Do you want to complete numerous writing chores efficiently on your Mac?

Whether crafting content, managing marketing materials, or refining your writing skills, there's a dedicated Mac writing app to meet your needs. 

The options are vast, whether you're after an efficient outlining tool, an upgraded word processor, a reliable grammar checker, or an all-encompassing content marketing solution. 

The challenge? With so many choices, picking the perfect writing app for macOS can be overwhelming. 

That's where we step in to assist. If you're a fan of Apple's ecosystem, you're in for an unforgettable experience. 

Welcome to your ultimate guide for the 15 best Mac writing apps in 2024. 

Let's simplify your choices and elevate your writing game on your Mac!

What are Mac Writing Apps?

Mac Writing Apps are software applications designed to enhance and streamline the writing process on Apple's Mac computers. 

These applications offer a range of features, including word processing, text editing, and organisation tools, providing writers with a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. With features such as spell-check, grammar correction, and formatting options, Mac Writing Apps cater to various writing needs, from creative writing to professional document preparation. They contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable writing experience, making them valuable tools for writers, students, and professionals on the Mac platform. 

Benefits of Using Writing Apps on MAC

1- Streamlined User Interface

With Mac writing apps, users enjoy a sleek, intuitive interface for seamless navigation. The clean layouts and user-friendly menus enhance the writing experience, allowing for focused creativity without distractions. 

The minimalist design fosters a productive environment, making it easy to access essential tools and concentrate on crafting compelling content.

2- Optimized Performance for MAC Systems

Writing apps tailored for Mac are optimised to fully leverage the platform's capabilities. They run smoothly, utilising Mac's hardware and software integration for enhanced performance. 

This optimisation ensures swift response times, quick loading, and efficient multitasking, enabling writers to work effortlessly on complex projects without experiencing lags or slowdowns.

3- Integration With Mac Ecosystem

Mac writing apps seamlessly integrate with the broader Mac ecosystem, providing a cohesive experience across various applications. 

Users can easily share files between writing apps and other Mac programs, fostering a unified workflow. 

This integration extends to iCloud, allowing writers to access documents from different Mac devices, ensuring continuity and accessibility irrespective of the device used.

4- Enhanced Collaboration Features

Many Mac writing software provides collaboration features that make group tasks easier. Real-time editing, commenting, and version tracking make it easier for writers, editors, and other stakeholders to collaborate effectively. 

These tools speed up the review process by guaranteeing smooth communication and coordination among the writing team members, resulting in a more polished and unified final product.

5- Rich Text Formatting Options

Mac writing apps offer many formatting options, allowing writers to customise their documents quickly. These apps provide creative freedom while maintaining document consistency, from fonts and styles to advanced formatting features. 

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing approach enables writers to visualise their work in real-time, making it easier to achieve the desired aesthetic and formatting for a professional and visually appealing document.

6- Powerful Writing Tools and Features

Mac writing software frequently has robust writing tools, including grammar and spell checkers, thesaurus integration, and word suggestion functions. 

These tools assist authors in enhancing the quality of their material by detecting and correcting errors, hence increasing overall writing efficiency. 

For example, distraction-free settings and word count tracking lead to a more concentrated and productive writing experience.

7- Regular Updates and Support

Mac writing apps are typically backed by dedicated developers who consistently provide updates to enhance performance, security, and feature sets. 

Users benefit from ongoing support, ensuring that their writing app remains compatible with the latest Mac updates and continues to meet evolving user needs. 

This commitment to improvement guarantees a reliable and up-to-date writing tool, making it a valuable asset for Mac users seeking stability and longevity in their writing software.

Here are the 15 Best Writing Apps for MAC Users

1- Elephas App

Elephas App is a super smart writing helper made just for Mac users. Forget boring stuff like writing emails, creating content, and sorting through many documents. Improve your writing with Elephas – the most excellent AI tool- setting a new standard for awesome. Elephas isn't just any writing assistant – it's like a superpower for all your other writing apps on your Mac. It adds a unique layer of intelligent AI to improve everything you write.

Elephas Pros 

  1. Elephas works on top of all your favorite Mac apps, including powerful writing apps like Scrivener, Ulysses, Pages etc.
  2. Elephas is not a writing app, but a writing assistant that enhances your writing wherever you write. It can be a simple free app like Google docs, or a premium app like ProWriting Aid.
  3. Elephas app's Super Chat facilitates enlightening conversations with expert brains, enhancing the depth of user knowledge.

  4. Brains are specialized in various topics, ensuring users receive accurate and insightful answers to their questions.

  5. Easy brain creation and sharing feature promotes collaborative learning, allowing users to efficiently distribute knowledge among friends and followers.

Elephas Cons

  1. You need to use your own Open AI Key. (Here's how you can get it)

Elephas Pricing

Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan(Save 20%)

Lifetime Deal










Elephas is one of the best AI writing tools and generators that you can help with all your writing tasks. 

It is also one of the best Mac apps out there.

So if you're a Mac user, you should definitely try out Elephas. You can get a free 30 day trial from the Elephas home page -

Elephas Home

2- Pages

Let's talk about a perfect app that comes already on your Mac computer: Pages

It doesn't cost anything extra since it's included with your Mac. Like most things from Apple, it's easy to figure out. If you're going to write something, Pages is a great choice. The tools for making your words look the way you want are on the right side, and the buttons for adding things and commenting are at the top. This makes it easy to use without much extra stuff on your screen. It's the best app for writing on a Mac.

Pages Pros

  1. Diverse and enjoyable templates for creative document creation.

  2. Automatic saving to iCloud Drive ensures seamless access across Apple devices.

  3. Facilitates real-time collaboration on projects with colleagues.

  4. Easy cross-platform workability (iPhone, iPad, and Mac).

  5. It enhances document security through password protection.

Pages Cons

  1. Limited platform compatibility outside the Apple ecosystem.

  2. Dependency on iCloud Drive may pose challenges for users with limited internet access.

Pages Pricing

It’s a Free writing App! 

3- Notability 

No more using basic writing programs for notes.

Notability is a top-notch app for Mac users. With it, you can jot down notes, include audio recordings, mark up your notes, and easily share your work with others in your group.

Notability Pros

  1. Combines note-taking and freeform drawing for a comprehensive representation of ideas.

  2. Simple design that seamlessly complements Apple's products and software.

  3. Direct integrations across iPhones, iPads, and computers for efficient transfer of project notes.

  4. Seamless integration between various note types, including typed, handwritten, and audio notes.

Notability Cons

  1. Occasional inaccuracy when copying handwritten text into digital notes.

  2. The limited version imposes a strict editing limit, potentially hindering full-time use of the native Mac app.

Notability Pricing

It’s a free writing app and offers in-app purchases.



Starter Plan


Monthly Subscription


3 Months Subscription


Annual Subscription

$14.99 or $19.99

Family Subscription


4- Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the top choice for Mac users. It's widely used and has been the go-to writing app for decades. Many editors prefer it, making collaboration smoother. 

You can quickly get it with a Microsoft 365 subscription or by purchasing a license. Using MS Word ensures you and your editor are on the same page, enhancing compatibility and making your writing journey hassle-free.

Microsoft Word Pros

  1. They are packed with extensive formatting features for versatile document creation.

  2. Built-in grammar and spell-checker ensures polished and error-free writing.

  3. Includes an outliner for organised content structuring.

  4. Integrated translator facilitates seamless language translation.

  5. The thesaurus enriches vocabulary options for expressive writing.

  6. Dictation tool for hands-free and efficient content creation.

  7. Focus mode minimises distractions for a more immersive writing experience.

  8. Familiar and convenient for users transitioning from PC to Mac.

Microsoft Word Cons

  1. An overwhelming number of features may be daunting for some users.

  2. The presence of multiple icons can be distracting.

  3. Users seeking a minimalist interface might find it too feature-packed.

Microsoft Word Pricing

It’s a Free App and offers in-app purchases!



Basic Plan


Personal Plan


Family Plan


5- Scrivener

Scrivener stands out as the ultimate writing app for MAC users. Whether you're an academic, journalist, student, or author, it's your go-to tool for content outlining, research, and the writing process. Scrivener is designed for Mac and PC and tops the charts as the most comprehensive book-writing app. Its rich feature set caters to diverse user needs, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their writing experience.

Scrivener Pros

  1. The non-linear organisation enhances the review and organisation of paragraphs while maintaining oversight of the larger structure.

  2. Commenting and annotation features facilitate collaborative review without altering the written text.

  3. Integrated research tools provide intuitive access to supporting documents within the application.

  4. Corkboard view aids in planning and conceptualising writing projects through a virtual Post-it layout.

Scrivener Cons

  1. Potentially significant learning curve due to the abundance of writing, outlining, planning, and publishing features.

  2. Formatting options can be more selective compared to other writing apps on the list.

Scrivener Pricing



Standard License for macOS


Educational License for macOS



$59.99 or $50.99





6- MarsEdit 5

MarsEdit 5 simplifies blogging on your MAC. It's the ultimate writing program, making blogging faster, smoother, and more pleasurable. Many web writers realize the difficulty of writing directly on a hosting site, instantly putting hours of effort at risk. MarsEdit 5 eliminates that concern, making it the leading choice for MAC users looking for a dependable and efficient writing and publishing tool.

MarsEdit 5 Pros

  1. MarsEdit 5 allows you to write at your own pace.

  2. Assures the risk of losing your work.

  3. Offers a rich text editor with Markdown tools.

  4. Enables seamless exploration of the software's features.

  5. Simplifies the process of publishing your work.

MarsEdit 5 Cons

  1. Some word processors may introduce strange code into your work.

  2. Cleaning up code in other word processors can be time-consuming.

  3. Markdown is often chosen due to potential formatting issues in other programs.

MarsEdit 5 Pricing



Free Trial


Upgrade from Mardedit 4


MarsEdit 5


Recent Upgrade from MarsEdit 4


7- Ulysses

Ulysses stands out as a top-notch writing app designed exclusively for Apple devices. It is tailored for Mac users and goes beyond typical note-taking, supporting diverse writing projects like blog posts and novels. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, it can aid various writing endeavors. Whether crafting a blog entry or working on a book, Ulysses provides a seamless and efficient writing experience on your Mac device.

Ulysses Pros

  1. Built-in proofreader and editing assistant for 20 languages.

  2. Extensive export options for PDFs, eBook formats, and CMS blog posts.

  3. Tags, groups, and type organisation for a comprehensive writing project library.

  4. Deadlines and daily goals for monitoring the writing process and productivity.

Ulysses Cons

  1. Transferring documents may lead to data loss for some users.

  2. Lack of AI integration for streamlining or speeding up content creation.

Ulysses Pricing



Monthly Plan


Annually Plan


8- Journey

Journey stands out as the ultimate writing app for Mac users. This user-friendly journal and diary application effortlessly combines therapeutic and mind-jogging benefits, catering to personal and professional needs. With its intuitive interface, Journey ensures a seamless experience for capturing all your thoughts. Make the most of this dedicated app for an easy and rewarding journaling journey on your Mac.

Journey Pros

  1. Easy navigation through past entries across all devices.

  2. Location tagging is used for tracking life and professional writing journeys.

  3. Record and analyze sentiments in each entry.

  4. Supports photo, video, audio, and written journal entries.

  5. Seamless access to entries on various devices.

Journey Cons

  1. Limited to a single topic, challenging for diverse note-taking needs.

  2. It is a time-consuming setup for the first journal entries.

  3. Difficulties in using the same app for multiple issues or complex note-taking.

Journey Pricing 



Basic Plan


Monthly Plan


9- Bear

Bear stands out as the top writing app for Mac users. Its popularity has led to numerous alternatives trying to replicate its features. It's a go-to choice for many, making any list of the best writing tools incomplete without a nod to Bear.

Bear Pros

  1. Minimalist design with hotkey markdowns for easy note formatting.

  2. Native encryption ensures privacy for notes and sensitive information.

  3. Full cross-device integration for Mac users, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

  4. Extensive note export options supporting PDF, MD, DOCX, JPG, HTML, RTF, and more.

Bear Cons

  1. Copying and pasting into the app may lead to formatting challenges.

  2. Notes are only accessible through the app, lacking web browser integration.

Bear Pricing 



Basic Plan


Bear Pro Plan

$2.99/month or $29.99/year

10- Drafts 

Drafts is the ultimate writing app for Mac users. 

It flips the traditional approach by encouraging you to "write first, organise later." This unique philosophy lets you effortlessly capture your thoughts without worrying about formatting. Once you're done, easily decide how to structure and publish your content using its seamless integrations. It's the go-to tool for MAC users, prioritising a flexible and efficient writing process.

Drafts Pros 

  1. Intuitive dictation feature for seamless integration with Siri and hands-free note-taking.

  2. Streamlined workflows enable the tagging of new notes and easy organisation in the library.

  3. The Active Writer community provides a continuous flow of best practices, tips, and tricks for maximising app usage.

  4. Various app integrations, including Twitter and Google, facilitate the transition of notes from draft to final product.

Drafts Cons

  1. Lack of advanced text editing features.

  2. Limited functionality on non-desktop devices despite availability for all Mac devices.

Drafts Pricing 



Basic Plan


Pro Plan


11- IA Writer

This Mac writing app is the ultimate tool for focused text creation. IA Writer strips away unnecessary features, giving you a pure writing experience. Designed to enhance your writing and editing process, this app is a minimalist's dream. A back-to-basics approach ensures that your attention remains solely on the text. 

IA Writer Pros

  1. Focus Mode enhances concentration by highlighting the active part of sentences for a distraction-free interface.

  2. Syntax Highlight feature emphasises weak verbs and filler words, improving overall writing quality.

  3. An integrated wiki structure facilitates seamless connections between notes and documents.

  4. Template library aids in transforming plain text into visually appealing books, chapters, and articles.

IA Writer Cons

  1. Markdown coding may pose a learning curve, especially for users accustomed to traditional "what you see is what you get" editors.

  2. Export options can result in format discrepancies; a PDF-exported document may differ in appearance from its Microsoft Word-exported counterpart.

IA Writer Pricing




$49.99 (one-time purchase)

iPad and iPhone

$49.99 (one-time purchase)


$29.99 (one-time purchase)



12- Light Paper

LightPaper is the ultimate writing app for Mac users. Its light design simplifies note-taking and textwriting, featuring a straightforward folder structure. This simplicity ensures quick and efficient note organisation, making saving, finding, and taking action on your notes easy. It's the go-to choice for Mac users who appreciate a user-friendly writing experience.

Light Paper Pros

  1. Tab-based navigation for seamless movement across multiple notes and writing projects.

  2. The editor's outline view aids in jumping through sections of more significant documents without reading all the text.

  3. Customise markdown options to adjust to your familiarity with editing types.

  4. Quick Open feature finds and re-opens past documents when names are forgotten.

Light Paper Cons

  1. Limited export abilities for blog posts and websites, often restricting to web-based options.

  2. Rendering support can occasionally break down for more complex documents.

Light Paper Pricing 



Basic Plan

14-day Free Trial

Pro Plan


13- ProWriting Aid

ProWritingAid stands out as the ultimate writing companion for MAC users. It's a live editing tool supporting you from initial drafts to polished copies. Perfect for emails or web content, it consistently offers tips to enhance your writing—keeping it lively, compelling, and shiny. Elevate your writing effortlessly with this must-have app for MAC.

ProWriting Aid Pros

  1. Advanced AI-enabled grammar check for comprehensive real-time writing improvements.

  2. Real-time readability scoring to enhance writing skills progressively.

  3. Direct integration with various content-writing platforms, including browsers, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, email clients, social media, Salesforce, and more.

  4. They have continually integrated human feedback, tips, and masterclasses to improve writing skills.

ProWriting Aid Cons

  1. Automated suggestions can be incorrect or misleading, requiring human review.

  2. The free version has a 500-word trial limitation, which is insufficient for ongoing editing needs.

ProWriting Pricing



Basic Plan


Premium Plan

$30/month or $10/year or $399-Lifetime

Premium Pro Plan

$36/month or $12/year or $699-Lifetime

14- Grammarly

Grammarly serves as an AI-driven grammar and writing companion designed to assist users in enhancing their writing skills. It accomplishes this by detecting and rectifying grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors.

Grammarly Pros

  1. Enhances content for marketing and business communication.

  2. Ensures error-free and polished writing.

  3. Boosts credibility with essential audiences.

Grammarly Cons

  1. It may need to catch nuanced writing issues.

  2. Limited improvement for complex language nuances.

Grammarly Pricing



Free Plan


Premium Plan


Business Plan


15- Writerly 

Writerly is the ultimate AI productivity software suite tailored for marketing, customer support, and e-commerce teams. Renowned for its unparalleled AI writing tool, Writerly goes a step further by providing a cutting-edge generative AI Chrome extension.

Writerly Pros

  1. Writerly Go streamlines tasks by integrating with Gmail.

  2. The Creator Cloud offers diverse templates for efficient content creation.

  3. AI tools aid in catching grammar mistakes during writing.

Writerly Cons

  1. Free/lower-priced plans have limitations with low word counts.

  2. Templates in Writerly require more customisation compared to other tools.

Writerly Pricing



Free Plan


Creator AI Chat


Creator AI Studio


Team AI Studio


Final Thoughts

Finally, finding the best writing program for your Mac will significantly increase your productivity. Elephas stands out as a game-changer among the top 15 possibilities. 

It's like a helpful friend who works with your writing apps, smartening them with AI magic. 

Elephas does not replace your preferred writing tools; it improves your overall writing experience. 

So, if you want to take your writing on your Mac to the next level, give Elephas a shot.

The hidden ingredient gives your writing that extra something, allowing you to write better and faster. Elephas will up your writing game and turn your Mac into a creative powerhouse.