortlessly.


Personal Plans

Premium Plan

Friends & Family Plan

$3.33/month - billed annually

$4.99/month - billed annually 

(for 10 accounts)

Professional Plans

Starter Plan

Business Plan

$20/month - billed annually 

(for 10 accounts)

$6/month - billed annually 

16- 1 Password

When discussing the top Mac applications for enhancing productivity, it's crucial to include tools that prioritize the security of your passwords. Therefore, 1 Password is on our top list. 

What 1 Password is About? 

1Password is a Mac application designed to safeguard all your passwords. It simplifies the process by requiring you to remember just one crucial element: your Account password. 

Key Features

  • This is where you can conveniently store and manage all your passwords.
  • Within this application's watchtower, you can assess your overall password security
  • The Secret key adds an extra layer of security, known only to you.




Team Starter Pack







17- Mind Meister

Mind mapping begins by placing the central idea at the core of your visual map. You can then branch out with an unlimited number of subtopics to delve into your thoughts with this amazing app – Mind Meister.

What Mind Meister is About? 

This tool fosters collaborative mind-mapping, facilitating team brainstorming, project planning, and idea sharing. It seamlessly enables real-time collaboration and seamlessly integrates with various project management applications.

Key Features

  • MindMeister on Mac offers cloud-based accessibility for mind maps from any internet-connected computer, featuring real-time collaboration and a presentation mode, all with a free plan.


Basic Plan

Personal Plan

Pro Plan

Business Plan



3.50/month - billed annually 


$5.50/month - billed annually 


$8.50/month - billed annually

18- Pumble

Traditional emails often fall short when quick responses are required from colleagues. That's why utilizing a business messaging application like Pumble is a preference.

What Pumble is About? 

Pumble is a no-cost business communication application designed to facilitate seamless collaboration among colleagues through various features such as Direct messaging, Channels, and Threads. Pumble allows users to effortlessly share files with their coworkers. 

Key Features

  • This feature allows you to emphasize specific sections of your messages for better communication.
  • You can have efficient and immediate discussions with your colleagues through voice and video calls.
  • This option is ideal for maintaining your focus on work by preventing interruptions from others.


Free Plan

Pro Plan



19- Fantastical 

Fantastical is another must-have Mac dock app that provides powerful reminders and meeting scheduling capabilities.

What Fantastical is About?

This fantastic app boasts an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface, featuring various views optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its natural language processing enables effortless event and task creation through text prompts.

Key Features

  • Users can conveniently check weather forecasts in their calendars.
  • The app offers diverse calendars for sports, holidays, and TV shows, adding an element of fun.
  • It also supports multiple macOS shortcuts to boost productivity.


Personal & Family

For Individual

For Family

$4.75/month - billed annually

$7.50/month - billed annually 

Teams & Business

For Teams 

$4.75 per user/month - billed annually 


20- Bartender 4

Bartender, now in its fourth version, is a highly efficient decluttering application. You can say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through an overwhelming sea of browser tabs to locate what truly matters.

What Bartender is About? 

This application assists you in efficiently managing, reordering, or discreetly concealing numerous browser tabs or applications. It achieves this through the cleverly named "Bartender Bar." Whenever you desire to retrieve your concealed items, you can effortlessly do so by employing the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Key Features

  • Adjust menu bar item spacing with options for normal, small, or no spacing.
  • Receive notifications for WiFi connection status and battery level.
  • Customize hotkeys and employ Menu bar spacers.


Free Plan

Pro Plan



Noise Elimination

21- Krisp

Krisp is an application designed to eliminate distractions and enable you to concentrate exclusively on your meetings and important work.

What Krisp is About? 

Krisp, a Mac tool, enables users to effectively eliminate both self-generated noise and background noise originating from other speakers. Additionally, Krisp offers echo cancellation capabilities, allowing users to remove both noise and room echo. It seamlessly integrates with over 800 communication tools, making it a versatile solution for various collaboration needs.

Key Features

  • Keep track of the time you spend speaking in meetings, helping you manage your communication effectively.
  • Gain valuable insights into your meeting habits with an overview of your meeting history, total meeting attendance, and your total speaking time.
  • Customize your meeting background to eliminate potential visual distractions and enhance your professional appearance.


Free Plan

Pro Plan



$8/month per user – billed annually 


$12/month – billed monthly

Backup or Storage

22- Backblaze

Another essential addition to our lineup of Mac productivity apps is focused on easy backup and storage. This application ensures the safeguarding of your important files and directories on your Mac. 

What Backblaze is About? 

Backblaze stands as the ultimate online backup solution, ideal for safeguarding crucial documents from system crashes or antivirus program glitches. Whether it's personal data like family photos or business records, you can securely store it online.  

Key Features

  • Backblaze's Personal Backup plan offers a unique lost or stolen Mac tracking feature with data recovery and shipping.
  • The Business Backup plan includes server and computer backup options.
  • Developers can tailor a custom storage unit through the B2 Cloud Storage plan to meet their precise requirements.


B2 Cloud Storage

Business Backup

Personal Backup 





$130/2 year

Photo Editing

23- Luminar Neo

Here’s our next top advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor - Luminar Neo - that can help you unleash your creative potential. 

What Luminar Neo is About?

Luminar Neo stands out as a premier productivity tool tailored for Mac enthusiasts seeking robust photo editing capabilities uniquely optimized for their platform.

Key Features

  • Luminar Neo boasts a wide array of editing tools and features for both beginners and experienced editors.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes professional-grade editing accessible to all.
  • It harnesses advanced AI technologies to streamline and automate editing tasks, saving valuable time.


Beginner Plan

Standard Pan

Pro Plan





$119/2 year



24- Cloud Turkey

How frequently do you find yourself getting sidetracked? To combat this issue, you can effectively employ a website-blocking tool to avoid time-wasting while working.

What Cloud Turkey is About? 

Cold Turkey is a productivity application designed to help you efficiently block digital distractions that can impede your work. Given that we spend approximately 3+ years of our lives on Social Media alone, along with other workplace diversions, Cold Turkey might be just what you need.

Key Features

  • Block websites, including domains, specific URLs, or the entire Internet, to enhance focus.
  • Schedule website blocks to align with your work hours and boost productivity.
  • Take short breaks by unlocking the "Distractions" section for relaxation and rejuvenation during work sessions.


Blocker Pro

$39.00 - Lifetime access


25- Scribe

If you want to demonstrate how to use a specific tool to your colleagues, one highly efficient method is to record the process and share the link with them. Scribe is the application that can assist.

What Scribe is About?

Scribe stands out as the ultimate tool for documenting and distributing digital processes effortlessly. Once installed, just click the "record" button and guide others through the process you wish to share.

Key Features

  • Transform actions into detailed guides with text and screenshots for easy sharing.
  • Streamline SOP creation, client onboarding, and employee training with Scribe's efficient and secure system.
  • Easily customize and share Scribes through links, emails, or CMS embedding.


Basic Plan

Pro Plan



$23/month (Personal)

$12/month (for team)


Final Thoughts

When choosing apps for your Mac, prioritize productivity tools that boost efficiency without introducing new time-wasting issues. 

This list includes diverse functionalities like time tracking, communication, note-taking, project management, password management, email, photo editing, cloud services, and distraction blockers. 

Use it to make informed app selections for your Mac workflow!

If you're looking for an AI app, then Elephas is our top choice, do try it for free for 30 days.​​

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